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Social Compliance

History of the antifa movement

Author: A.H Krieg
Subject: Cultural Marxism (PC) and its affect on society Pages: 284 (27 Chapters)
Price: $37.00
Included: Content listing, Bibliography, People Index, and Issues Index

Social Compliance is a history of the 21st century and it’s most dominant social and political topic; the use of Cultural Marxism now called Political Correctness as a force of social change. It is about the progressive socialist using the antifa movement to still their opposition by any means. It is the history of the antifa movement from its nefarious communist origin, in the Weimar Republic, to our century. It is about the academic indoctrination of our youth into socialism, the change in learning from education to indoctrination. It is about the lifeless Washington cesspool, not the life in the swamp. Topics opposed in modern polite society which are covered: race, gender, WWII history, America’s communist party, the deep state, moral rot, foundations, multiculturalism, Morgellons, the illusion of elections, censoring of everything, not so free trade, globalism, guns, social media, immigration among other subjects.

If you really want to vote in the coming mid-term elections, you had better read this book, to learn how to reach a judicious decision, on what and who to vote for.

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