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Stupid policies by stupid People


Stupid policies by stupid People

Dr. A. H.  Krieg CMFGE


The world wide “Green Lobby” including the entire raft of Sierra Club, National Audubon Society, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Earth First, Greenpeace, Green Cross, Natural Resource Defense Council, The Nature Conservancy, and of course the Union of Concerned Scientists of which my Australian Blue Heeler, Dr. Max Dog is a member. The most pronounced problem of these organizations is that they, no, let me be blunt, their organizers have little if any education in the sciences or engineering, and reach conclusions based on feel-good emotional misinformation. My father had warned me about the most dangerous people in America, “Doo Gooder’s”

I will here and now state for the record, that greedy people manage the entire environmental movement, they are profit oriented, their only interest is to fleece as much money in contributions as possible from an uneducated public for personal gains. They are in that respect eminently successful median income is over $130,000 annually. An overview of environmentally active organizations indicates that the breakdown of collected funds is very similar with all of them. Of the 100% of collected funds about 4% goes for the advertised purpose, 85% goes for advertising for more members, the balance goes for personnel payroll and benefits, these would include limos, helicopters, mansions, etc. 

So, let’s look at the first item, one we are all forced to use, ethanol, which is in fact alcohol. As a fuel to drive automobiles it is 15% less effective, in conclusion it takes 15% more ethanol to drive a car the same distance as gasoline. Unfortunately that’s only the beginning of a long and unpleasant story. Ethanol in America is produced from corn, the largest in volume food product for animals and humans, thus it drives the cost of all food products up. Ethanol is in production a distilled product just like whiskey. Distillation is expensive, and pollutes and is financially facillitated through massive government subsidies to the distillation process. Government induced payments don’t stop there, in fact its just the beginning of an extensive program of government subsidies to; farmers for fuel, fertilizer, acreage, and crop insurance, to delivery systems for fuel subsidies, and tax eases, in fact the entire process A to Z is one way or anther heavily subsidized by your taxes. In pollution the distillation process for ethanol produces by far, more pollution than the refining of oil. While it pollutes less than gasoline in consumption by cars, in actual fact when the entire process is compared to refining of oil as a fuel, ethanol produces more pollution than gasoline.

Another fable is related to electric cars. The GM produced Volt that Government Motors advertises as getting 98 MPG is our economically worst produced product. The car is sold for $ 40,000 and the buyer is subsidized by a $ 10,000 tax rebate. The cost of producing the car is almost double, just under $80,000, which the government subsidizes to GM. Let’s look at the Tesla; the BBC, TV auto show Top Gear demonstrated the fallacy of electric cars with the following experiment. They had a race around a racetrack between a Toyota Prius  and a Jaguar XF, both four-door sedans. Both cars were provided the same amount of fuel, and the drivers were instructed to circle the racetrack until they ran out of fuel. Toyota sued the BBC over the a previous program in which the Tesla ran out of electricity after only 55 miles at top speed, the car is advertised as having a 200 mile range and Tesla lost. The race was another proof of the stupidity of electric cars when the battery technology is simply not yet available. The Jaguar with a turbocharged V8-cylinder engine produced better gas mileage then the Prius. The concept of an electric car based on presently available battery technology is a misnomer. When compared with any number of available gasoline, natural gas, and clean diesel vehicles, electric cars are uncompetitive more expensive, and if battery life is taken into account, produce more pollution in their life cycle than gasoline, natural gas or diesel fuel competition.

An interesting note to these issues is GM engineer Ozzie Zehner who thought that electric cars would reduce pollution and then after having built one decided he was wrong. There are several reasons for this conclusion. 1) Charging electric cars with conventional or solar or wind generated power is much too time consuming. 2) Solar cells used in the production of solar electric power contain “heavy metals” that produce sulfur hexafluoride, which is not only a carcinogen, but also a bi-product that produces 23,000 times more greenhouse gases than CO 2. 3) The materials and maintenance costs of wind turbines and solar collectors is so much higher than fossil fuels that environmental impact is over double the amount. 4) Battery technology is not available to make solar powered cars a realistic enterprise. 5) As is demonstrated by the University of Bilbao Spain, green energy drives the cost of modern electric grids through the roof. (Spain has the highest green energy consumption and along with that the highest electric costs, highest unemployment, and greatest falling industrial production in Europe.) 6) The production of batteries, lithium, copper, and nickel produces large amounts of toxic wastes in production. 7) An extensive study by the National Academies of Science determined that electric cars actually produced more pollution in their lifetime than gasoline or diesel vehicles. 8) a comprehensive overview of the use of gasoline and diesel cars vs. electric ones indicates that the variance in overall pollution change is nominal.

The Greens have produced more mayhem socially, economically, and environmentally than any other enterprise in existence. Think of all those homes burnt down in California because the Greens succeeded in stopping the fire breaks in the southern part of the state, then when the Santa Anna winds kick up without fire brakes thousands of homes are destroyed, driving every Americans’ insurance rate up. In the Pacific N.W. the spotted owl lie resulted in the loss of over 20 lumber mills, loss of thousands of jobs, closing of schools and towns. The Sierra club lie that spotted owls would only roost in “old timber” proved to be yet another falsehood when ten years later spotted owls were found nesting in Golden Gate Park inside the city limits of San Francisco. Think of the utterly mindlessness of TV ads of towing icebergs from the Polar Regions to the Middle East.

Who in fact are the environmentalists? The Socialist movement was really losing steam in the early ‘60’s so they hitched their failing wagon onto the environmental movement. By 1970 the entire environmental movement was run by socialists and progressive Democrats, with a few communists in tow. It’s not about the environment, it never was, it’s about social and political control of the people and the body politic. Its about making lots of money. Every progressive in congress of both parties are exposed by their relentless support of environmental issues. The Democrat wing has about 70 members, the Republican 25. Those browbeaten due to poor education in the sciences like the Black Caucus and the Hispanic Caucus blindly follow the leadership of the environmental lobby for re-election funds provided them by those lobbies.


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