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Hillary Baggage


Hillary Baggage ?                                                               


In the infamous words of Hillary; “What difference does it now make?”


By: Dr. A. H. Krieg


There are more than just a few aspirants for the White House in 2016, it would seem to us that the people aught to be apprised relating to past history and issues concerning to anyone seeking high office. Hillary Rodham Clinton has more baggage than the combined gear of the entire DNC.

Did you know that: Hillary failed her DC Bar exam and only came to the Arkansas Bar after Bill intervened. She did not, as touted during her stay at Yale work on legal services for the poor; she was an aid to communist Bob Truehaft head of the CA communist party and lawyer for the Black Panther trial in New Haven CT. She took her law internship with Truehaft. She was unable to secure employment in Arkansas but got hired by the Arkansas Law School because Bill was employed there. She did not gain employment at the famous Rose Law firm until after Bill was Arkansas Attorney General. Hillary became a “Legal” Board Director only after Carters 1980 primary against Ted Kennedy in which Bill supported Carter and the payback was Hillary’s appointment to the board. She claims she was on the board of Arkansas Children’s Hospital, it was in fact a political pay off for Bill, but she does not mention her stint as a board member for Wal-Mart and its huge salary. She claims to have been involved in CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance program) but in fact the legislation came about in a deal between Bill and Trent Lott, with establishment funds were provided by the tobacco settlement. Her stint as Secretary of State was a program to get her out of Washington, her diplomacy involved wine tastings and rubbish. There was never any substantive diplomacy, only the chaos she left in the Middle East. While in the Senate for NY, just like Obama in IL, she authored no meaningful legislation at all.  Alinsky’s book “Reville for Radicals” (Later changed to Rules for Radicals) published in 1969 was Hillary Clinton’s senior thesis on which she submitted a 92-page document. Hillary’s conclusion was, to compare Alinsky a radical communist to Eugene Debs, Walt Whitman and Martin Luther King.  The tie in to Obama was in 1986, at the age of 23 Obama just out of Columbia under the name of Barry Soetoro was hired by the Alinsky team to organize students on the south side of Chicago. To place that in perspective in Rules for Radicals Alinsky praises Lucifer as the first rebel!

Do you remember the Vince Foster murder in 1973? The cover-up claimed it was a suicide; Foster according to this scenario shot himself in the head and then threw his gun over a berm behind him after he was dead. Foster was Hillary’s lawyer, he plainly knew too much. New information relates to the untimely and unsolved murder of a National Reconnaissance Officer (NRO). Seems that Daniel Potter was aware of and had access to a satellite recorded video transmission of Vince Foster’s body being moved to Fort Marcy Park. Does anyone even remember White Water Development Corp, Juanita Broaddick, Eileen Wellstone, Monica Lewinsky, Jim and Susan McDougal, Madison Guarantee Savings and Loan, L. J. Lewis Resolution Trust, The Bank of Kingston, Castle Grande, the disbarment, the Impeachment?  Well, with both Barack and Michelle disbarred “What difference does it make?”

            I am absolutely positive that Hillary Clinton will be the DNC candidate in the 2016 presidential election. How can I be so sure? The entire Internet, from Amazon to Wikipedia has been scrubbed as of summer 2013, anointing Hillary as the best thing since canned beer. This was no cheap exercise; my guess is that that many hundreds of thousand of dollars were invested in this effort. No one would go to such expense without good reason. The reason is to try to hide the baggage.

            From 2001-2009 Hillary was the illegally elected senator from New York. In NY State, she failed the requirement of residency to run for the senate, it is 30 days, (Art. II Section1 NY Constitution) Hillary had moved into the ritzy suburb of Chappaqua days after her announcement. Chappaqua eliminated worries about those pesky minorities, there are none living there. The 11 rooms Dutch Colonial, which cost 1.7 million was financed through a loan secured by Terry McAuliffe, a principal Clinton for President (Bill) fundraiser after the bank turned down the Clintons based on their inadequate credit line. At the time of purchase Bill and Hillary were $ 5 million in the hole. When she was sworn in she still was not a legal resident. The only job experience Hillary had when she was elected in NY was her employment as a staffer on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in the Watergate matter. She was 27 years old and a Yale graduate (1) and worked for lifetime Democrat Jerry Zeifman she had been recommended by her Law professor Burke Marshal who was Teddy Kennedy’s lawyer on the Chappaquiddick murder of Mary Joe Kopechne matter. Zeifman fired Hillary and refused to give her a letter of recommendation, only one of three cases in his 17 years in Washington politics. He fired her stating, “She is a liar, and was an unethical dishonest lawyer”. (2)

