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M-A-N-A-G-E-M-E-N-T !!                                          December 2013

Dr. A. H. Krieg CMFGE             


Try relying on being informed, rather than opinionated!


A manager is a person who has charge of an entity and control of its functions, and branch establishments, and who is vested and has a certain amount of disgression and independence of judgment. In government the top manager is the president and his established cabinet officers are his branch operations. His job is to control, direct, to administer, and to take charge of all functions of government and in the case of America he is also commander in chief of the military. I’m sorry to have to place such rudimentary information at the head of this article but it has become painfully obvious that our president is unaware of what his job entails, or how to accomplish the goals afore-set. Endless political posturing and campaigning (6 in the last three months) does not provide adequate leadership, and the best way to destroy an economy and a nation is to terminate the leadership ability of the officers of that nation.

I took an apprenticeship in my fathers company 63 years ago working my way through, shipping clerk, mechanic, office boy, office manager, fine mechanic, journeyed metal worker, sales, welder, machinist, operations manger. Two years of college, two and a half years army, starting my own business and running it for 37 years, then expert witness, turn around specialist, and finally management advisor. I do know a thing or two about how to run things. It has come to my attention that in the entire Obama administration there is no one who has even an inkling of what is required to run anything.

First let me make something absolutely clear, lawyers are not qualified to run anything, the Justice Department and state courts more than verify that situation. Lawyers are educated in an adversarial form of management, a system wholly useless as a means of managing anything.  Academics likewise are poor administrators due to their total lack of on the job experience. And lastly, politicians are generally useless as mangers. The Obama administration is staffed by lawyers, academics and politicians to the tune of 93%, leaving only 7% in the hands of actually qualified private sector experienced people. People who by the way are never listened to, and are routinely sidelined.

Management is a personal ability that cannot be taught in schools or colleges, managers who are worth their salt worked their way up through the ranks of corporations from office boy up to CEO. Managers lead by example, and know all the jobs of their employees. Not one of the people covered in this short article came up through the ranks, not one of them has any management experience, all are arrogant know-nothings as is clearly evidenced by the state of our country and economy.

Our president’s inability to lead is based on the fact that he knows nothing. How can you lead if you don’t understand the issues, or the concept of leadership? Why do you think he sounds so foolish whenever the teleprompter is missing?  How can you lead if you have accepted a communist economic system that has failed in every application in countries that have tried it?  How can you lead if you’re entire life has been a lie? He is an ideologue who refuses to accept any information not programed into his mind. People don’t hide success they only hide failure.  What very little we know of his past, which has not been hidden, is that he supposedly attended Occidental College in CA, Columbia in NYC and Harvard in MA. The odd thing is, that not one person has any recollection of his attendance at Columbia, and while at Harvard he wrote and published nothing, but was an editor. Someday you will find out that Obama was a fabricated lie, a persona that was made up by the system, to fill a vacancy that the progressives wanted a leader for. Community Organizer is not a qualification for a management or leadership, and a stint as a lecturer at the U. of Chicago on Constitutional law, about which he is obviously vacant, along with a short stint in the senate, is a prerequisite for nothing. He has spent more time playing golf than managing.

Our AG Eric Holder is another failure, one perhaps even larger than the president himself. Holder has been held in Contempt of Congress, has repeatedly lied to congress, which by the way is a felony. He organized Fast & Furious in joint with our president in an effort to get public opinion organized to scrap the Second Amendment to the Constitution. He authorized the wiretaps of 200 AP journalists. He signed the documents to wiretap James Rosen (FOX News) White House correspondent and his family and even his parent’s telephone lines. He refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia for blatant violations of voter protection laws. Like his boss he thinks of himself as brilliant, when in actual fact he is a buffoon who is not only a bad manager, he is a terrible lawyer who has lost almost every case that he instituted at Justice.  The president didn’t know about any of this because he was playing golf.

Dr. Chu an academic physicist has been appointed as Secretary of Energy. That the Department of Energy is totally superfluous is verified by past performance, which includes the first energy crisis in 1979 totally orchestrated by it. The Department of Energy under Dr. Chu’s leadership has wasted just over $ 6 billion on green energy projects that have all gone belly up. Included in this list is: Evergreen Solar ($25 million), Spectra Watt ($500,000), Solyndra ($535 million), Beacon Power ($43 million), Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million), Sun Power ($ 1.2 billion), First solar ($ 1.46 billion), Babcock & Brown ($178 million), EnerDel’s sub. Ener ($118.5 million), Amonix ($5.9 million), Fisker automotive ($529 million), Abound solar ($400 million), A 123 Systems ($279 million), Willard & Kelesy Solar Group ($ 700,981), Johnson controls ($299 million), Schneider electric ($ 86 million), Bright-source ($1.6 billion), ECOtality ($126.2 million), Raser Technologies ($33 million), Energy Conversion Devices ($13.3 million), Mountain Plaza Inc. ($ 2 million), Olsen’s Corp. Service and Olson mills Acquisition ($10 million) Range fuels ($80 million), Thompson River Power ($ 6.5 million), Sterling Energy Systems ($7 million), Azure Dynamics ($ 5.4 million), Green volts ($ 500,000), Vestras ($ 50 million), LG Chemical sub of Compact Power ($ 151 million) Nordic Windpower ($16 million), Navistar ($ 39 million), Sitcom ($3 million), Konawa Tech Inc. ($20 million), MAs coma Corp. ($100 million). The majority of these companies were contributors to the DNC, or the Campaign to re-elect Obama; many are under investigation by the IRS for income tax evasion. Dr. Chu has accumulated the greatest list of failures in mankind’s history of management, and he is still employed! The president found out about this on the golf course, but stated that he had every confidence in Dr. Chu.

