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It’s not a Game Mr President


It’s not a Game Mr. President!

Dr. A. H. Krieg CMFGE

For some time it has come to my attention that you, our president thinks he is playing some sort of a game, instead of running a nation. What can we expect from a community organizer? It is not a game of one-up-man-ship as you think; it is a nation, an economy, our people, and our world position, all of which have been severely damaged in the passed five years. It’s not we win you lose; that sort of BS results in what we now have. I am 75 years old this month, unequivocally, I forgot more about management than you knows at age 52, when I was 14. What is far worse are the people that surround you.  I misread your aims and aspirations. You have very successfully brought this country down, along with the office of president. We have become the laughing-stock for the rest of the world, and you have achieved one of your goals the disrespect and disgust of the American people. You are no leader you are a failure. A mere 7%, of your administration, the lowest in American history, come from the private sector. A troop of academic buffoons, know nothing political pundits, and leftist, personal yes-men surround your office. Never is a disparaging word heard, never is any wrong policy criticized, opposing views have been banished, only collectivist progressive thought is accepted or heard. 

I have run corporations and turned around failing business for 40 years, I began working at age 12, and I will tell you here and now that you don’t have a clue about management, or negotiating. You are the most incapable person in any management position in this nation at this time, and your running our country into the ditch. Jimmy Carter was a genius compared to you. Refusing to negotiate any impasse in any situation leads to stalemate and in the private sector to bankruptcy. When our president will converse with the presidents of Brazil, Iran, Israel, and Russia but refuses to speak with the legislative branch of his own government, in the mistaken idea that he is winning a war of popularity, indicates to me a narcistic arrogance heretofore unknown. This Mr. President is not a popularity contest, and it is not some silly game, it is a nation and its people that are suffering do the your arrogance and incompedance.

The people that surround you and give you advice are cowards who won’t tell you the truth, because they value their position and know you don’t accept divergent opinions never mind criticism. Yes men are the very worst advisors, they come-along-to-get-along.  Academics with which your administration is saddled to the hilt are like you mostly socialist, and people who have never run anything. In case you missed it, socialism has failed in every venue’ where it was installed. Argentina to Zimbabwe, A to Z all failed.

Frankly it is difficult for me to understand you and your wife’s hatred of America. I was not born here either, but I immigrated with my parents and I succeeded, seems to me you succeeded even better than I did and you hate the nation that gave you that opportunity. I am not able to make any great judgments of your past, because we, the American people, know almost nothing about you. However I suspect that all is not well with your past because people don’t hide success they only hide failure. Considering you performance in the last five years, there must be an entire mountain of failures, lies and mistakes.

Just how stupid does government get? As Washington shut down due to your refusal to negotiate anything the U.S. Park service announced that they have a deer overpopulation problem in three National Battlefield Parks. They need to reduce the deer population by 3,000. The Park service announced that they would hire “Sharpshooters” to kill 3,000 deer at a cost to the Park Service of one million and 68 dollars. I might be so bold as to suggest, selling 3,000 hunting licenses at $ 30.00 each gaining $ 9,000 for a broke government might be a smarter solution. On the first day of the shut down the Library of Congress shut down their computer automated card index system preventing publisher’s form obtaining new numbers. The entire system is completely automated and works without human interaction, the last idiot out the door apparently also turned off the computer after the lights. This single act will delay publication of books for the duration of the shutdown. More unemployment! Numerous Government sites like USA.gov, The White House, Government printing office, which are automatic systems, are all shut down for no reason at all. In an absolute fit of stupidity the National park service closed an open sidewalk to the WWII memorial, which is an open-air park that employs no one. They spent over $1,000 placing barricades and sand bags. They shut down the National Mall in Washington, which is 85% grass, for no other reason than to make Americans feel the pain! They even wanted to shut down Monticello, Jefferson’s home that is privately funded. They shut down the American cemetery in France of our fallen hero’s. What can you say, stupid is as stupid does! Even the French are laughing, saying where is Jefferson?

The administration is going out of their way to hurt Americans based on the media produced numbers that the majority of Americans blame the Republicans for this. Seems to me an outsider, American Freedom Party member, that it’s the Democrats who are responsible for the shutdown, but that both Republocrat parties are behaving like a pair of spoiled brats. As I keep saying, this is not a game, for the people, but the political class, could give a damn.

This game is expensive in people and money, it is costing, in expanding the failing economy, and it makes us look like fools internationally. In a few days on the 17th we hit another brick wall, this one is even bigger. The idea that we can continue to expand government borrowing power indefinitely seems well ingrained in Washington. We do not have an impasse, we have a severe spending problem, and a president and senate who have offered no budget in five years and have refused to pass the House budget are at fault. Lest we forget the national economic situation is shocking.

U.S. National debt: $16.964 Trillion, National Revenue $2.699 Trillion, and National spending $3.5799 Trillion, an $880 billion shortfall. I just want to point out that these numbers do not include Obamacare, or the $85 billion of money printed every month by the FRS, that is about an additional $ 3 trillion more debt. U.S. Total debt is unknown but estimated at over $114 trillion. In case you missed it our entire national economy is $15.3 Trillion. Unemployment using the bogus M-3 reporting is 7.6% using the older M-6 method is 14.2% and counting everyone using ShadowStats ® is 23.6%. In the last five years the average Americans’ income has fallen, while the prices of everything has risen due to inflation caused by deficit spending. The government has shoveled over $3 trillion in bonds (MBS) into the housing market in the last five years and the market is still in the doldrums.

The inflation, which is falsely reported, is over 10% per year, fuel, milk, eggs, corn, and meat has doubled in five years. Non-petroleum trade defect in 2012 is $436,6 billion a $44.7 billion increase for 2012. Our trade deficit with just Mexico, which in 1990 was a $5.7 billion surplus, is now a $64 billion deficit. Obama’s budget projections of 2011 indicate a planned national deficit of over $ 20 trillion by 2016 my guess is over $24 trillion.

While all this is transpiring our leader has in five years taken 15 vacations, with 96 days off. N 119 days of golf, all excluding trips to Camp David. Presidential family outings, White House parties, golfing, etc. all personal expenses, have cost American taxpayers about $1.4 billion. This president makes Louis the XIV look like a beginner. I would like to report how may meetings the national economic council and the business council have had but the morons at these government agencies have shut down their automated computer systems to make us all feel the pain!

Statistical information from Economic Policy Institute, ShadowStats, USADC, Debt Time clock, and other non-governmental sources.


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