When Bill was our impeached president, Hillary decided that we needed socialized medicine. She organized a series of meetings at a cost of over $ 25 million, taxpayer’s cash, of progressive leftists to set about the parameters of socializing 16% of the American economy. Doctors, hospitals, nurses, health insurance companies, drug companies and medical instrument manufacturers were all kept out. The resulting fiasco failed but was later in the Obama administration, unveiled as Obamacare. (5)

            When Hillary was in the Senate she voted for every spendthrift law placed before the senate from Amtrak Reauthorization to the Hate Crimes Bill, to allowing signatures for Voter Registration by mail. Her voting record is spotted in that she often voted for issues and then when a final vote came did not vote. This is the usual politician trying to pull the wool over the voters eyes, afterward claiming,  “I voted for this”, when in fact voting against it, by abstaining. She did that 42 times in 8 years. In general terms she mostly voted along party lines; certainly for virtually anything and everything that cost taxpayers more money. (3) On international affairs, in the Senate she would be considered a pro Israeli hawk. She voted for all Middle East wars, including the bogus one against Iraq that was based on Mossad produced misinformation. She has been an ardent opponent of the second amendment and supporter of the American Patriot Act that violates the U.S. Constitution, Habeus Corpus as well as most of the Bill of Rights. She also supported NDAA, which violates the Posse Commutates Act of 1878, which prevents the federal government from using the American military against its own citizens. Much worse is the indefinite incarceration of any American citizen without due cause and without access to the courts. She was in the senate a strong supporter of the “Arab Spring” scenario, which later as Secretary of State proved to be a total disaster.  She has one absolute constancy; she always votes against the second amendment or any legislation of citizen’s rights to protect themselves or their families or their property.

            She was the author of a policy document on American Middle East Policy titled Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR) 2010. (4) This was the policy that she engaged as Secretary of State and the subsequent resulting American diplomatic losses in Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Libya, Israel, Iraq, and turmoil in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and heighted tensions with Iran. Employed by a president totally without any experiance in diplomacy or foreign affairs, an equally inexperienced Hillary was confirmed by a lackluster senate as Secretary of State where she proceeded to destroy America’s position in the world; as well as association with nations of the Middle East, and wreak havoc with North Korea. In the annals of American diplomacy, Hillary stands out as the worst secretary of State since our first, who was good, John Jay. She screamed at Congressman Kitzinger two days after Benghazi for suggesting that the attack was not caused by an Internet video but was in fact an act of terror. Then she lied claiming never to have screamed at the congressman, who unfortunately for her had a video of the event. A week after Benghazi she sent her UN Ambassador Susan Rice to represent the State Department before five Sunday morning TV shows and to lie and claim the attack was spontaneous and caused by a Internet video. (Hillary was in Australia on a wine tasting tour) Her boss Barack Husain Obama then proved his complicity by going before the UN General assembly and telling the same lie. It has been revealed (7) that Valerie Jarrett the president’s personal advisor gave the “Stand Down” order preventing ambassador Stevens and party from being rescued. Jarrett is not legally permitted to give such an order.  Then the White House produced lie that “help was not sent due to fuel, and availability” is ridiculous the distance from Sicily and Vicenza to Benghazi via jet is less than one hour.   Four suspended with pay, State Department lackeys who were then in August reinstated at State has been the only repercussion. Not one person has been fired or suspended from the State Department even though this was the first assassination of a US ambassador in over 30 years and the wanton murder of his aid and two Navy Seals who were his bodyguards. When she was finally forced before congress she yelled at the committee “What does it now matter”. The real question, which has still 8 months after the event not been answered, is; where was the president during the 7-½ hours of the attack and where was Hillary? Why did Hillary and her personal staff repeatedly refuse to acknowledge cables and request for help from ambassador Stevens? Why was all this stone walled until after the election? What was the ambassador doing in Benghazi? Well we do know that. Ambassador Stevens was brokering a deal with a Turkish envoy to supply Libyan (Russian Made) weapons to al Qaida in Syria, through Turkey more of Hillary’s insane QDDR ideas. (8) Petraeus was the broker between Hillary and Stevens so that Hillary could remain in the shadows. Petraeus was then artfully removed by NSA disclosures of an illicit affair. In Libya Muammar Gadhafi was in fact working with the US government against al Qaida and wound up being replaced with factions of al Qaida to the detriment of America. Hosni Mubarak was the friendliest (to America) political leader in Egypt in decades his replacement by Hillary and Obama with the Islam religious Muslim Brotherhood has done great harm to our relations with Egypt, the new president that has been deposed by a coupe’ of the Egyptian army has now crated an atmosphere of civil war in Egypt.  Under the tutelage of Barack Husain Obama and Hilary Clinton, America now has troops in 74 foreign nations, 54 in just Africa. Lets not forget that when Congress demanded to hear testimony from Hillary regarding Benghazi she had a convenient fall and lost her memory, fortunately it was only for the duration of the congressional inquiry, it was simply a repeat of her previous congressional testimony where she invoked “I can’t Remember”, and “I was not aware”, over 50 times. Anyone with such poor memory should not be president she could forget which button to push, the red or the blue!

