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Coal and other fuels


Coal and other fuels

Dr. A. H. Krieg CMFGE


The largest segment of American electric power is generated from fossil fuels. Of these Coal is 39%, Natural Gas is 27%, others are Nuclear is 19%, Hydropower is 7%, Solar is 0.23% and Wind is 4.13% the balance comprises numerous insignificant other sources. It would be great if the politicians in Washington at minimum had even an inkling of the aforementioned, they don’t. It would be helpful if the politicians and EPA at least inquired with electric energy producers, equipment manufacturers and industry experts, they don’t. The only people consulted by EPA and the political class is environmentalists, who know next to nothing on the issue of Electric energy production. It all seems a repeat of Obamacare! All of Washington today reaches decisions based on polling various segments of their favorite constituency or those that are the most vocal, who are usually the most ignorant. A democracy does have its faults!

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) a government organization which is much more concerned with political output than with the environment, has been shelling out regulations relating to almost everything, the president said, “ I have a Phone and an Pen” thus everything that fails to go through congress, with Dingy Harry sitting on over 350 pieces of bi-partisan passed legislation in the House, is being enacted through the regulatory process by people who have no idea of the consequences of their actions; and a president that obviously skipped science, chemistry, algebra, geometry and physics in HS as well as college. Lawyers don’t need the sciences, after all they hire expert witnesses to take care of difficult issues, I should know I have done that for the past 15 years.

The concept by the EPA and the president that we can produce 20% of our energy from solar and wind by 2030 is unrealistic, childish and unscientific. Spain tried it in the 80’s and their economy is in shambles, they have the highest energy costs in Europe and the highest unemployment rate. “Never mind” says the president, “we are Americans and we can do it better”. Arrogance begets nothing!

The EPA has issued a proposed plan for greenhouse gas mitigation. Let me explain, according the environmentalists CO-2 (greenhouse gasses), which makes up 0.05% (or 1/20th by weight) of the atmosphere and which plants inhale has been named a hazard by the EPA. Never mind that plants inhale CO-2 and exhale Oxygen, which animals inhale, such trivialities are unimportant at the EPA and the environmentalist lobbies. The fact that our planet has a self-regulating atmospheric environment necessarily does not appear to be cognizant to the concern of government. The EPA has determined that electricity sectors (geographic) must cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030, in 16 years. An utterly ridiculous pipedream. But unfortunately its much worse, the rules are set on a state-by-state basis, in that the abetment requires states that have already lowered their CO-2 emissions must by this rule lower their percentage of emissions more than states that produce a higher emission today. This is a total reversal of common sense.

Coal accounts for 39% of our electric energy and is the cheapest fuel for electric generation at this time. Without getting overly byzantine let me just add that without environmental interference nuclear energy would by far be the least expensive and the cleanest.

EPA’s criteria’s for coal reduction are obscure, incorporating so-called
“Building Blocks” as invented by EPA bureaucrats. These include the possible availability of natural gas, for which the same EPA, and State Department refuses licenses to build new pipelines, and in existing plants close to the end of their lifecycle. Coal liquefaction as is used in the Republic of South Africa by Sasol and was invented by the Germans in the 20’s is never made part of the dialogue because it would destroy the entire environmental house of cards, which already sits on a very shaky foundation. South Africa meets their entire fossil fuel as well as electric energy needs with coal liquefaction. Sasol is the largest employer in South Africa with 34,000 people, and annual revenues of over $21.7 billion, they also operate plants in 38 other nations. 

EPA regulations as issued are not only arbitrary they are outright stupidity. If examined in a coherent manner, the required new regulation would force states that produce the highest amount of CO-2 to implement the greatest reduction. That however is not the case, West Virginia a major coal mining state produces 90% of its electricity with coal, and the new EPA regulations oblige WV to reduce emissions by 19%. Conversely New York produces only 10% of their electricity from coal but must reduce the Sates emission by 44%. Please don’t ask me to explain this only a DC bureaucrat could possibly do that. New Hampshire one of the lowest electric energy CO-2 producers must lower their presently produced already low emission by an additional 46%.

An other example is Vermont. 70% of Vermont’s electricity comes from Vermont Yankee, a nuclear plant that is at the end of its life. Vermont Yankee is due to shut down the end of this year, most electricity will have to be imported, the balance is from electric hydro-generators on the CT river. Leaving the burning question what will the EPA do to Vermont. Where will their power come from and what will they be paying for it?

The new EPA regulations are as Obama promised going to dramatically increase the average family of four’s electric bills. By the end of 2015 the average family will see their eclectic bill increase by about $80.00 per month or $960 per year. I live in Florida and my bill has increased on average over last year by about $25.00 per month and its only August 2014.

The new regulations are such an undeniable mess that 12 states have instituted lawsuits seeking to block EPA regulations from being implemented. The entire climate change, global warming, new ice age garbage hyped by the environmental lobby is an unproven theory. The fact that climate changes, and that we have four seasons, are not disputed by anyone, but no one has offered any evidence that man is responsible for climatic change. Just because Ozone Al Gore who flunked out of college then out of seminary, and was allowed to go to Harvard after Armand Hammer (arm and hammer as in the communist flag) contributed a few million to their endowment fund does not prove it. And when that flunkey president Obama states that coal produced energy is responsible for global warming, when according to NASA global temperatures have fallen for the last 17 ½ years, we are assured of being fed BS.

All this transpires, at a time when we have unprecedented high unemployment, consequently instead of looking after the people’s interest the president panders to the environmentalist lobby, blocking the Keystone Pipeline and causing thousands of coal miners to be laid off.  1,100-coal miner by just one company that operates 11 mines, Alpha Natural Recourses. Our president does not lead from behind, that would actually indicate a planned policy. Obama has no policy; he governs based on his core supporters that represent 25% of the population at maximum, and on polling of that group. That is not management or leadership it is arrogant dictatorship by a minority instituted by a feckless fool. I am not alone; Bloomberg News calls the new regulations “a soup stirred by 50 chefs”. 

The only policies this administration has that are identifiable is the destruction of America as a world power, the elimination of cheap plentiful energy, and the destruction of America’s military so that we will not be able to defend ourselves and the perpetuation of socialist, progressive, Democrats in power. In the last 24 months Obama has spent more time raising money for the DNC than he has managing his office and our nation. Obama will go down as the worst president of American History only Hillary Clinton could outdo him in that venue’.

Our ardent and most pronounced hope is that all the environmentalists and progressives and politicians will have their power turned off first!


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