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Corporate Consulting

Dr. Krieg CMFGE is a SME certified Manufacturing engineer with a cultural doctorate in manufacturing science, he has a business career spanning 40 years. During that time he was involved in import, export, metal fabrication, distribution and manufacturing in the power -tool and machine tool industries. For 15 years he was a trade adviser to the US Department of Commerce under both Republican as well as Democrat administrations.

Dr. Krieg holds 20 US patents and has been consultant to; Westinghouse R&D, Westinghouse Hanford, Proto Power Bisco Nuclear, Fairey Engineering UK, Chem. Nuclear, Waste Chem., NES, Diametrics, Bechtel, US Steel, Bethlehem Corporation Bethlehem Steel, General Atomics, Combustion Engineering, Union Carbide, West Valley Nuclear, GAPCO, TMI, Torrey Pines, BNFL UK, Ontario Hydro, Canada, Argon Nat. Labs, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Alamogordo, USN, And Underwater Sea Systems Command. In 1983 Dr. Krieg was awarded the NATTCO prize by AWS for the best originality and innovation in gas cutting equipment for his robotic pipe cutter Versifalme 1.

In 1989 he liquidated Widder Corp and began a career of restructuring manufacturing plans and as an expert witness. He specializes in plant turn a round’s and has turned several plants from loss to profit. Fees are structured based on the size of the job, and may be structured in percentages of gains attained after turnaround completion or other structured fee formulas. Full CV under authors:

Charges and Fees

Charges and fees are negotiated upon mutual agreement. We offer the following alternatives:

  1. A mutually agreed upon total price of the job, paid in increments.
  2. Time lapse payments over the duration of the job.
  3. $1,000 upon employment with a percentage of the increased profits attained due to completion of the job for a to be determined time frame.
  4. No front money with a contract for five years as a 2% of net profit.

Call us to deliberate how we can help your business.
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