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Iraq and what you may not know


Iraq and what you may not know

Dr. A.H. Krieg


Iraq is the oldest nation in the world. It was called Mesopotamia in antiquity. Some called it the “Fertile Crescent” because of its proximity to the two rivers the Tigris and the Euphrates. Arabs i.e. “Sematic” peoples have been the primary inhabitants since the Sassanid Empire that predates Islam.  Thereafter the region was ruled over by a succession of; Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assirian, Median, Achemeid, Seleciud, Parthian and Sassanian Empires. This lasted about 12,000 years. Islam eventually conquered Iraq in 651 AD, which led to the end of Zoroastrianism (1) as the Persian Empires religion, replacing it with Islam. Iraq was at the time part of the Sassanian Empire. What we now call Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Yemen, Oman, and the Peoples Republic of Yemen was all part of the Residuum Caliphate. Muhammad, the “Profit of God” was born in 570 AD as the founder of Islam and the ruler of the Residuum Caliphate.

There are two major branches of Islam. Sunni and Shi’a, which comprises about 80% of all Muslims. At this time all Islamic nations except Iran, Iraq, Yemen, and Bahrain are Sunni in majority. The war between Sunni and Shi’a date to about the 7th century when there was a dispute over who would be the Caliph (ruler of) Islam. The Sunni say that the community would select the leader; the Shi’a said that Muhammad chose his brother-in-law Ali as his successor.  You must understand these things to enable you to grasp what the Islamic Caliphate means. The original Caliphate was the region that we now see as, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen, and the Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen. There is one more thing you must understand, Iraq was run by Saddam Hussein (2) who was a non-sectarian Muslim, and was tolerant of other religions. By our removing Hussein from power in Iraq we removed the protector of Christians, Jews, as well as Sunni and Shi’a Muslims. Iraq has a majority of Shi’a’s whose natural ally is Iran a nation that is 90% Shia’s.

The removal of Hussein was pushed by Israel which has always wanted an expansion of Israel to Eretz Yisrael (Greater Israel), which is comprised of the Levant, Jordan, Syria, one of the Saudi states (an-nafüd) and the Sinai, which has been part of Egypt since the Pharos and Iraq to the Euphrates river and up to the Turkish border. Unlike in the West, every schoolchild in the Middle East is absolutely aware of all of this, which is the cause of all the turmoil in the Middle East. Israeli’s Mossad provided the false information about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction to the British, M-15, Italian, Polizia di Stato and American CIA. They did such an outstanding job that the entire media and governmental agencies of the West bought into it.

Syria is about 87% Muslim which is divided into 74% Sunni, 13% Shi’a, the balance being Alawite, Christian, and about 3% Druze Christian. Alawite is an offspring of Shi’a Islam. Bashar al-Asaad is the Alawite but sectarian leader of the Syrian Ba’ath party. His removal would create in Syria exactly the same situation as now exists in Iraq.

The direct effect on the political and religious life of the Middle East originates with the Persian (Iran) then Roman (European) Babylonian (Iraq) and Byzantine first Christian (Holy Roman Empire) then Muslim (Caliphate) Empires. The Babylonian Empire would no longer tolerate the Jews in the Levant and through the Babylonian captivity removed all Jews to Babylon.  At the end of the captivity only about one third of them returned, (the second six million myth) the rest stayed in Babylon. The Jews learned about banking and compound interest in Babylon and were later to introduce that usury to the West.  The last two have huge impacts on the region. The Roan Empire in 78 AD expelled all the Jews from the Levant, which resulted in the diaspora of Jews all over the world, and then came Islam, which is substantially less tolerant of competing religions. Islam is not just a religious belief it is “A Way of Life” comprising political social and religious in one concept. Without a perfunctory understanding of these issues reasonable conclusion of what to do about Iraq are impossible.

But before we reach that crossroad we must examine the Kurds. Salah ad-Din the founder of the Ayyūbid Dynasty was the Kurdish Muslim who eventually united Islam and drove the Christians out of the Levant. Kurds, like Jews are all over the place. They are however a large factor in Turkey (about 15 million) Iran (about 7 million, Iraq (about 6 million) and Syria (about 3 million). The fact that these nations all border each other must not be overlooked. Every since Salah ad-Din, the Kurds have had a desire for their own nation state.

So, a simple overview of the Middle East demonstrates the following: About 31 million Kurds living in Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq, want a nation of their own. About 8 million Jews want domination of the same territory. The new Sunni ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) want to reestablish the Islamic Caliphate of early Islam also in the same region, and are backed by the Wahhabi sect of the Sunni Islamists of the old Residuum Caliphate. There are millions of supporters with a paid army numbering about 30,000.  They now control 1/3 of Syria, and 1/3 of Iraq. Just so you understand the ISIL is usually called the ISIS because the Western Jew controlled media does not want you to hear the word Levant because it includes what is now Israel.  

