The American Nationalist




Author: Jack Armstrong
Pages: 274

A handbook for the political activist. A treasure chest of facts and opinions on Politics–Culture–Race–History–Economics–Law–Communism–Zionism–Free trade–War–The Supreme Court–Immigration etc., and even a few baseball statistics. All articles taken from the Nationalist Times Newspaper from issues spanning years 2003 to 2012. Do you know why Free Trade is not good?–Did you know that the Federal Reserve is not federal?–Is America facing a coming race war?–Are you aware of the danger of the 1965 Immigration Act?–Do you know why Multiculturalism does not work?–Can you identify the Real Haters in America?–Do you know what really happened in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina?–Do you know what Mexican organization is working to take back the section of America lost to them in the Mexican-American War? In this book you will find the answers to these question, and many more.


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