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It takes two to make a war


It takes two to make a war

One has to be the aggressor!

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                07.29.14


We have now attained the point at which AIPAC controlled government can do anything it pleases, while taxpayers are forced to being propagandized by the AIPAC

and the controlled media.

Regardless of what the Jew controlled Lamestream media reports, the Israeli Palestinian conflict was not started by the Palestinians or Hamas. Lets simply look at the facts from Jan 2014 to today:

The scorecard:

DatePalestinians Killed Israelis Killed
Jan 2 1   0
3rd 1   0
8th 1   0
22nd 2   0
24th 1   0
29th 1   0
Feb 13th 1   0
23rd 1   0
27th 1   0
Mar 1 1   0
3rd 2   0
10 2   0
11th 4   0
13th 1   0
23th 3   0
April 10th 1   0
14th 0   1
May 15th 2   0
25th 1   0
Jun 3rd 1   0
8th 1   0
12th 0 Beginning of war
31 Palestinians Killed
4 Israelis Killed
16th 2   0
20th 2   0
22nd 2   0
28th 2   0
30th 1   0
July 1st 2   0
7th 7   0
8th 33   0
9th 53   0
10th 36   0
11th 23   0

The IDF began “Operation Protective edge” In July 8th civilian casualties since then have been 76% civilian Palestinians, 7% of Israeli civilians. Over 100 Palestinian children killed by the 21st. Based on the above numbers, who started the insurrection? Who is the aggressor?

So, Israel decides that Hamas will be called terrorists, naturally the American government controlled by AIPAC concurs, even though Hamas is the elected leadership of a people, all stuffed into a concentration camp, Gaza by the Israelis.

Gaza is the world’s largest concentration camp. Make no mistake that is exactly what Gaza is. The Nazi concentration camps were self-governing; the inmates ran them, exactly like Gaza. The population of Gaza is 1.816 million it comprises 141 Sq. Mi.  in 2007 the people of Gaza elected Hamas to be their government. It has as a national entity, the highest density population in the world. For Israel to claim that Hamas is using civilians as human shields is stupid. There is no unoccupied land inside Gaza.

Gaza happens to sit on the largest natural gas deposit in the Levant. Israel has tripped its natural gas use in the past two years. They want the Palestinians dead and out of Gaza so that they can exploit the gas deposits.

Israel has since 1948 created 4.25 million refugees. 950,000 Palestinians were displaced when Jews stole their land in the 1940’s; they are not allowed to return, they were paid nothing for their stolen land and homes. 367,000 lost their lives. This continues in the West Bank, every time a peace treaty is signed the Israeli government violates it the following day by expanding more Israeli built housing on stolen land. There is no instance of any payment for any of the confiscated land since 1948. Palestinian property deeds were confiscated in the late 50’s and are stored by the IDF, no one is allowed access, so Palestinians cannot prove ownership.

In various concentration uprisings beginning with the first Intifada the IDF has slaughtered 7,273 Palestinians over 75% civilians. The Palestinians with slingshots and knives and captured guns killed 707 Israelis 92% of which were military.

How disgusting can humans get? Professor Dr. Mordechai Kedar an Ashkenazi Jew whose ancestors never lived in the Middle East, of Bar-llan University stated in Israeli radio, “The only thing that can deter Palestinian terrorists, like those who kidnapped the children is the knowledge that their mothers and sisters will be raped”. The three killed children were killed on June 12; from Jan 1 to June 12 Israelis had killed 31 Palestinians. The Professor suggests rape of relatives as a deterrent for terror. (Israeli Haaretz news)

Israeli Rabbi Dov Lior “It’s okay to kill innocent civilians and destroy Gaza”

These people are all mentally deranged; the Jews don’t even understand that they are the aggressors. They hide the fact that 97% of them are Ashkenazi whose ancestry is from the Caucuses where they were driven out after they converted to Judaism, in the 6th century, Ashkenazi never lived in the Levant, ever. They have no ancestral rights in the Middle East. All of them now in Israel, came from Russia, East Prussia, Poland and Eastern Europe. The Zionists in 1897 decided that they wanted to move to Palestine and make it Israel. All the indigenous peoples of the Levant, who had lived there for thousands of years, could go to hell as far as the zionists were concerned.

