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False Science and Crime


False Science and Crime

Dr. A. H. Krieg


As an engineer I am often involved with people of science and law. These would be other engineers in differing pursuits, physicists, mathematicians, judges and lawyers, but never members of the soft sciences. These soft sciences would be psychiatrists, and psychoanalysts. Let me be more specific soft sciences are not based on factual proven scientific or mathematically based facts; they are based on the opinion of its originators.  While an engineer is always able to provide evidentiary support for his postulations, soft sciences are never based on any proven facts but just theories and opinion. Were engineers to act in manner like soft science participants buildings and bridges would be collapsing everywhere.

Interestingly the purveyors of this rubbish have founded huge organizations and produced scores of volumes of texts in a vain attempt to legitimize the unproven theories that they expound. In my life I have met many of these pseudo-intellectuals in largest part Jewish charlatans, they have never impressed me. They have been eminently successful in penetrating society and all its various functions. When I was in the army in the late 50’s I became acquainted with various tests performed on troops, (my unit for one), which were designed and planned out by physiatrists. The world’s militaries are the perfect place to experiment on human behavior because they are sealed communities of people who have no choice but to obey commands.

This all began with Kaufman-Cure after the German Jewish inventor of electric shock treatments of soldiers who has suffered mental breakdowns on the battlefields of the Western Front in WWI. The pain of the treatments was so excruciating that these men, after treatment, prefer to go back to the hell of war rather than more Kaufman treatments. Psychiatrists called the Kaufman-Cure a healing therapy. All this expanded in WWII where manpower demand was huge; thereby psychiatrists began using mind-altering drugs (LSD) and hypnotic suggestion with solders in coma in order to speed up the process of returning them to battle. In time by the early 40’s they even became involved in the selection of officers, in recruitment, and moral. By 1943 the occupation was well established within the American military to the point where command officers accepted psychiatry as a command support system within the military. Bear in mind that everything these people postulated was based on the opinions of others, who in numerous cases were in fact psychotics, pedophiles, and worse. By the end of the war without any factual evidence, no x-rays, no MRI’s, no blood tests, simply by imparting Rorschach testes (another Jewish invention) they made determinations (diagnosis) based on personal opinion. The army chief psychiatrist, Menninger wrote a manual (1) that became the “War Departments” judgment of sanity for soldiers. This led to DSM manual 1 through 5, providing legitimacy for the practice of psychiatry in the military and then in civilian life.

The Germans in 1942 used mind-altering drugs (2) as did the British, American and Japanese military. It is therefore reasonable to surmise that psychiatry and its accompanying practices were all outgrowths of war and militaries to improve the killing ability of men. The British armies and US both experiment with LSD on their troops.

Let us clearly understand that there are no physical or chemical, or diagnostic tests for any of the hundreds of diagnoses’ listed including anxiety, in the DSM manual, every last diagnosis is the opinion of the psychiatrist who saw the patient. That is not science, if there is no objective means of making a diagnosis there is no science involved.

This brings us to the 21st century, and the involvement of psychiatry with the courts, sentencing of criminals, Jewish liberalism, and the general degrading of Christian society.  Liberalism has reared its ugly head in virtually every venue’ of this our society, to its detriment. Organizations like the American Psychiatrists Association, the ACLU, AACPD, ABPN, APA, WPA, and the American College of Psychiatrists, are the organizations that have legitimized psychiatric practice. Let me say it again because it needs to be repeated, every single pronouncement and diagnosis of any psychiatrist is not based on any factual or diagnostic information, it is based solely upon the opinion of its makers. These opinions are not based on fact, science or reality; it is opinion and nothing else.  A common diagnosis is for the psychiatrist to say you have a chemical imbalance in your brain; this claim is made without any diagnostic tests and is just the opinion of that particular psychiatrist.

