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Dear Mr President


Dear Mr. President,                                                   May, 2014


For six years we have been subjected to your failed policies. Unfortunately you appear unable to learn from your mistakes. The first quarter of 2014 is an indication of just how poor a job you are doing. If it were not for the fossil fuel developments in the Dakotas, and the 9% rise in healthcare costs America would have a 10% national negative growth.

The endless scandals, cover-ups, and lies beginning in your last term set a new low in American politics.  Fast & Furious, IRS, Benghazi, Sibelius (EPA). AP, FOX, NSA, Campaign, Clapper, Rice, Lerner, Panetta, Holder, and Axelrod even your new national security advisor and former UN ambassador is a liar. The total lack of transparency on scores of issues demonstrates an ideological arrogance that is unrivaled in 21st century world politics.

Your own lies; “You can keep your doctor, you can keep your insurance, you will see a $2,500 decline in your healthcare costs, the NSA does not spy on Americans”, are evidentiary of your incompetence.  It appears to us, the electorate, that these policies’ are purposely planned; it is inconceivable that these strategies are happenstance. It would now be appropriate for you to tell the nation exactly what your vision for America is. You and your family have spent more on vacations than the average American will earn in a lifetime while you contemplate your response, on the golf course, you might consider to following facts.

Unemployment as of this month using real statistical information not DC smoke and mirrors, is now 23.4%. Average American income has fallen every of the last six years. Labor participation is now 380,000, lower than the day you took office. Health care costs have not gone down as promised; they are up 9% as of this month. You are well on the way to totally destroying the worlds best healthcare system. 20% of American families do not have a single member employed. 47 million American are on supplemental food stamps. Your administration is spending over $2 billion a year providing cell phones to people who refuse to work. Inflation is up 12% if you count all goods and services. Our military has been ground into overuse, America for the first time in 80 years is incapable of engaging in a two front war, just ask any of the flag officers that you have fired because they don’t agree with your totally clueless geo-political and military policies.

There are scores of possibilities to improve the economy but you absolutely refuse any of them. The Keystone Pipeline, drilling on federal lands that you have reduced by 19%, your absolutely clueless green energy incentives and the over $6 billion wasted by Dr. Chu of your Energy Department, all now bankrupt green energy initiatives, the bureaucratic over regulation that is stifelling business, the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world, and 442 new taxes, are ample examples. American business now spends $1.4 trillion a year complying with idiotic government regulations, whose primary purpose is to employ more bureaucrats. While private sector employment has fallen ever one of the last six years government employment has risen.

In a short 6 years you have accumulated a national debt greater than the combined debts of all previous presidents combined. It now stands at $ 17,5      trillion, which does not even include off-line items.  

American foreign policy is a practical joke; if it were not so bad we could laugh it off.  First Secretary Clinton, whose obviously lacking management and strategic thinking is on about your level, and then Swift Boat Kerry a political hack who is no more able than Clinton was, have destroyed what it took ten previous administration to construct, and all that in just six years. Your actions in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia where you were asked to depart, N. Korea and Israel, Iran and England that you insulted in your first term, point to a total lack of diplomatic knowledge. And then to top all that off you send ambassadors to represent our America who are so stupid that they don’t even know what form of government the nations they are going to, have. In Eastern Europe you respond to President Putin’s Russian advances by sending a total of 600 soldiers from Vicenza to; Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Lithuania while the Russians have 20,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, Putin must be shaking in his boots.

In retrospect, I think you are succeeding marvelously, if it is your intent to destroy this nation, which is now believed to be the true plan of Obama, you are a spectacular success.


Without Prejudice


Dr. A. H. Krieg CMFGE

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