            The situation with North Korea could not be worse it is diplomacy gone down the drain. No real efforts have been made to contain this rabid dictator. North Korea is a PRC client state; the only foreign nation that can impact N. Korean policy is China. China will not do this on their own, the solution is simple, and just have someone introduce a bill in the Japanese Diet to change their constitution to allow Japan to go nuclear. Then tell the Chinese that if they bring their lap dog to heel, America will oppose a nuclear Japan.

            The Mossad created Iran problem that is continuously pushed by Israel, which, is very similar to the previous Iraq situation. Israel must be forced into controlling its expansionist policies in the Middle East. It’s not as if we did not have a bargaining chip, $3 billion direct aid, $3 billion military aid, huge tax benefits for American Jews, and the list goes on. What this is all about is the only and largest nuclear power in the Middle East, Israel, wanting to be the only nuclear power in the Middle East. With over 400 nukes in stock and the ability to deliver them, what the hell are they worried about anyway? We all understand that the real issue in Eretz Yisrael (Greater Israel) and nothing else.

            The NEA and AFT the two largest teachers unions have endorsed Hillary in every political venture she has entered. There two unions due to forced unionization in northern states have a membership of over four million (6) NEA/AFT is pro homosexuals, Pro same sex marriage, against the second amendment, for abortion, against capitalism and pro socialist. What else do you need to know?

Does anyone remember the “Great Right Wing Conspiracy” as articulated by Hillary? It resulted in the enactment by progressives of the American Telecommunication Act. (9) The consequences of that law, which should be repealed was; the consolidation of radio to national networks like Clear Chanel ® and Press to Newhouse ® causing the total elimination of most local programming to regional programming in AM & FM radio. Additionally it now allowed the single company ownership of Newsprint, radio and TV in single markets, thereby totally elimination divergence of opinion in any such controlled market. Over 900-radio stations were bought out and in each case the programing was changed from local to programming to programing produced in Chicago, New York or LA and piped in on telephone lines. Local engineers, disc jockeys, managers, program directors  and talk show hosts, all lost their jobs.

            Hillary is an avoued socialist and has been since her graduation from Yale. She has several books to her credit (mostly ghost written) among them is “It Takes a Village” this is the socialist concept that parents’ are unable to nurture their offspring requiring an entire village to “Socialize” their kids. As of May 2013 Hillary’s national poll rating is at 31% unfavorable at 42% (9). The New American poll of Hillary grants her a whopping 19% on her Senatorial voting record. While the New American is conservative in outlook they are fair and honest, and not related to any political party or faction, out of the sum of her legislative votes in the senate she voted on a 3 to one basis on the political left, and avoided voting on the second go-around on just under half the votes most of which were conservative proposed issues. The question you must ask yourself is. Do you want another socialist ideologue, for your next president?


(1) J.D. Yale 1973

(2) Dan Calabrese _ Bet you didn’t know this.

(3) Vote Smart Project

(4) Department of State 2009 four year plan for Middle East policy one of whose crazy features was the merging of policy planning and diplomacy into one single act.

(5) NY Times archives

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(8) Katie Kieffer (David Petraeus * & Hillary Clinton were behind the program).

(9) FCC Telecommunications act of 1996 was heralded as opening Radio to anyone, it did the exact reverse.


  • Petraeus (CIA director and 4 star general) was conveniently removed from office by a very conveniently NSA leaked extra-marital affair.


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Dr. Krieg is a member of the Executive Board of the American Freedom Party.

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