We live in a very violent world, it make little difference of where we live, Norway, Japan, America, or China. Laws and regulations relating to implements used in murder are all irrelevant. In China and Japan both of which prohibit gun ownership, recently saw scores of people murdered by knife wielding maniacs. O.J. murdered two people with a kitchen knife and was let off by an incompetent jury. In 1996 Australia instituted the first of several restrictions in private gun ownership. Today 19 years later the incident of murders has fallen by 4.91% not exactly a, stellar report, especially because it does not list people previously saved in self-protection by guns.  Our problem is not inanimate objects like knifes and guns it is psychiatry and liberal progressive social policy. Information provided about murders by the media is almost always wrong. In 2009 total firearm murders were 9,203 other devices were 4.552. Adult murders committed by whites were Whites 2,616 Blacks 6,073, other 365 and unknown 149. (3) Population by race is 64% White 12% Black, you are consequently 5 times more likely to be killed by a Black man than a white one. (4) With Black accounting for only 12% of the population they are responsible for over 2/3 of all murders. It violates CM (5) rules to even mention these facts, because the psychiatrist community does not want the information made available.

In every murder trial the guilty killer’s lawyer’s first effort is to claim insanity as the cause. The Shyster then parades out any number of psychiatrists to support the illusion. The defense does the same. The fact that conclusions drawn by both the defense as well as the prosecutions’ psychiatric liars is wholly based on personal opinions, is not fact is ever brought before the court. All murderers are mentally unbalanced, something that has nothing to do with the crime or the conviction and execution of the culprit.  Juries are instructed to listen to the testimony of people whose entire core of the issue is founded in hearsay, something that is in normal circumstance not allowed in a court of law.

In the issues of homosexuality, pedophilia and pornography, we again find that psychiatry is on the wrong side of the issue. Without any basis in fact, they have been pushing the lie that homosexuality is a born not a learned malady. We are informed by psychiatry that homosexuality is normal, odd, I am not aware of any homosexual animals. In fact homosexuality is not a malady it is a learned mental disease that is in fact curable. We are told to feel sorry for pedophiles. Yes indeed, I feel sorry for them, but would prefer them to be castrated first. We are told that pornography is harmless, well if that’s the case why do we learn that such a huge percentage of deviants are avid pornography watchers?

From Freud, (6) another Jew, the father of modern psychoanalysis whose preoccupation with sex, (if you dream about a pencil you are actually dreaming about your penis, and all boys want to sleep with their mothers) to Jung (7) another Jew, that was instrumental in founding analytical psychology, again a pseudo-science based on the personal opinion of the psychiatrist not on analytical fact. Jung postulated that there were only four means of gaining knowledge and eight personality types. Hell, in the 21st century we have straights, homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals, cross-dressers, pedophiles, bi-polar disorder, and psychotics among over 100 listed.  The psychiatrists have been very busy expanding their empire.

In the 1870’s to 1910 Alfred Binet developed the Binet-Simon Test of Intelligence in France, which was to lead to an explosion of intelligence testing in America and which became the Stanford-Binet test for Intelligence. Of the considered top ten psychiatrists, Karl Lashley, B. F. Skinner, Jean Piaget, Abraham Maslow, Max Wertheimer, Alfred Binet, Wilhelm Wundt, John Watson, Sigmund Freud, and William James, the majority were Jews and almost all were German speaking, from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Jointly they represent the development of a non-science based on personal opinion. It is difficult to understand the processes used in universities to gauge grading of students studying this discipline because there cannot be a right or wrong answer for any question posed, since all are based on personal opinion. The assumption therefore is that if you agree with whatever the professor is postulating you get an A and if you disagree you get an F. Such is modern psychiatric education!




(1)                               Technical bulletin Nomenclature and Method of Reconstructing Diagnosis. ACNP,

(2)                               Pervatin, by 1942 the Nazis outlawed the use 

(3)                               FBI Crime statistics

(4)                               Google/Kaiser Family statistic.

(5)                               Cultural Marxist (PC)

(6)                               Sigmund Freud (Austrian Jew) not a psychiatrist but a psychologist

(7)                               Carl Jung (Swiss Jew)


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