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The War is on and its Financial


The War is on, and it’s Financial                                                Jan. 2014

Dr. A. H. Krieg


Many believe that at some future date a shooting war between America and China is inevitable, they are dead wrong. The war between America and China is already in full bloom and it has nothing to do with guns or ships. The war that began a few years ago has been expanding for the last five years during which time our government has been obsessed with an effort to socialize 17% of the American economy while all our adversaries are going in the opposite direction. Right now in 2014 there is more social and economic freedom in the EU, Russia and China than in America.

The dialogue from Chinese sources indicates a movement by China for a de-Americanized world free from the dollar with a new international reserve currency whose value is based on hard asset, i.e. gold. Over the past few months China’s warnings to the FRS have multiplied, but largely ignored by the Fed. These however are not hollow warnings because an association of nations the BRIC’s comprising Japan, Australia, The UAR, Chile and Germany have already moved to implement direct swap deals with the ECB (European Central Bank) and the UK. Furthermore exchange between India, Venezuela, China, and Iran are also not dollar denominated. This allows substantial trade to be conducted internationally without the requirement to covert to dollars and to be directly conducted within the RMB between China and BRIC members. They then spell out the gradual demise of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

The recent announcement that China in moving to price oil futures in Chinese currency undermines the dollars position and reduces the ability of the FED to control the price of gold. The FRS has been depressing gold and silver prices for decades through short sales and derivative trades by its member banks. Gold has thus been undervalued for the last five years, something that will now gradually end. In silver that situation reached a climax when in 2013 one bank J. P. Morgan Chase held more short positions in silver than the entire annual world silver mining production.

The war of which I spoke is the obvious but totally unreported fact that China is moving toward a position allowing the use of the Yuan, backed by gold, as the new global reserve currency, replacing the dollar. With the foolish actions of the FRS in issuing $ 85 billion a month, now reduced to $ 75 billion a month in unbacked paper, coupled with the additional cost of over one trillion Obamacare expenditures, and the failure to report any factual information on the M-3 money supply, and the refusal to allow an audit of the FED, or America’s assumed gold depositories, and the continuation of loan funded wars of conquest, the game has been set for the Yuan takeover as world reserve currency.

Once the dollar has been replaced as the world’s reserve currency, which is inevitable because the Fed keeps reducing the value of the dollar by printing more unbacked fiat species, the game will be over. American consumers who have for decades been the beneficiaries of FRS policies will be on the short end of the stick. Prices in America will skyrocket as the multinational “Free Trade” policies, which have destroyed America’s ability to manufacture, come home to roost. The cost of imported goods will rise faster than imaginable.

We must realize that the continual wars waged by America on behalf of Israel and their relentless desire for Eretz Yisrael (Greater Israel) that has been American foreign policy since 1948 and has been escalated in the last 12 years as has been stated, “Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace” is in fact bankrupting America. For 12 years we have been at war in the Middle East. All of the wars were created by lies. False Flag attacks and deception orchestrated by the Israeli Mossad. To claim that Afghanistan, The Balkans, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria and coming Iran pose a military or economic threat to America is simply ludicrous. I cannot think of a single compelling reason for any of these wars. They are the product of American Christian-Zionists like John Hagee, that base their entire theology on the Scofield Reference Bible, whose voluminous notes were not the product of scholars, rather propagandists for a zionist philosophy that completely contradicts the biblical teaching of the Old as well as New testaments.

The American development of a Stasi type police state is well in development. The issues are many and all are glaringly obvious. The Utah based two billion dollar NSA center, NSA expansions in Maryland, the ATT, IRS, Fast & Furious, and all the resulting incursions and violations if the first and fourth amendments all in the name of security. Every dictator in world history expanded internal security systems, always claiming that they were for the safety of the citizens, but always in every case implemented to control the indigenous population. The total cost of these NSA/CIA and Department of Defense expenses remains a deep dark secret but is most certainly over five billion a year.

The war now developing is economic, it is just as dangerous as a shooting war, and our present administration is oblivious. The American progressive movement is not about America it is about socialism; it is about empowering a small part of our society to ride herd on the rest. It is not nationalism quite the contrary it is internationalism, globalism, socialism, multinationalisem, and its enforcement tool is PC or more correctly put Cultural Marxism. With all the power of the government directed at internal policy we have eliminated our space program, destroyed a once vibrant economy, we have ceased to have a national vision, we have no energy policy to speak of, we have become lethargic in international affairs and finance, our foreign policy is directed from Jerusalem, our economic policies are vacuous, our military has been purged of any and all not toting the progressive line, our police is being militarized, and our international standing is in the bottom of a very deep pit. Not unlike Pope Francis’s purging of conservatives out of the Curia, Obama has been purging conservative and patriots out of our military.

If the progressives are not badly defeated in the 2014 mid term elections and the progresses are able to maintain their hold of the Senate, Obama and his progressive cohorts will destroy what little is left of America and turn us into a third world socialist backwater.

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