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Dr. A. H. Krieg CMFGE

Dr. Krieg was an advisor to USDC on trade for 15 years he is a doctor of manufacturing engineering, and a Certified Manufacturing Engineer SME.


The US State Department and the Obama administration are now in negotiations with 11 Pacific Rim nations regarding an administration unilateral “Free Trade” agreement involving all 11 nations with America. Discussions have been withheld from congress and the American people. The planned TPP agreement will impact everything you buy, use, or want.


The principal supports of this are multinational corporations, who will through this agreement be able to offshore any remaining American manufacture, and increase their profit margins, reduce production labor costs, reduce government regulations, avoid product liability coverage, and hire people without paying them Social Security, Workman’s Comp, or pensions. Bear in mind that GM has already moved 11 assembly and 4 drivetrain plants to China. 7 out of 10 GM cars are now made offshore, and that’s after American taxpayers bailed out GM at a $ 10.7 billion loss.


Let me be frank: NAFTA was enacted in 2002 with Canada and Mexico. In 2002 we had a trade surplus of $5.7 billion per year. Today we have an annual $ 64 billion trade deficit with Mexico. America due to just NAFTA has lost over one trillion dollars in trade to Mexico. Let me expand in the 14 years since NAFTA enactment America lost 11.7 million manufacturing jobs and over 8,000 small manufacturing concerns.


This proposed TPP agreement makes the combined Obamacare, NAFTA, CAFTA and the already in 2013 enacted free trade deals with S. Korea, Panama, and Columbia look like a piker.


It will destroy America!



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