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Progressives – Socialists


Progressives – Socialists[


Liberalism a European disease now rampant in America!


Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are socialists; Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are a communist. (1) There are in fact 70 members of the Democrat party that belong to the progressive caucus. The words, progressive, socialist, environmentalist, communist and liberal are self-inclusive. (2) Due to hundreds of failures, socialist always find new ways to describe themselves so as to obliterate the real issue of who they are and what their plans are. (3)

While the political left media theorizes about the failure of the Republican Party because of their claim that the “ultra-right Tea Party” is pitting the Republican Party into two distinctly different groups i.e. the RINOS and the Tea Party. The country is without doubt over half politically and socially conservative thus the Democrats are self-destructing under the leadership of radical leftists supported by an unrelenting progressive media. The Progressive caucuses comprising 70 members in the Senate and House under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi in the House and Harry Reid in the Senate have so agitated the centrist Democrats that a major upheaval is in the making. Policies perused by Reid, Schumer, *Feinstein, *Boxer, *Waters, (*the California witches) and the legislative progressives may sell in NY, Chicago and CA but are a total no-sell in the rest of the nation. The nuclear option in the Senate as applied by Reid, for the first time in 225 years, will come to haunt the entire Democrat establishment after the mid term election.

Stanley Kurtz of the NY Times said of Obama, “[he] is a socialist’” you can’t accuse the Grey Lady of being conservative. The most enduring influence on Obama was when he met Frances Scott Piven at Cooper Union in the West Village NYC, (4) he had just had his 21st birthday, she was the co-author of the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” (5) together with Richard Cloward a Canadian socialist. Piven’s parents were Soviet communists. Piven became a nationalized American citizen in 1953, four years before your author. (6)

            Obama had already been well schooled in communism by his gay AC/DC communist mentor Frank Marshal Davis in Hawaii. (7) Both of his grand parents were members of the same communist cell as Davis. At Occidental college in LA, Obama was an outspoken socialist if not communist and by his own admission in his biography “Gravitated to leftist professors”. (8) His transfer to Columbia after two years at Occidental, with a C- grade average is un-believable. At the same time his passport was still Indonesian, his student ID card at Occidental listed him as a foreign Student and he had a foreign student “Fulbright Scholarship” at Occidental. Of his stay in NYC and his claimed attendance at Columbia University we know virtually nothing. (9) There are no transcripts no records, not one student, lecturer, professor, including the president of his class’s political science department, in the topic of his major, ever met or knew Obama. It is really questionable that he ever attended Columbia; it is likely that the college provided cover for a hired Arabic interpreter that worked for the CIA in Afghanistan. There are records of Obama’s travel to Pakistan at that time which was by the State Department, prohibited to Americans. Columbia has a long record of such CIA affiliated actions.  

              While I have not lived in socialist economies, I lived in Europe from 1938 to 1952 when I immigrated to America. My wife born in England has vast socialist experience she was part of the 1960’s “brain drain” that saw millions of educated Brits depart England for Australia, Canada, New Zeeland, and South Africa. As a Swiss I well recall being surrounded by socialist Germany, socialist Austria, (Adolph Hitler) socialist Vichy France  (Marshall Petain), Fasisti Italy, (Benito Mussolini), so my experience with socialism endures the major socialist developments of the 20th century. In this venue’ it is important to recall that the Soviet’s and their many affiliated states were also all socialist. The only matter of further interest on that topic is that every one of these socialist states weather Soviet communist, Fasisti, socialist or Axis Socialists all failed. Socialism is a failed economic system, the socialist will tell you that their brand of socialism is different and that they are all knowing and thus will not fail. The only all-knowing thing is God that’s why socialist so hate Christians and Muslims.

              The Cloward-Piven strategy is exactly what Obama is doing to America. The plan consists of several stages of change in society. The first of these is to overburden the social system with costs that are not sustainable to the economy. 47 million on food stamps, 22 million illegals utilizing social services healthcare and schooling for their offspring, paying nothing into the system, massive expansion of disability grants, 9 million on subsidized housing, 72 million on Medicaid, 3.7 million on welfare, As of November 2013 America has more people on some form of social welfare than are employed in the private sector. Government employment has steadily grown from 2000 to 2013 by 9%; private sector employment has fallen in the same timeframe by 6%. (10) It is imperative to understand that only private sector employment adds to the economy, all government employment costs the economy.

              What did president Kennedy do to stimulate the economy and to bring it back from a depression? Kennedy cut taxes, reduced expenses, and trimmed government, all of which resulted in the government getting more income and the economy expanding. Reagan did the same thing; Obama is doing the exact opposite.

              America has been saddled with a long list of progressives each one of them leaving a footprint in the nation that is gradually destroying the goose that laid the golden egg. Woodrow Wilson (who’s alter ego Colonel House was the American agent of the Rothschild banks of Europe) was America’s first great progressive. He gave us the 16th and 17th amendments to the constitution,  (1913) which was the communist camels nose under the tent flap (11) (16th amendment) and the 17th was the centralization of power in the federal state by elimination the rights of individual states. (12)

              Next came FDR another radical progressive. “The New Deal” which extended the “Great Depression” well into WWII, the U.S. Department of Labor, which in fact is not the department of labor but the department of unionized labor, The WPA (1935) CCC (1933-45) TVA 1933, AAA (1933 to 35) PWA (1935) FDIC (1933) CWA (1933-34) SSA (Social Security Act (1935) As all progressives before and after FDR the solution to all economic problems is to throw more money at it, increase the size of government, hire more government workers, and everything will be fine thereafter. No progressive ever gave thought to where the money comes from, and how it will be re-paid. Just stick it to the next generation!

