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Warning II


Warning II        HR 2847

Dr. A. H. Krieg

I cannot stress enough how serious this is for you and your family. The American dollar is the world reserve currency; this will end most likely this year. When that takes place you can anticipate run-away inflation, price increases of over 40%, severe shortages and empty super market shelves.

As of this month the BRICKS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are trading internationally in their own currencies, not the dollar. Venezuela and Iran do not use the dollar except when dealing with America, which Iran dose not do. The shift away from the dollar is predetermined by the idiotic way that the FRS is managing our economy and the dollar. Cleary understand the above listed nations comprise over half the world economies.

The military option used to enforce dollar compliance that was used in Iraq and Libya,  is no longer an option our military is worn out.

Compounding this is HR 2847 which was past by congress in 2010 and becomes effective on July 1, 2014. This hidden bill contains the FATCA provision, which stands for Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act requires that all bank in the world report to the American IRS, all dollar transactions. This will dramatically speed up dollar decline. We are not God, and cannot dictate internal financial policy for the rest of the world.

Please bear in mind that Argentina who had the same sort of disastrous financial management began confiscation all pension plans, union and private converting the assets into Argentinian government bonds at variable interest. This is the largest pool of cash in America they are bound to do it here also.

According to reasonable calculations silver is the best hedge, it may be anticipated to rise in value by over 500% within 6 months of the dollar fall from reserve currency status.

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