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Feed-up Disgusted Angry


Feed-up, Disgusted, & Angry!

Dr. A. H. Krieg


I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it. This government, and I mean both of the Republocrat parties need to go! I frankly could care less about excuses that the progressives control the Senate and the executive, that’s not the issue. If the Republicans had any guts we would not be in this position. Shut the damn government down, PERIOD. Let the bastards squeal, I don’t care, let the bureaucrats whine, I don’t care, let everyone in DC go hungry, dump Boehner, good, maybe it will build some badly needed character.

Beginning this year they are increasing our taxes on income by 4.6%, payroll taxes by 14.8%, capital gains by 24.6%, increasing Medicare taxes, and boosting inheritance taxes in 19 states. You know the taxes they force you to pay after you are dead! They are cutting nothing, not one cent!

So, congress whose annual fixed pay is $ 174,000, with a off the top $3,000, tax exclusion, and: 72% co-pay for Obamacare, a huge retirement benefit package, a $ 50,000 mail allowance, a $ 944,617, employee allowance, a $0.32 cent per mile car allowance, free government books from the printing office, a $3,209,992, office allowance, a $ 453,828, employee allowance, a $2,361,820, clerical help allowance, an legislative assistance allowance of $ 577,874, and lastly a $40,000, office furniture and space allowance. Total cost $7,626,131, plus pension, millage and, healthcare. You do understand why I am pissed.  In addition they give their fat cat contributors a break, not much, just about $9 billion, which includes $74 million unemployment payments, $316 million in farm subsidies, $16 million in government-backed education loans, $25,000 to Michael Jackson for Thriller, $100 total tax for Bon Jovi’s estate property taxes in NJ because he is a bee farmer, money to Bruce Springsteen’s estate for farm subsidies. In 2009 2,362 millionaires collected $20,799,000 for jobless benefits.

The real questions are what are the progressive end game plans? We need go no further than to examine legislation passed, beginning in Obama’s first term. The legislation includes; a strong push to legalize same sex marriage, allowing homosexuals to serve in the military, support and no prosecution for legalized marijuana, IRS used for political grounds to attack conservatives and religiously based organizations, continuous legislative and executive attacks on the family, massive increase in racial tension, continuous executive violation of the separation of powers, relentless executive attacks on the second amendment, destroying the ability of conservative organizations to raise money, trying to grant amnesty to illegals, destroying the right to life, destroying the economy, and brainwashing students in public education. Then we see the continuous increase in fees, licenses, and taxes that are destroying the middle class, and have resulted in an annual drop of middle class income for the last five years running.  But the greatest has been the use of Cultural Marxism (PC) and selective enforcement of laws by the AG through bogus prosecution or omitted prosecution to meet that administration’s political agenda. All this points to a well-executed effort to destroy America. There is not better example than Dinesh D’Souza’s prosecution for a minor campaign financing infraction.

To that last point, let’s examine our economy under Obama. For only the second time in his administration the president has offered a budget, which will over the coming 10 years increase the deficit by $ 6 trillion, which by 2016 will then be $ $24 trillion. The national debt has increased by $ 9 trillion in five years, taxes on the middle class have been increased by 4.3 trillion, Obama together with progressives are proposing an additional $ 1 trillion dollar increase in spending for 2014, Obamacare will with the treat of insurance bankruptcies, be forced to increase overall government spending by $ 1.2 trillion for Obamacare in 2014, and the 2012 un-budgeted spending increased of the national debt by another three trillion dollars. Not one serious budget cut, or economic budget-cutting measure has been enacted in the last five years. In fact they even dropped the legislative accepted sequester for 2014 and 15.

No one could possible think that Obama is the originator of all this. The progressive movement has 70 member Democrats and about 15 Republicans; that’s 85 progressives in both houses, this is not enough to drive the entire nation into a ditch. To see what’s transpiring we must look at the funding of the progressive movement to both political parties. On the Republican side the anti-war libertarian Dr. Ron Paul had his Republican nomination destroyed by the RINO’s who would not even allow what was the front-runner for the nomination, a speakers position at the RNC convention. Dr. Paul’s St. Paul rally had double the number of that of the RNC convention in Minneapolis. So who was funding the RINO’s? Main Street Individuals Fund one of G. Soros’s spin offs $50,000, The Main Street SuperPAC who accepted $400,000 from two labor unions, IUOE and LIUNA, along with all the Wall Street fat cats and the US National Chamber of commerce. Why the chamber, because they want amnesty for illegals, to boost the labor pool and keep wages low.