Israel is the ultimate apartheid state it is a socialist theocracy that does not allow Christians, Muslims or any other religion equal rights. It is illegal for a Jewess to marry a non-Jew. It is illegal to sell land or housing to any non-Jew. All residing non-Jews in Israel must be renters. They have built a wall around Israel all on Palestinian land to keep all non-Jews out. Palestinians are not allowed to use or even cross the highway systems that the Israelis built in the West Bank. Bethlehem a primarily Christian community has been under IDF siege for decades. Jews are allowed and even encouraged to carry guns, Arabs and Palestinians are not allowed to possess firearms. 


  • July 31. Since Jan 2014 Israelis have killed 1,170 people, 815 civilians, 232 children.
  • From 2000 to today 7,810 Palestine’s were murdered by the IDF 76% civilians.
  • From 2000 to today 62,201 Palestinians have been injured by the IDF.
  • During 2013 the US has provided Israel $8.5 million per day in aid.
  • There are now 77 UN resolutions against Israel and one against Palestinians.
  • No Israelis in Palestinian prisons but 6,000 to 10,000 Palestinians in Israeli jails.
  • None of the Palestinians in Israeli jails have been charged with anything.
  • Gaza and West Bank residents have seen 28,000 of their homes destroyed.
  • Gaza unemployment is 27.9% because Israel controls their borders.
  • There are presently 262 Jew only settlements on stolen Palestinian land.
  • The IDF confiscated and holds all property deeds for Gaza.
  • Israeli IDF is systematically destroying all Gaza infrastructures.
  • America is the only nation with a favorable view of Israel. 
  • The goal of the present Israeli action is to destroy all Gaza infrastructures, including roads, water, power, and sewerage; then to withhold international aid using it to blackmail Palestinians in Gaza.
  • Israel cannot be called an entity because the 12 tribes are extinct. Because over 90% of Jews are Ashkenazi Europeans from the Caucuses not Semitic people like the Arabs, because there is no king, because the Cohanim traditional tribe of priests were replaced by Rabbis (lawyers) because the Ashkenazim replaced the first five chapters of the Old Testament with the Talmud. There is no covenant with Ashkenazim the covenant was with the Hebrews.
  • There is a great deal of confusion about the Middle East and religion. So let’s place it all into proper perspective.
  • The Babylonian Captivity is when Jews were expelled from the Levant by the Babylonian Empire and were en mass all moved to Babylon. They remained in Babylon for about 70 years when they were allowed to return. Only about 1/3rd of them returned to the Levant the rest remained in Babylon. (First diaspora first 6 million claim) In 76 AD the Roman Emperor Hadrian again expelled the Jews from the Levant, which was exactly 1,872 years before the foundation of Israel in 1948. (Second Diaspora second 6 million claim) In 650 AD the defeated Khazar empire of the Caucuses (Southern Russia) converted en mass to Judaism. They were expelled from the Caucuses and subsequently settled in Russia, Prussia, Eastern Europe and Poland. (Third 6 million claim) Ashkenazim are not Semite Caucasians they are European Caucasians, which is conclusively proven by DNA genetic tests. The Ashkenazim that is what name the Khazar’s are known to have never ever lived in the Levant they have no legitimate claim to anything in Palestine (The Levant) . Muhammad was born in 570 AD and Died in 632 AD. By 630 AD most of the Levant was converted to Islam so, the major population of the Levant was Islam for about 1,900 years, the second most populous was Christianity. 97% of all Jews living in Israel are Ashkenazim. The Jews are confusing these issues on purpose because their claims based on biblical misinterpretation is the basis of their aggression against the Arabs, which have lived in the Levant for about 2,000 years. The Biblical claims of modern Jews relating to Israel are all based on Genesis the first of the five books of the Old Testament; they are all firmly reputed in the following four chapters.







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