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Dr. A. H. Krieg

            There exists in America a small magazine titled Culture Wars; the editor is my friend Dr. E. Michael Jones. I bring this to your attention because Dr. Jones is not only a very accomplished author of many books, but as editor of Culture Wars has written some of the most relevant social commentary of the last four decades. In the recent February issue in the Culture of Death Watch we find his latest commentary “America Implodes: The End of the World as we Know it”. Not only do I find myself in total agreement with Dr. Jones, I would propose to make the article mandatory reading for the chumps we elected to congress.

            In the article Dr. Jones admonishes us to see the changes on the horizon that he tiles “The Old Enlightenment paradigm is breaking up. A new paradigm is forming”. This is so factually true but by the general public totally misconstrued that; I question why I did not come up with the same elaboration.

As I watched the closing ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics one of these shifts became much more than just apparent. Russia is in rise we are in free-fall. This has nothing to do with athletic prowess; it is about a people and how they feel about themselves and how they relate to their God and each other. It deals in large part about leadership, of which they have a lot, and we have none. Putin is very obviously a Russian Orthodox Christian; Obama is very obviously an agnostic if not atheist. Russians have thrown their zionist atheists, communists out and brought the Russian Orthodox Church back. America has dumped our Christian heritage, embraced homosexuality, pornography, feminism, abortion and all the perversions that the zionist communists of the Soviet state embraced. Our mentally disturbed Lamestream media, controlled by zionist’s, are the drummer boys of it all. By the way I never capitalize zionism because it is not a religion, not a racial characteristic, not a nationality, but a socialistic political philosophy. It really burns up my computer because like all PC –sorry Cultural Marxist, Microsoft ® spellcheck ® tries to force their jaded ideas on all of us.

            Part of the new paradigm is the horrific mess Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama have made out of the Middle East. These people are not neophytes in Middle East history, Islam, or social circumstance, they are totality ignorant of all of it and then send ambassadors to nations who don’t even know what form of government their assignments have, have no clue about anything, probably, in most cases, are not even aware of what language is spoken there, they don’t even check the CIA fact-file before their confirmation hearings. As we both said we are in decline, and have none to blame save ourselves for electing senseless politicians to represent us. 

It is without question the intent of Obama to diminish America in every conceivable manner and thereby achieve his goal of removing from the world a super power that he considers to be the cause of opposition to America from foreign sources. He is of course totally wrong having the entire though backward; it is strength that people admire not weakness. It is strength they do not attack out of fear; it is weakness that the attack because they can!

            Let’s look at this administration. Eric Clapper, Mike Morell, Susan Rice five times and then 18 months later again, Kathleen Sebelius, Lois Lerner taking the fifth, and Barack Obama continuously lying; how could anyone have confidence in people like these? It is all part of the paradigm shift, one group of people acts in a moral and ethical Christian manner, the other are liars, cheats agnostics and atheists. The shift is between those who believe in the Book and those who don’t; or as between Beelzebub and God.

            This brings us to Syria an interesting case because the Assad family is a minority Muslim sect member as Alawite’s, who has protected all minorities of Syria for 43 years, in all that time there has been no religious or racial strive in Syria, for all that time they have protected the Christian and even Jewish minorities. Putin is well aware of this, as are the zionists who hate Christians even more than Muslims. The war in Syria is a war between Alawite Muslims, and Christians against Wahhabi Sunni Muslims and zionists. The zionists are the inventors of terrorism, seen as Haganah, Palmach, Lehi, The Stern Gang, Irgun, Deir Yasin, just to name a few. And the Wahhabis run thousands of Madrassas in which they indoctrinate young men to their brand of Islamic extremism. Obama, by the way attended such a school in Indonesia. The similarity between Zionism and Wahhabi Sunni Islam is that both hate any opposing view and concentrate their efforts at elimination or destroying all opposed views. This works out to Jewish sponsored terrorist organizations funded by Israel and Wahhabi funded al Qaida in opposition to the Assad regime. The Jews then use Cultural Marxism to enforce their exhausted ideas in America.

            To aid in understanding the Middle East at least a bit better, let’s look at who the power players are. There are three major players in the Middle East, all three are theocracies; they are Saudi Arabia (Sunni-Muslim) and ruled by the autocratic House of Saud, which has strong military ties to Pakistan, Iran (Shia-Muslim) ruled by equally autocratic Shia Mullahs, and Israel (Jew-zionist) ruled over by an autocratic socialist zionist majority. Each of these groups fields a Para-military, or finances a Para-military group that they control. Calling these groups’ terrorists if they are Muslims and totally ignoring them when funded by Israel’s Mossad is the type of stupidity that our government engages in. The fact that Iran and Syria have a mutual defense treaty, and that Israel is financially funding at least half of the Assad opposition, appears at least among American media a secret. The fact that Syria is 90.3% Arab, and 9.7% Kurds and has a religious makeup of 74% Sunni, 16% Alawite & Druze, 16% Christian, and about 10% Jews, seems also missing from reality, as is the fact that the Jews and Christians in Syria are strong supporters of the Assad family.

            This war, which is not a civil war at all, but just like the Russian revolution of the early 20th century, is a war financed and exclusively managed by outside of Syrian forces a fact that Putin understands and the fools in Washington ignore, because they follow the AIPAC zionist line. The paradigm is the take over of American foreign and domestic policy and Lamestream media, by progressive Democrats who do the bidding of their zionist masters led by AIPAC. This is of no benefit for America; in fact it is our downfall. It is a national disgrace to allow an under 2% zionist population minority to control policy at the detriment of 98% of the population of a nation, through the use of victimhood, and Cultural Marxism.


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