Soros began his messianic vision of the “Soros World” in 1979 with the foundation of the “Open Society Fund” previous to that funding such things as SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) this developed into the ultra-left communist Weather Underground. The major beneficiaries of Soros, which are, ACLU, The Mexican American Legal Defense Fund, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, NAACP, National Council of LaRaza, Sentencing Project, Center for Community Change, Gamalie Foundation, Ruckus Society, American Institute for Social Justice, Institute for American’s Future, People for the American Way, Democracy for America, Midwest Academy, Center for Economic Policy Research, Ella Backer Center for Human Rights, Healthcare for America Now, Project Vote, Brennan Center for Justice, Progressive States Network, Progressive Change Campaign Committee,  typify the real ueber-left agenda.  

The entire Lamestream media has been overtaken by Soros through just over $48 million funding media properties, mostly news and journalism schools. In publications, The American Prospect, Free Press, Independent Media Institute, The Nation Institute, The Pacific Foundation, and Media Matters. To influence the judiciary Alliance for Justice, American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, in opposition to Roman Catholics, Catholics in alliance for Common Good, Sojourners, People Improving Communities Through Organizing, and Catholics for Choice. Think Tanks, Institute for Policy Studies, New American Foundation, and Urban institute. For open borders, American Immigration Council, Casa de Maryland, Immigrant Legal Recourse Center, Migration Policy Institute, Latino Justice, Immigration Policy Center, and National Immigration Law Center. And all this is just 30% of the total lists.

If I were in the US senate the first act would be a demand to deport Soros, he has fought relentlessly for the destruction of America and its conversion into his vision of a European socialist model. To confirm that just look at the names of some of his (organizations) children, notice the words CHANGE, FUTURE, PRGRESSIVE, COMMON GOOD, all of these were principal schlagwoerter of the Russian Revolution of the 1920’s.

What is the target and how will it be attained? The target is America and it will be taken over by the progressives in several steps. These are historic in that every socialist dictator of the 20th century followed the same path. 1) Create a national one payer healthcare system enrolling every citizen. This is in the works it is called Obamacare. (About 15% of the entire economy socialized in one movement) 2) Increase the national debt to levels that the nation will be unable to repay through welfare and governmental support systems. This is in the works with 47 million on food stamps, 3.7 million on welfare, 2 million on disability, 3.8 million on housing support, and millions on Obama phones. 3) Continuously increase the national debt, spend vastly more than is taken in, in taxes.  This has been an astounding success with a national debt approaching $ 18 trillion. 4) Enact ever-possible gun control and confiscation law possible. This is being done through scores of illegal executive orders and programs like Fast & Furious. 5) Have government take control of every aspect of the peoples lives. This is through increasing, income taxes, property taxes, fees and licenses, arcane environmental legislation, expansion of law to the point where selective enforcement becomes a system of state terrorism. 6) Take federal control of education. Completed with an annual budget of over $17 billion. [Communist Manifesto point 10] 7) Establish a Federal progressive income tax. Already done in 1913. [Communist Manifesto point two] 8) Establish massive class warfare within the population for easy control of each separate group.  9) Confiscate the property of citizens. Already done through massive state and federal laws allowing police to convert confiscated property to public use.  [Communist Manifesto point 4]

Cloward and Piven, Marx and Engels and Alinsky clearly articulate all of this in their writings. Of them all, I think that the thesis of C & P is the closest to Obama’s actions. Obama to the Lamestream seems to have difficulty with the truth, which is only because they also want to conceal the real plan. Dr. Goebbels articulated one of the principle actions that an autocrat must follow in order to obtain party faithful (progressive in his case) support. If you lie (and it’s Obama’s specialty) always tell big lies to force credibility, your supporters (the progressives) will never oppose the lie and if you stick with it the majority of the population will come to accept it as your truth. The most astounding case of this is Benghazi, four dead Americans, a score of wounded, and the Grey Lady publishes a front page article supporting the administration, now totally disproven video theory. If you carry the Lamestream in your vest pocket half the battle is won before it even began. Other examples are the IRS scandal, Fast & Furious, AP 200 telephone tapping, NSA, the Rosen scandal, the FEC scandal, and scores more.

There are people who say that Obama is inept, a bad administrator a poor manager, I don’t think so; I think these people are not cognizant of the plan or what a community organizer (Bolshevik) actually does. Once you realize that the plan is the destruction of the existing America and its replacement with a socialist/communist state then everything becomes clear. 


Read Dr. Krieg’s latest book The System and all will become clear.

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