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The American Nationalist

Author: Jack Armstrong
Pages: 274
Price: $20.00

A handbook for the political activist. A treasure chest of facts and opinions on Politics--Culture--Race--History--Economics--Law--Communism--Zionism--Free trade--War--The Supreme Court--Immigration etc., and even a few baseball statistics. All articles taken from the Nationalist Times Newspaper from issues spanning years 2003 to 2012. Do you know why Free Trade is not good?--Did you know that the Federal Reserve is not federal?--Is America facing a coming race war?--Are you aware of the danger of the 1965 Immigration Act?--Do you know why Multiculturalism does not work?--Can you identify the Real Haters in America?--Do you know what really happened in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina?--Do you know what Mexican organization is working to take back the section of America lost to them in the Mexican-American War? In this book you will find the answers to these question, and many more.

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