Let’s not forget one of the least known issues in the West, relating to the Levant in the West.  Jews claim that God gave them Eretz Yisrael, if in fact they are correct he gave it to the Hebrews. Here’s the problem, according to DNA tests carried out in America, Israel and Europe 97% of all claimed Jews are Ashkenazim. Now, you must understand that Ashkenazim are Khazar converts to Judaism who came from the Caucuses (not in the Middle East) and converted in the 6th century. They have lived in Europe for over 1,000 years. They have no rights to anything in the Levant. There are only about ¼ million Hebrews left in the world. So much for the alluded to promise of God to make them as populace as grains of sand, perhaps had they obeyed His laws, but they did not.

The question we might ask is what will be the eventual outcome. To address this question we have to look at a map of the Middle East before the Europeans began dabbling about, often creating nations out of old tribal territories that are in no way compatible as nation states. In 1917 there was Persia, (Iran) The Ottoman Empire, (what is now Turkey, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, and the coast of the Saudi Red Sea and Nejd (part of present day Saudi Arabia). Egypt and North Africa were under British rule. By 1929 there was Pahlavi Persia, Turkey, France controlling Syria, Egypt, British control of the rest of North Africa, Yemen, Hejaz and Nejd (now Saudi Arabia) and British control of Amman, Yemen and the UAE. By 1943 Saudi Arabia was a nation, the Free France controlled Syria, Iraq was a nation, and Italy still controlled Ethiopia, Egypt was on its own and the rest of North Africa remained British. By 1948 Israel was recognized by the United States as well as the UN, but not by the Arab League, (all of the Arab Middle East) Jordan became a nation (the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan). There is one important fact relating to the Hashemite family that is very relevant. The Hashemite’s are direct descendants of the Prophet Muhammad through Muhammad’s daughter Fatima. This makes the king of Jordan an important Islamic personality especially because one of the offshoots is the Islamic religion called Fatimaists. Unknowingly you have often seen their symbol a hand with the thumb and pinky slicking out on either side of three fingers in the center.  

So, now we ask ourselves what should we do, and what should we not have done. Listening to the Mossad on Iraq was stupid! Listening to the Mossad yet again on Iran is way beyond stupid. Involving ourselves in what is none of our business is stupid. The Middle East as you should by now understand is complicated and far beyond our meager ability to do anything about. The relentless “Support Israel” and “Israel is our Greatest Ally” is as stupid as all the rest. Israel is the leading spy against America and has been for many decades. Israelis are not our friends. The Talmud scroll, is the most read Jewish religious document, and is the most radically anti-Christian document in existence. The Koran is not anti Christian; in fact Mary and Peter and the Apostles are considered Saints. .

These wars in the Middle East are wars of Ideology; you cannot fight ideological wars with weapons. Ideas such as Jihad are seated in a religious belief system, which can only be opposed by a good and logical opposing idea. Such hatred is hardly an Arab only fact, Jews hate Arabs so violently that Israel doesn’t even prosecute Jews that murder Arabs, harvest their organs, or destroy Palestinian homes and businesses. In the past Jews have hired Druze militia’s to murder Palestinian (Christian and Muslim) refugees. Change will not take place until the currently warring parties have worn themselves out. You cannot instill the idea of freedom in people who don’t want freedom. You cannot change the ideology of a “Theocracy” and that is what all the Middle East wars and nation states are about, the Israeli socialist theocracy, vs. the ISL Sunni Islamic theocracy, vs. the Iranian Shi’a theocracy. You cannot tell people that your way is better, when they see the decline of the West, the corruption of our governments, our lack of ethics and morals. These things are self-evident. The continually drummed fallacy that “They Hate Us” “They Hate Our Way of Life” as produced by the Jewish media is just rubbish. I have traveled all over the Middle East including Israel, I never found a single Arab who hated us or Christianity, but scores of Jews do hate us. Arabs and by that I mean all Arabs purchase American goods, cars appliances, not the Israelis on my last trip to Israel I did not see one singe American car, refrigerator, or consumer good all were German. 

Islam is the last of the religions of the ”Book” and is still evolving. It is also the fastest growing religion in the world and now has about 1.4 billion adherents. Unlike Christianity, which has stopped growing, Islam is gaining daily. Muslims are serious about their religion they pray three times a day; Christians go to church when it’s convenient or on Easter and Christmas. There are now 8 million Muslims in America, and many more in the EU. Radical Islam possibly has about 14% participation within Islam; that however is at least-300 million people. Not unlike all other societies, a social group with a strong belief system comprising over10% of any population can control it. The American and Russian Revolutions certainly proves that contention.



(1)  Sun worship

(2)  Leader of the non-Sectarian Ba’ath party of Iraq.


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