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A Happy and Healthy and better than 2013 New Year


A Happy and Healthy and better than 2013 New Year!


Is he or is he not?


A common discussion today is; what is our president’s political persuasion? In view of the fact of his and his Attorney General’s, what can only be described as peculiar behavior it is a rational question.  It would seem to me that there is more at work here than meets the eye. As in any investigation, the facts, and in this case the past history of the president’s family is the major factor related. Barry’s wife’s father, Stanley, discovered his mother, who had committed suicide when he was only six. His father deserted him he became a drifter and he named his first child a girl Stanley he did not want a girl, he badly wanted a son, she did not grow up under good circumstances. We are certainly aware that young Barry’s childhood was not normal. His mother with perverse taste in men and politics (she was a communist by the time she was 17) appears to have had very little social influence on the boy only political. With delves into posing for pornographic pictures, involvement in Islam, and several changes in nationality as well as religion, dragging her son along are certainly far from a stable home environment. She adopted Islam as her religion and Indonesian as her nationality also changing her son Barry from Christianity. Barry was then issued an Indonesia passport listing his religion as Islam. Her photographer was Frank Marshall Davis a well-known member of the Hawaii communist party, bi-sexual and pornographer. This produced a stigmatic situation by which white and Hawaiian men would not go out with her, she became an exclusively black property. Both men with whom she is involved, Barack as well as Frank are members of the communist party. She met Frank at the university of Hawaii in Russian class. We learn that Barry’s stay in Indonesia was far from pleasant for him, being a half cast with a previously Christian mother, he was strongly discriminated against.  His supposed father Barack Obama Sr. was an alcoholic, who by this time had been expelled out of America.  As the president put it; “being a dad is the most important job many of us will ever have, and that’s being a dad, there is no substitute for being in a child’s life, I never really knew my dad”. Might we wonder if he ever actually knew who his real father was? Considering that Frank Marshall Davis wrote a book titled Sex Rebel Black, in which he outlines a three way sexual affair with himself his wife (he was never married) and a girl named Ann, the name Stanley used. Stanley became pregnant at age 17 and married Barack, who was already married in British East Africa where he had a wife and two children. To compound matters Stanley hires Evie a black transvestite as a nanny for Barry, Evie goes on after being Barack’s nanny to become a homosexual transvestite prostitute. Then Stanley decides to get rid of the boy at age 10 and sends him to her communist parents who live in Hawaii.

We do know that the first man who actively engaged the boy Barry Soetoro the name and identification he used until the end of his assumed stint at Columbia University was his paternal grandfather Stanley Amour Dunham who together with is wife’s maiden name Madelyn Lee Payne were both members of the communist party of Hawaii. (1) But the real influence was to come from another Party member, a black homosexual man Frank Marshall Davies the photographer before mentioned, (1) who became Barry’s mentor when his mom Stanley divorced her second husband and she moved back to Hawaii with her son. The fact that Obama looks a lot more like Davies than Soetoro should not go unnoticed. Obviously Obama being no fool did not desire known association with a communist black so he used his Indonesian fathers name. This also allowed him to apply for and obtain Fulbright foreign students scholarship at the exclusive left wing and very expensive Occidental college in LA. His student ID from Columbia also listing his name as Barry Soetoro listing him as a foreign student. (2) Whether he ever actually attended Columbia is another matter entirely. It is a fact that Columbia University has provided CIA cover for many agents, Barry was in Pakistan using an Indonesian passport (3) working as an interpreter in Arabic for the CIA in the war between the Soviets and Afghanistan. He had to use an Indonesian passport because American passports were not allowed in Pakistan at that time. The Class president in 1983, Obama’s graduating year was Wayne Allyn Root, was also like Barry a political science and pre-law major, he states; “I never met him [Obama] Never saw him. Never heard of him. And none of my classmates that I knew at Columbia have ever met him saw him, or heard of him”. No professor from Columbia recalls having a Barry or Barack in their classes. As for Harvard we are left with nothing but questions, no grades, no articles, no thesis, no student ID, a newspaper editor without one single article or commentary. In fact it is not false to say that Barry’s/Barack’s past life is an enigma.

Then he went to work, well sort of, part time lecturer at the University of Chicago School of Law, where we are told he lectured on constitutional law, a subject that he has proved since achieving elected office, he knows nothing about. At this point he becomes involved with communist professor William Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrm, founding members of the communist terrorist Weathermen Underground. He becomes a “Community Organizer” the newly created phrase for Bolshevik. Obama now using his newly acquired name Barack Hussein Obama taking on the mantle of his assumed British East African father now proclaims himself to be blacker than black and of African heritage, a clever if not totally untruthful act. On his forged birth certificate he lists his father as “African” (in 1961 Blacks were called Negros not African) and his residence as “Kenya East Africa” (4) at the date of issuance August 4th 1961 there was no such nation as Kenya. The birth certificate state that he was born in the “Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital” in 1961 there was no such hospital, it was called Kaui Keolani Children Hospital and “Kapi’olani” would be the correct spelling in the falsified document. Into this perverse complication now steps the Revered Jeremiah Wright, another Marxist, and close friend of Bill Ayers, Wright’s specialty is matchmaking and violently anti-American sermons. Wright introduces Barack to Michelle an angry hateful masculine woman; it is the first recorded Obama association with a female.

