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Because Progressives are not Stupid!

Dr. A. H. Krieg

Obamacare has been designed to fail! Mathematical computations and posted National Register (2010) information relating to the system prove that absolutely. Obamacare is not a medical plan for healthcare it is a progressive plan to socialize 17% of the American economy. It is a concerted effort to destroy private free enterprise insurance. It is designed to create a crisis failure so that progressives can implement a one-payer socialized medicine system. The end product is intended to be a single payer system run and controlled by the Health and Human Services department of the government. This is the first major American law that was supported by only progressives, it was not bi-partisan, and had no support from independent or Republicans.

            It is in the eyes of progressives not a failure it is a monumental success. This is the greatest organized kamikaze attack of history. Remember; “Never let a good crisis go to waste!” Or did you read Sal Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. Demonize the opposition call the opposition terrorists, house burners, say that they caused the problem, never ever admit fault. Claim to be saving the middle class when in fact you are destroying it. Median middle class income has fallen since Obama came to office by over $ 800. while inflation is over 10%. Real unemployment (ShadowStats®) is over 24%.  Obamacare costs will decimate the middle class; healthcare costs for about 112 million Americans will rise from 35% to 240% across the board. The system is shifting most new applicants into Medicare, a system already looted of $800 million for Obamacare implementation. The 4.2 million cancelations of health insurance Nov 7.2013 is the tip of a huge iceberg. 70% of doctors plan to retire.

            The promises i.e. lies are monumental and have come from the lips of every progressive. “You can keep your doctor, period” You can keep your insurance, period” “We will insure everyone at lower cost” “Your Obamacare insurance will be $ 2,500 lower than your present plan”, “we will insure 30 million then 40 million and last week 50 million uninsured Americans” So far, after 8 weeks, by the numbers we have over four million fewer insured than when this was started.

            This is the plan. 1) The rich and middle class will pay for the insurance of the poor. (Marxist wealth redistribution) How is it possible to claim lower costs when you reduce the number of doctors, increase the number of insured by one third that don’t pay into the system?  2) The IRS predicts that by 2016 the average of four family healthcare cost will rise to $20,000, no one in the middle class can afford that. Thus you force the entire middle class into Obamacare (one payer system) destroy the private sector insurance industry. Beginning later this year, employer based healthcare plans will begin to cancel, small business employs about 98 million Americans,  about 85% will lose their plans. 3) Full time employment is past history for most, the way Obamacare is written most employers’ will increase part time workers so that they don’t have to pay the fine or insure them. 4) Small business can ill afford this plan, it is designed to destroy family owned business, small business, and then force the population into labor unions at large multinational corporations that are unionized. 75% of conservative political candidates are supported by small business, without those contributions, conservative causes are dead. 5) The enforcement arm of Obamacare is the IRS; they have already hired 16,000 new agents, they are also being trained in the use of assault weapons. 6) Obamacare is intended to unionize 15 million healthcare workers, who will pay union dues that will be sent to the DNC. 7) There have been over 700 wavers issued to corporate and union friends of the progressives who will be exempt from paying for the poor.

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