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An American Gestapo


An American Gestapo

Dr. A. H. Krieg


Gestapo is an abbreviation for “Geheime Staatspolizei” (Secret State National Police) it was started by Herman Göring in 1933. By 1936 Heinrich Himmler and the SS was in charge and the (RSHA) “Reichssicherheitsampt” States Security Agency was a sister organization through the (SD) “Sicherheitsdienst” Security service.  

In America We have the (DHS) Homeland Security Department. George W. Bush started it in 2001. Like the Nazi Gestapo it is a merging of 22 different federal departments headed up by Tom Ringe the ex governor of Pennsylvania. Like the Gestapo it is military (US Coast Guard) as well as police (Secret Service) merged into the one agency. By 2002 with the enactment of the Homeland Security Act by congress it was made a stand-alone cabinet-level agency. In Feb 2005 a retired federal judge Michael Chertoff took over, by this time the agency had over 250 executive members and 18 action teams, along with over 200,000 employees. Laws of expansion were executed by congress in July 2005, with the Departments six-point Agenda, 2006 with SAVE Port Act, implementation of 9/11 commission recommendation in 2007, and then under Janet Napolitano, the new (FPSNPPD) Federal Protective Service to National Protection and Programs Directorate).

Far be it from me to be overly critical, however it does appear to me that there is more than just one similarity between the Nazis and present day DHS. One of the outstanding similarities is the joining of police and military functions in one single agency. In a Republic, which America used to be, police (protect and serve) functions cannot logically be merged with military whose function differs greatly to (destroy and kill).  When we now consider that border security, executive protection, immigration, and the newly created TSA (Transportation Security Agency) as well as FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) are all run by the same management we can see an apparatus much larger than what the Nazis had. Today DHS has over 240,000 workers, a 2012 budget of 61.7 billion with the TSA budget of $7 billion Coast Guard $9.8 billion, etc. In 2014 DHS purchased 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point bullets for semi-automatic handguns, a type of ammunition prohibited under the Geneva Convention.   That’s enough ammo to kill every American citizen 5.3 times. In the same year they purchased 2,700 heavy armored cars, 7,000 fully automatic weapons. DHS exactly like the Nazis; claims these offensive weapons are for the self-defense of its own personnel. DHS is the third largest agency within our government.

It is my contention that DHS now constitutes a standing national army whose sole purpose is the control of and regulation of Americans. To this end they have funded through grants $50 million to local police forces to allow the instant tracking of license plates. DHS has contracted $ 385 million Halliburton to build detention camps. (Konsentrazionlagers) They have provided local law enforcement Stingray ® devices that allows listening in on telephone conversations without warrant.  These purchases of ammo, light tanks, and automatic weapons are instruments of war and we have an American military, Army, Navy, Air force, and Marine Corps to protect us for foreign incursion. Obviously DHS is for domestic citizens control. When we now couple this with the NSA, CIA, and other security agencies within our government we can draw the conclusion that we are at the cusp of the police state as outlined in 1984, the 1948 book by George Orwell. 

One of the GESTAPO first acts was the consolidation of police forces; they in fact nationalized the equivalent of American individual state police agencies. DHS is expanding several programs with that eventual intent. “Urban Shield” is one of these programs. It expands TSA actions to bus stations, RR stations, malls, stadiums, bridges, and even the search of civilians in violation of the 4th amendment.

Through grants and transfer of weapons systems, ammunition and armored vehicles many urban police forces are now in the process of militarization. This militarization process has grown exponentially for the last ten years. The development of local police SWAT teams (Special Weapons and Tactics) in local police unit has become a standard practice. Unlike the Nazis our SWAT teams often cover their faces with masks, a practice I find despicable. People who act in the best interest of society do not need to cover their faces; criminals and law violators cover their faces.

All this is based on the creation of fear within society that is an implement of control of that society. So, we can assume that this agency has prevented many acts of terrorism, after all TSA is on the front lines. In 2007 TSA spent $900 million to locate and arrest terrorist airline passengers, according to the GAO they did not arrest a single one. 58,401 TSA agents did not catch one single terrorist in 2007. The obvious situation that exists is that terrorism as an act against the American population is grossly exaggerated by these agencies for two reasons, agency expansion, and societal control. The FBI actually did better, but not by much. Of 18 FBI arrest for terror related issues all but three were sting operations more commonly called entrapment that is basically a violation of law. This is not unlike the NSA whom we are apprised monitors every electronic communication in the world, to the best of my knowledge they have not prevented a singe incident, not in NYC, not in Boston not one.

That DHS is out of control has been evidenced repeatedly. Operation Vigilant Eagle was an extensive surveillance program targeting veterans. The very people who are in the fight to protect America were now considered a risk by DHS. Then we had reports of circulating documents that instructed DHS workers to take care with NRA members, Constitutionalists, people who opposed the government, “Right Wingers” in fact all the wrong people. In the last 50 years the political left, communists and socialists committed 98% of all terrorist acts. To protect themselves they have as of 2014 built up ammunition storage of 1,300 rounds per armed officer, and have floated the idea to arm TSA agents.

It is only logical to consider that there must be something in the wings that we are not aware of which is prompting fear within the elites to the point of building a police state. We think we have found it. The Financial Times would be the Wall Street Journal of England; last week they ran an article titled “Central Banks Shift into Equities.” We have for years been reporting on the “Plunge Protection Team” that is run by the FRS and comprises about 1,000 traders was in the equity markets.

So now pay attention! The Official Monetary and Institutional Forum (OMFIF) is a global think tank located in the city. (London) They are an independent of government organization that reports on monetary issues. In their latest report they stated that central banks, FRS, Bank of England, and the European Central Bank, have begun investing in global equity markets. OK that would be the same as what the Plunge Protection Team is already doing in America. But here’s the kicker they are in the markets for $29.1 trillion. I have not been able to understand how the stock market keeps going up, when everyone I know is either getting out or selling. Who knows how much the Plunge Protection team is in for… they have been at it for 12 years?  Now think about this the entire American economy, government private sector everything combined is about $14.3 trillion, our national debt is over $17.5 trillion, how much of the $17.5 trillion is held by the Plunge Protection team is valueless equities?

Now there is one more issue. Gazprom controls about 18% of the world’s natural gas and oil, the Russian government is heavily involved with Gazprom. Last week Gazprom announced that they will no longer trade in dollars but instead in euros. The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have already reached agreement not to sell oil or gas for dollars. Venezuela and Iran are in the same boat. The petro dollar set up by Heinrich Kissinger is history. Obama the empty suite thought he could intimidate Putin; fat chance Putin is a chess player, Obama is not even any good at golf or basketball.

And the last item: 05.12.14 I posted a warning on my blog: HR2847 is due to be enacted on the first of July. This legislation contains FATCA provision, which stands for Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act it requires every bank in the world trading in US dollars to report to the IRS who and what is trading in dollars. Anyone who is stupid enough to think that the population of the world will accept this is nuts.

All these things combined lead me to the conclusion that the dollar will be terminated as the world’s reserve currency. When that happens American retail prices will within one-month rise 40%, employee compensation will be static, the American economy will collapse gold and silver will skyrocket and there will be riots in the streets. Better prepare now!


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