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Cloward & Piven Revisited


Cloward & Piven Revisited

Dr. Adrian H. Krieg                                                               07.10.14


So, in 1966 two left wing communists produced a white paper demonstrating how it was possible to destroy any capitalist system. Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven are the authors. A boiled down version explaining the Cloward Piven plan, is very simply, to overload all the functions of the capitalist government to the point at which they all collapse.

Obama has demonstrated incredible effort in four things; Golf as of this date in his administration 178 rounds of golf average 4 Hrs. per game =712 Hrs. = 30 days. Also, money raising speeches, lunches, and barbeques too frequent to even count.  Vacations: Africa, $2,189,727.60, Palm Springs, $2,952,278.00, Ireland, $ 7,921,638.66, NYC Theater, $ 11,648.17, Chicago Olympics $ 467,175.00, Africa and Honolulu, $ 7,781,361.30, 2013 Vacations 7,396,531.20, Michelle to Africa, Spain $467,685.00, Missing, Aspen, second Hawaii, Daughters trip to Mexico, etc. Total vacation costs six years $1.6 billion. As of this date Obama has taken 450 days of vacations. Total days off in 6 years are 480 days or 80 days per year. And the last item is the implementation of the Cloward Piven plan.

The situation on the Mexican border is horrendous. The Border Patrol is now unable to control the borders because unaccompanied minors from Central America are streaming into America by the thousands. (90,000 anticipated this year) This is due to the president’s statement of 2012 that they would be granted citizenship. Just released information indicates that this was planned. DHS ran ads in January this year “seeking bids for vendors or contractors for babysitters for “Unaccompanied Alien Children”. It was a plan to overwhelm the Border Patrol and make border security impossible and waste about 4 billion dollars, and put America in line for amnesty.

Fast and Furious had two separate overload features. 1) To overload the border patrol and 2) to gain public opposition to the 2nd amendment. They failed on it; only one agent and 200 Mexicans got killed. The AG, the president’s best friend ran the program, and then lied about it to congress.

TISA is the Trade In Services Agreement; it is a top-secret 19-page treaty proposal to which 36 nations have signed onto including America. Congress has not been advised. The agreement is to lessen regulations over banking, the very same bankers that have been raping our economy. (From: Swiss nations Center for Compliance in Research) This is designed to increase the power of bankers in their control of the American and world economy.

NSA spying on Americans is designed to so drastically overload the American Intelligence community, so as to neuter them. They are trying to read every communication made by all Americans, that is over 300 billion transmissions per day, impossible to do. The system is now so overloaded that the NSA has not identified a single terrorist in ten years.

IRS scandal, it was the systematic harassment and prohibition against conservative and religion based organizations. The left claims it to be a ruse. Lois Lerner the IRS in charge agent took the 5th amendment, then her E-mails for two years disappeared, then the directors chief of staff’s e-mails evaporated, the 5 more subpoenaed IRS employees e-mails vanished. The odds of five hard drives crashing in the same location are I in 78,664,164,098 (that’s billions) The odds of all hard drives of subpoenaed by congress IRS agents crashing simultaneously are beyond my ability to calculate. Then the IRS went through three new directors. The agency claims to have spent over $300 million complying with congressional requests, but could not locate any of the demanded subpoenaed two years of E-mails. They have had to reduce the number of audits and have been overloaded with work.

The TSA that has in its entire history of ten years not caught a single terrorist and costs taxpayers $7.39 billion a year is so totally incompetent that new horror stories are published daily. On Jan 23 2012 TSA demanded to body search Senator Rand Paul, they relented after 2 ½ hours, he missed his plane.

USCBP Customs and Border patrol Internal affairs department is now under investigation for; falsifying documents, misplacing employees complaints, hiding misconduct reports, and inter office sexual relationships.

The VA scandal has scores if not hundreds of dead and dying veterans. Meanwhile, VA staff was paid over $2.7 million in bonuses, and over 80% of employees got bonuses, while paperwork was lost, hidden and shredded. This does not even include the tens of millions in bonuses paid out to doctors, dentists, and other staff, in over 900 hospitals. The situation at the VA is now so chaotic that the agency can no longer adequately cope with everyday functions.

The American military has been abusively over-used; many soldiers have been repeatedly deployed into war zones over five times. Suicide rates in the Army are through the roof. Over 37,000 are injured and in the overloaded VA system. The death rate under Obama in Afghanistan is now double that of the Bush administration.

The EPA has issued rulings and regulations equivalent in volume to 37 Old and New Testaments combined. Industry in the energy sector is so overloaded that they are hard pressed to comply. Coal, which comprises 60% of electric generation in America, is being shut down, the anticipated costs will be an average of $ 80 per month per household of $960 per year per family and that’s only for electricity. Anticipated cost increases from distribution, manufacturing, and transport will be 7% across the board, driving inflation in 2015 to over 12%.

The Department of Justice continues to enforce only laws that the AG and president likes and not enforce other laws. Most of the enforcement carried out is anti-free market, and costs billions every year.

The Department of commerce continues to push free trade polices that have since 2001 destroyed 56,000 small manufacturing plants and 11.7 million manufacturing jobs. The highest paying blue-collar jobs in America. This has resulted in the continuation of income decline of the middle class whose median income has fallen for the last two decades.  Today we have a lower total employed number of citizens (580,000) than we had in 2008.

New technology is thwarted through regulatory action. The Keystone Pipeline is one of them.   The 19% reduction of drilling on federal lands is another.   The destruction of the nuclear energy sector through overregulation and blockage of the nuclear waste depository in Nevada is another. The EPA CO2 production decreases in the coal electric energy plants is driving the cost of energy through the roof. $6.7 billion spent by the Department of Energy on failed green energy projects is another one. The bailout of GM and Chrysler was the direct result of EPA emission standards that drove costs through the roof. All of these issues are related to the environmental movement. The total impact of man’s CO2 production on the entire environment is less than 1%. CO2 production is: oceans 37,400 billion tons, land biomass 3,000 billion tons, atmosphere 720 billion tons, and human production 6 billion tons. Termites produce more CO2 than man.

There is not one sector of the entire economy that has been omitted by progressive plans. Let me make it clear. The environmental movement, which is a major part of Cloward and Piven, was not on the original plan. Environmentalism as a national policy was ad-junked to socialism when the socialists determined that they could not get the majority of the American public to accept the socialist lie. They by that point had only succeeded with loafers. They then tied their wagon onto the environmental movement, which has since the 60’s been part and parcel of the progressive legislative policy. To then clinch the effort they enrolled AARP that shamelessly promotes progressive crap to those over 55. The most active governmental institutions in this are the EPA, The Agriculture Department, BLM, BOEM, BSEE, CEA, ED, etc. etc. Just to make sure you buy this crap they have organized an academic mafia, which not only funds academics to support their false theories, it at the same time punished any and all opposition. 


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