              The next great Progressive was LBJ. Johnson who was Kennedy’s VP learned nothing from Kennedy, Johnson was in fact the most corrupt man to that date ever to take the office of president. Johnson was without doubt the furthest left since Wilson, outdoing even FDR. He instituted the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) and the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, which was the spearhead of his “War on Poverty” He put one billion dollars into the pot in ‘64 and then two billion in ‘65 and another two in ‘66. Since then America has wasted $4.7 trillion on the War on Poverty which has had the following result. Today we have 2.5% more Americans below the poverty level than we had in 1964. (13) Had we doled out the $ 4.7 trillion to those Americans considered below the poverty line in the ensuing 50 years we would have no one in poverty today. The Government bureaucracy consumed the lion’s share of the funds, and at least half of the rest is wasted.

              The next great fool was Carter. Carter established the Department of Education, a major plan of the communists. (14) The result has been nothing if not astounding. In 1970 when the law was enacted American student competency was 4th in the world. Today after 44 years of federal intervention in public education American student’s competency is either 13th or 34th dependent upon subject. Then he established the Department of Energy. Since enacted the DoE has wasted $1.3 trillion at an average rate of $29 billion per year, which leaves us with the poignant question, what did we get for all that money? The simple answer is, the 1979 energy crisis that was caused by stupid Energy department mandates and the waste of $6.7 billion on green energy projects that went belly up by Dr. Chu the latest fool in charge. (15)

              And then came socialist Obama, with Obamacare!



(1)       H. Clinton College thesis was a 92-page dissertation on Sal Alinsky’s (a communist) book “Revile for Radicals”, later changed to “Rules for Radicals” in which she equated, Walt Whitman, Eugene Debs, and Martin Luther King as communists. While at Yale she volunteered services to Bob Truehaft Esq. head of the communist party of CA in the New Haven Black Panther trials. She took her legal internship with communist Truehaft in CA.

(2)       The socialist movement in Europe particularly in Germany combined the (Die Bunten) the gay’s, (Die Gruenen) the environmentalists, (Greens) and (Buentniss 90) the communist green movement with the socialist movement.

(3)       Due to the fact that socialism has failed in every application worldwide in the 20th and 21st centuries the movement cloaks their name and their mission by using Liberal, Liberals, Environmentalists, Greens, Progressives, the word socialist is rarely used and always denied.

(4)       Piven was giving a lecture, Cooper Union is a student meeting place for NYU and other lower Manhattan colleges it is located in the East village below 14th St. 

(5)       The Cloward-Piven strategy was a theoretical thesis on the means and methods to destroy a capitalist society through financial ruin by overspending available assets. You know a $ 17 trillion national debt.

(6)       AHK immigrated in 1952 and became a citizen in 1957.

(7)       Frank Marshall Davies communist party member card #47544. There is a substantial group who claim that Davis was Obama’s father and not Barrack SR. Since the mother Stanley was extremely promiscuous and Barrack looks a lot more like Davies than his listed father and since his birth certificate is a proven forgery it cannot be ruled out.

(8)       Dr. John Drew was a classmate of Obama’s at Occidental. Paul Kengor interviewed him on the glen Meakem Show. He said, “Barrak sought revolution where the working class would overthrow the ruling class” Straight out of the “Communist Manifesto”. (Audio on Internet)

(9)       Columbia Student ID Barry Soetoro Card # 600962011054355 Code AA 81 Foreign Student.

(10)   OPM.GOV

(11)    Communist Manifesto 2nd measure 2) A heavy progressive or Graduated income tax.

(12)    Changing the election of Senators to popular election rather than appointment by state legislatures thus removing individual states input in the federal legislative process.

(13)    Poverty level set by government at $ 23,000 for a family four in 2013

(14)   Communist Manifesto 10th Measure 10) Free Education for all children in public schools.

(15)    Under Obama Dr. Chu spent the following amounts on companies that later declared bankruptsy: Evergreen solar $25 M, Spectra Watt $500 K, Solyndra $535M, Beacon Power $43M, Nevada Geothermal $98.5M, Sun Power $1.2 B, First Solar $1.46 B, Babcock & Brown $178 M, EnderDel sub of Ender $118.5 M, Amonix $ 5.9 M, Willard & Kelesy Solar Group $700,981K, Johnson controls $299 M, Schneider Electric $86M, Bright Source $1.6 B, ECOtally $126.2 M, Raser Technology $86M, Energy conversion Devices $ 13.3 M, Mountain Plaza Inc. $2 M, Olsen Corp $10 M, Range fuels $ 80 M, Thompson River power $ 6.5 M, Sterling energy $ 7 M, Azure Dynamics $ 5.4 M, Green volts $ 500 K, Vestras $50 M, Compact Power $ 151 M, Nordic Windpower $ 16 M, Navistar $ 39 M, Sitcom $ 3 M, Konawa Tech Inc. $20 M. MAS Coma Corp. $100 M. The Idiot Chu is still employed at energy!



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