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Corporate Consulting
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Corporate Turn Round’s, Corporate Reorganization, Plant liquidations.

POB 192 Parrisn, FL, FL 34219

Dr. Adrian H. Krieg CMFGE Certified Manufacturing Engineer SME. 40 years experience in management, manufacturing, and distribution, 15 years as expert witness. Full CV at: For Dr. Krieg

As a corporate CEO for over 40 years I have learned that all business regardless how managed, tends not to have the ability to see things about themselves that may be obvious to an outsider. A different point of view, new ideas and concepts, better, or differing ways of accomplishing your objective can affect your bottom line. The fact of profit or loss in your business is often centered on means utilized to achieve desired goals.

We have most often worked for manufacturing, sales and distribution enterprises on national regional and international levels. We have developed as well as designed new products, (20 issued patents) and developed sales and distribution networks, (scores of ® trademarks), regionally, nationally and internationally. We have business experience in GB, Switzerland, South Africa, and the United States (NY, NV, CT, CA, FL, TX) where we ran businesses. We have reorganized entire manufacturing companies that were losing money and turned them around to profitability. We have liquidated plants. New Product Development: We have formulated entire new product lines, individual new products, and patented new products for ourselves as well as other companies. Costs: May be in fixed quote, as a percentage of business increase, or savings attained. No front loaded agreements, we base our pay on performance!

To Contact Us:
Dr. Adrian H. Krieg CMFGE
Mail: POB 192, Parrish, FL 34219
Tel: 941-212-6714
Cell: 941-705-0486
Email: adriankriegAa2zpublications.com

  • Strategic planning
  • Expense reduction
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • New product development
  • Distribution strategies
  • OSHA compliance
  • Liquidations
  • Equipment disposals
  • Return to profitability
  • Manufacturing methods
  • Production means
  • Distributor sales
  • Agency sales


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