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Has America become a fraud


Has America become a fraud?                              Swiss Independence Day 2014

Dr. A. H. Krieg


Conceived as a constitutional confederation by our forefathers, America today is nothing of the sort. The gradual change of a free and open society to a failed democracy and then, more correctly, a statist socialist corporatocracy took about 150 years.

Americans of the 21st century are delusional, no I’m not being sarcastic, because people actually believe that they have personal input for the selection of their so-called representative government; that is psychoneurotic. I am here to tell you that it makes no difference who you vote for, what political ideology you follow what political party you joined, because in America there is only one party that.  counts; The Republocrat party. This party has two wings, the Democrat (i.e. socialist progressive wing) and the Republican (i.e. socialist slower moving RINO progressive wing) both follow the same path, and the end result of their actions is universally identical. For the last 50 years America has moved in the same direction regardless of what party wielded the power. The progressives control the Democrat Party and the RINO’s control the Republican Party. It’s all about the money!

50 years ago it was different the divergence of political ideology was far greater. Society had not yet become totally polarized. Beginning with the election of Obama everything changed. Obama is not a president or a unifier, he is not our leader, he is the great divider, every social, financial, racial, gender, religious, and political segment of America has been set against the others.  The progressives have developed the ultimate formula for perpetual power and re-election. Divide and conquer, is their motto.  That’s why we have an 87% incumbent re-election rate.

No matter whom you vote for, if it’s a Republocrat, regardless of who wins the election, irrespective of what party is in or out, the elite’s always get their way. The very concept that one vote one person produces a level playing field is blown to smithereens, by low information and no information voters who cast their ballot based on obscure stupidity like gender, race, religion, or what party their daddy voted for. Bumper sticker slogans that mean nothing are the schlagwörter of political discourse. Hope, Change and Forward were the symbolic slogans of the Obama campaign; I’d bet that you, dear reader, are not aware that they were the main slogans of the 1919 Russian communist revolution.

In personal freedom America is now number 12 in the world and we continue to fall, 0.05% last year. The Corporatist state does not like or condone opposition. Government through its many alphabet soup of agencies like NSA, FBI, CIA, HS, BATF, DoJ and others violate American’s first and fourth amendments and our Constitution daily. Congress does it, the executive does it, and the Judicial simply interprets laws to meet their own political bias. International political disengagement by this administration is simply appalling. There are now over 40 military or terrorist wars in the world with which the present American administration finds itself totally disconnected.

The worst of it all is the people’s lack of understanding, due to bad public schools, of natural rights, constitutional rights, and even how our government functions. The absolute lack of law, history, economics, and government from our educational systems is creating a population that cannot possibly make rational decisions in the voting booth. Elections have become nothing more than a tournament of which concertmaster can raise more mammon. We are now at the point where government with impunity, can do or execute anything they want; half the population does not even bother to vote any longer. The no and low-information voter has been conditioned by the Republocrats to believe that they can prosper by the act of government largess, whereby Peter is robbed and Paul is rewarded, while the government redistributes Peter’s wealth. They actually believe that the ethical way to attain wealth is to have the bureaucracy steal from someone else and give it to them. They either don’t understand or are disinterested by the fact that government produces only debt and in fact contributes nothing to the greater good. At best government administers, at worst they are a pack of thieves.

Today’s situation will not be resolved in any beneficial manner. America and most of Europe, certainly the EU have all become welfare states. What I infer is that we are rapidly becoming socialists. Socialism cannot be sustained out of collected taxes, funds to finance socialism must be borrowed, please do notice the $17 trillion 601 billion US National debt. This is active in all nations that have centralized or national banks, because the banksters profit from socialism. We have the FRS the EU has the ECB. The undeniable result will be the decline of Western power, the decline of America and Europe as industrial societies, and the then predictable insolvency of the people.

What I am saying is that socialism is inevitable because the system has been so skewed by the Republocrats that it is the most likely outcome. This is a grim prediction, but it’s the way I see things coming up. Socialism is an economically unproductive, stagnation, inefficient economic theory that has failed in every place it was installed, it will bring us an unproductive economy, no more vision of a bright future, turning inward instead of outward, and population impoverishment. You say you disagree, well, what happened to the space program? What happened to our visionaries? We are a mere shadow of our forefathers, we have become obsessed with social programs that do nothing but create permanent dependency.

Khrushchev in his famous UN speech said “we will burry you” not hardly the case, we are burring ourselves. The New World Order that has taken charge, and is the ruling oligarchy, for fear of losing power they stick to their plan, work the socialist scam, controlling our lives and economic condition.

Socialism is based on a simple concept, to control the society and to maintain that control you as socialists provide the people essential services in order to solicit their support at the voting place. (Obamacare) The people have already been conditioned, just like Pavlov’s dogs to salivate at the mere mention of free benefits. The fact that nothing in life is free does not seem to enter the dialogue, and neither does the reality that everything provided through the hands of government costs at least double that of the private sector, and must be taken from another citizen.

The worst part of all this is that undeniable fact that a free and open capitalist society produces the greatest amount of communal wealth. That under capitalism with all its faults, the majority of the population is better of than under any other known system. That unencumbered capitalism with economically free and open markets has the highest per capita incomes, the lowest per capital poverty, the greatest per capita free time, and the best all around living standards available.

The greatest lie is that through democracy the people have the ability to choose their leaders, and that socialism is the ultimate economic achievement of society. This fiction can be disputed by a historic look at socialist governments of the 20th century. Every single one went from democracy to socialism to totalitarian socialism to dictatorship. Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and all its satellites, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Rumaia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, the list of socialist failures is long and extensive. The illusion of people’s ability to input their governments are simply one of the selling points by the elites, the population’s of nations have little if any direct input of whom their leaders are or how things are managed. Not even our elected legislators have input, which is more than obvious when members of the bureaucracy rudely, lie, or stonewall, in congressional hearings, and nothing ever happens to them.


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