            Hillary Clinton was our worst Secretary of State ever since our first, John Jay who turned over in his grave when witnessing Hillary’s fiasco. When she was not absent, or lost memory of events, she could not be located. She managed nothing and no one.  As for experience she had none, one term in the senate, just like her boss, where just like her boss, did nothing. But before she became Madam Secretary she authored a white paper titled “Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review” (QDDR) in 2009, a four year plan for Middle East Policy. This academic exercise resulted in; the creation of a Middle East cacophony of unrest, civil wars, deprivation, and mistrust especially of previously trusting allies, and denigrating American standing in the region to levels never before even dreamed of. Before 2008 we had few enemies in the region, today we have scores. The lists of American foreign policy losses include, Egypt, the regions most populous nation. Libya, whose Muammar Gaddafi, was working with us against al Qaida that now rules in Libya. Pakistan, with which our relations have worsened ever month for the last five years. Iraq, which is in the middle of a civil war. Syria in which we are trying for a regime change to please the Israelis. Jordan where we now have American troops, and Tunis where there is unrest. With the aid of the NSA we have insulted Spain, France, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, in all 38 nations executives, in all of which NSA was caught sorting through their presidents’ e-mails and telephone calls. N. Korea that has restarted its nuclear bomb production plants, while our Western Hemisphere initiatives in South America proved clueless. All of this was highlighted by her testimony on Benghazi in which she stated that the deaths of our ambassador, and his crew, the first such case in over 30 years, was inconsequesial. (“What does it all matter now?”) The president was unaware of all this as he was golfing.

            This brings us to Kathleen Sebelius of HHS the most inept of all cabinet officers. Kathleen violated the Hatch act in NC when she as an officer of the Executive department, was active in supporting Walter Dalton. (D) Her only real qualification as HHS Secretary is that she is a progressive democrat.  Previous employment includes, director of Trial Lawyers assoc. of Kansas, eight years in the Kansas house, State Insurance Commissioner, and two terms as Kansa governor. She left a catastrophic Kansas web Internet site mess that the state is still dealing with today. She is the abortion queen of the political left, a long time supporter of abortionist George Tiller who is now facing 19 counts of criminal abortion. She solicited funds from the Robert Woodward Johnson Foundation, (holders of 13 million shares of Johnson & Johnson,) as well as H&R block, for a nonprofit corporation (Enroll America), which is employed in the implementation of Obamacare, a violation of ethics rules. In 2012 Sibelius’s HHS paid out $ 23 million in benefits to dead people. The last in a long string of Sibelius screw-ups is the implementation of Obamacare Internet site contract. Spending an unprecedented, just under one billion dollars, on an Internet site that does not work, contracting the subsidiary of a Canadian firm that was fired by the Canadian government, contracting with scores of different firms on one system, not overseeing a system test before revealing the non-operative product to the public, not properly administering the contract, issuing a contract on hourly basis without any restriction of cost, instead of product completion closed contract, and we are told (but don’t for one minute believe it) that Sibelius did not inform the president that the system was inoperative. In view of the fact that the prime Obamacare contractor CGI Executive VP was Michelle Obamas classmate at Princeton, Toni Townes-Whiley VP was not only Michelle’s classmate they are both members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni. I will bet that the entire cost of just the Internet site will be well over one billion, making it the most expensive Internet site in world history. When the president was finally informed on the golf course he was so pissed-off that he missed his next putt, considering his average score, (my guess, a 300 stroke handicap) almost akin to his two baskets out of 20 shots in basketball, (my 10 year old grandson sinks 14 out of 20) that not a very big deal.

            All these are just some of the scores of Obama appointments that have been found wanting. The list of scandals, payoffs, lies, and executive corruption is endless. The promised transparency is non-existent. In fact all the promises about everything was a lie, with the exception of bringing fundamental change, unfortunately not the change anticipated by voters.


            If a man shouts, “You lie!” in a hall full of progressives, how do you determine whom he is referring too?


Dr. Krieg’s books are available from www.a2zpublications.com


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