Based on all this publically available information. I am amazed that people still claim to be flabbergasted by Obama’s actions. This information afore presented has been public for over five years! The fact is that Obama is an agnostic he only goes to church in highly politicized venue’s for publicity, he has visited church seven times in five year, his last church visit was in March of 2013 he and the first family attended no service in the 2013 Christmas season. (5) Like mother like son, like father, like son. Like grandparents, like son.

In every case in history when a socialist government comes to power their first official act is to institute national healthcare. Lenin said, “Socialized healthcare is the keystone to the Arch of the socialist state”. So promising to citizens something for nothing that no one has ever delivered is the great tool of socialism. The first socialist was German Chancellor Otto v. Bismarck who instituted the first ever-socialist medical plan in 1883 Die Reichsversicherungsverordnung. It only covered civil servants and not all maladies. It was Adolph Hitler who expanded it to the general population and extended coverage in the mid 30’s. It was similar to Obamacare in that the providers were private insurance carriers. Hitler did it in opposition to the growing Marxist movements in Europe one of whose principal selling points was government provided healthcare. The Russian system that was begun in the late 20’s gradually deteriorate until by the late 40’s only Communist Party members were covered, about 3% of the population. The German system failed by 1943. On average healthcare comprises about 15% of a nations economy. The idea that such an immense amount of cost (6) can be born by government even with massive tax increases is ludicrous. In every case to date, the issuing government did one of two things, become dictatorial or begins reducing services or both. Socialized “Death Panels” have been part of all socialized medicine. Death panels are rationing of services to older participants tapering to zero as age increases. Denmark that converts its entire oil production to government and taxes on average 84% of discernable income is not a viable example either.

Specifically we can examine Obamacare as an instrument of socialization of the entire economy. We can do this by investigating just 2 people in the same specific zip code 93940 (7). Person 1 a male, 54 years old has an income between $60,000 and $125,000. Person 2 a female, 61 years old earning  $18,000, The Male can obtain the cheapest coverage (bronze plan) with a $ 5,000 deductible and a month payment of $ 482 for an annual cost of $ 5,784.00. The female pays exactly one dollar with no deductible. Both are covered for score of things they do not need and do not want. Both have maternity, breast cancer, prostate cancer, self-induced alcoholism, drug addiction, and sex change operations. This is not just a wealth redistribution scheme it is much, much more.  Zip code 93940 is Monterey County CA. I lived there for four months in the 50’s. It is rural lightly populated and today has a huge Hispanic population comprising of over 70% illegals. The feds and state built the Natividad Medical Center in Salinas, a huge complex 172 beds, which covers everything including pharmacy, and social services, all free of charge for illegals. (8) In 2012 Natividad birthed 2,735 babies, 32% out of wedlock, 93% Hispanic, 80% undocumented. 71% listed their native language as Spanish. Of the 2,735 almost exactly half were paid for by the taxpayers. Both the male and female now want to upgrade their policies to one similar to what they had before Obamacare. The cost for the male goes up to $ 886 per month ($10,632.00 annually) the females plan rises to $ 4.00 per month. Obamacare was specifically designed by progressive communists to destroy what little is left of the middle and upper middle class. In this case the male is paying about 13% of his entire income while the female is paying less than 1% of her income for Obamacare.  Obamacare as is stated by the Hillsboro College researcher is not about healthcare, not about dealing with inequity in the system, it is a massive political power grab by progressives, that’s why no one else was allowed at the deliberations before the vote, and that’s why only progressive Democrats voted for it.

So, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama have taken away from 86% of healthcare satisfied Americans their healthcare plans. To date 1.1.14, 6.2 million Americans have lost coverage due to the enactment of this law. We have been told that 1.2 million signed up for Obamacare, which is a lie, no private company would list people as customers that have not paid for a product, of those 1.1 million less than 10% have paid. The Obamacare site back end that is to pay the insurance carriers has not been built therefore not one cent has been transferred to the insurance carriers. Obama fixed this by illegally telling the carriers to cover those people and that the government will pay them for the services provided. This is not only illegal it is insane. Obama has made 16 illegal changes in Obamacare, Constitutionally the president cannot change or make law only the legislative branch can do that. It is absolutely astounding that Congress has not acted in this regard and that the people seem oblivious to it. Have we as a nation turned into a bunch of milksops?

Obama represents himself like king George, his sheer arrogance and lawless behavior is simply astounding. He is an elected official, the servant of the people; he acts and carries his office like a dictator. He forgot his oath of office; he believes in his omnipotence, yes men that are not allowed to look him in the eye surround him. He is the American Stalin. People speak of a failed program and a failed philosophy, they are wrong; his program is to move America “FORWARD” to his “HOPE” and to “CHANGE” our country via a “Fundamental Transformation” turning our nation into the communist paradise that was the Soviet Empire. The plan is simple. Obama and his handlers are fully aware that no socialist system can be implemented in America without a massive social and financial upheaval Obamacare is one of several lynchpins for that plan.

Communist systems have only ever been successfully implemented in societies that suffered great upheaval, revolution and social unrest. Most like Russia, Spain, Argentina, Portugal and Italy by coups d’état. Obamacare and the relentless removal of military officers who disagree with the administration along with the American Patriot Act and NDAA are the powder to ignite the keg. Yes, indeed he is a communist, always has been!  

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