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Imperial Absence


Imperial Absence

Dr. A. H. Krieg


If the casual observer refrains from theories and instead sticks to facts the perceived future becomes a clear vision. In our 21st century inundated by propaganda, and misinformation, this becomes to be a demanding task. On international affairs the puzzle becomes paramount due to mainstream media’s Jewish dominance. Reflecting a self realized observation whose opinion is self generated for people under 60 is in this century unlikely. I am not sure if this was always the case, but suspect not. The ease of information transmission brought on by the Internet, POD publishing, and the publication of thousands of books a week and the elimination of classic education and miscue attention retention, and is in my opinion the cause of it.

The sad fact is; there is no source of information that is not in some way tainted by the authors’ opinions; opinions which he did not developed in a vacuum, but instead in the presence of what he has learned in education, what he has read in books, how his friends influenced him, all sources that are not necessarily correct and truthful. Today when history education is either eliminated from curriculum or grossly distorted by misinformation facts have vanished. The additional point that most journalists today do not research, but instead simply regurgitate what other journalist have already misrepresented is another influencing factor.  

Education in particular must be under greatest observation on the issue of honesty. Because Cultural Marxists control academia, thereby influencing, or better tilting the entire educational process to one of indoctrination rather than education.  The PC process in academia is so pronounced that it now affects every subject in higher education. The added fact that politically leftist professors, are themselves subject to this evil, thereby touting the line is a given. When we now review the average student and examine the professorial grading system we see that any challenge to the teacher’s ideology results in poor grades and agreement in good grades. This process is not indusive of producing able and well-educated or well-rounded matriculation of students. It in the end this system produces YES men, unable to rationally think for themselves.

As before articulated, we are all intellectually the cumulative product of our full lives, and the older we become the greater is our knowledge of all. As such everything that our intellectual spurge is subject to, in one-way or another, affects the outcome of our decision-making processes.  Sir Churchill  made an astute observation about this by saying, “A young man who is a conservative has no heart, and an old man who is liberal has no brains”. Most Americans, and to a somewhat smaller degree West Europeans, are not readers of books, those who are, in the majority of cases read trash. If you put trash in, you get trash out. Put another way if you vote for a charismatic intellectually uneducated and challenged messianic- complexed leader, based on any consideration other than performance you wind up with an Obama and his reelection more than verifies my position.

Consider now the result of a CIA spending about $ 500 million on domestic propaganda annually, to indoctrinate Americans to believe policies and issues that are simply not so. Add to this the NSA whose secret budget, which exceeds that of the CIA, and which is in the middle of constructing the Bluffdale UT 1.5 million Sq. FT. Data Center facility, at a cost exceeding one billion dollars, with the sole purpose of collecting data on American citizens. Now add all the spending by the military to propagandize us, and all the Military Industrial complex which is in the same identical business and you come to realize that Americans are being propagandized to the tune of well over two billion dollars per year. Eisenhower warned of the “Military Industrial Complex”, but no one paid any attention. Under this circumstance you must admit that you would be stupid to believe that your thoughts are yours alone, formulated by you. The fact being  is; your opinions and your thoughts are the cumulative product of what information you have been subjected to.

To this we must now add the government bureaucracies which operate wholly in self interest and the future expansion of whatever enterprise they are engaged in, and we can readily see that acting in their own self interest trumps any civically considered duty. Thus the Department of Labor which reported unemployment from the day the agency became operative as the U-6 unemployment numbers all at once in the Bush administration altered this to the U-3 statistic. Both are bogus because they do not count all those unemployed. The real number is ShadowStats ® As of Sumer 2013 U-3 is reported as 7.6%, U-6 as 14.0% and ShadowStats ® as 24.7%. Thus the administration in a continuous blizzard of lies saves face and fools the public. The very same agency sends out glowing reports on employment, completely ignoring the fact that today we have 370,000 fewer private sector employees than we had in 2008, which was six years ago, all the while the population has grown not shrunk.

The mainstream media is a controlled monopoly. They will be the first to deny this fact, but in essence it is the reason that print media is dying in the entire Western world. It is not the Internet, it is the politically oriented message, understood by all to be leftist and thereby rejected. The pseudo intellectuals that edit, publish and write in the venue’ have succumbed to the Cultural Marxist, the progressive socialist mentality, which they relentlessly push on all of us with a vengeance. The fact is that this industry is well over 90% Jewish owned and thus produces a side effect, which I call the Jewish factor. The example of this would be reporting on any conflict in the Middle East whereby the Arabs are always wrong and the Jews are always right. If the Arabs kill one Jew, TV reports will show wailing mothers and children, funerals and grief, but if the IDF kills 300 Arabs in Gaza using American helicopters to do the evil deed, TV news reports it as a great Israeli victory over terrorism.

Most people uneducated in information technology believe that propaganda was a 20th century invention. I beg to point out that from 550 to 330 BC the Persian Empire (Achaemenid Empire) under Cyrus the Great (559-567b BC) produced propaganda that would make the NSA and CIA blush with envy. Likewise the Egyptians beginning over 2,000 years before Persia, produced  statuary of Pharos’s in 3150 BC that still can be seen today, it was history first state propaganda. They even took it one step further and declared themselves gods. Obama is not quite there yet  publically; only in his own psyche.

It is the conclusion of this essay that the world now exists in a maelstrom of propaganda so enormous that it is unlikely for the average citizen to draw rational conclusions relating to any political, social or historic occurrence. History is subject to continuous and relentless revision to meet the norms of present un-objective dogma. Socially our society is browbeaten through “Cultural Marxist” indoctrination, and politically all governments produce statistical information that is not only bogus, but is in fact designed to mislead the population into believing things that are simply not so.   

In history a simple but effective proof would be the holocaust as portrayed by zionist controlled media, and then implemented into law by zionist controlled political structures. (Hate Laws) They after WWII produced system of belief relating to Jewish deaths, attributable to the Nazis has been rendered unchallengeable in public discourse through the institution of “Hate Laws” in most Western nations. In fact laws that support a bogus canon not based on fact, but made law with penalties for opposition. The fact that truth does not require the force of law to support it evidences the further fact that it is a lie. The continuous reduction in the number of deaths attributable to so-called Nazi death camps throughout the 20th century is further proof. The however greatest historic convergence is the murder of over 100 million Russian Orthodox Christians by Soviet Bolshevik Jews, which is painfully missing in the annals’ of WWII history. It was in fact the real holocaust.

Socially we are relentlessly admonished by thought word and deed that the “Chosen of God People” is incapable of making a mistake. They have infiltrated the Christian Churches, especially the seminaries in whose indoctrination they have introduced another bogus idea, Judeo/Christian heritage. Let’s make no bones on this issue, Talmoudic teaching is an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, Christian teaching is to turn the other cheek. When the Jews turned away form their priests replacing them with Rabbis (lawyers) and changed the primary focus from the Torah (First five books of the Bible) to the Babylonian Talmud, a radical change of direction was made. The Babylonian captivity of 597 BC, which at its termination saw less than one third of Jews return to Trans Jordan was the time of this change. The profound effect this has had on Western Civilization is immeasurable.

In banking under Christian, Jewish as well as Islamic law, the charge of compound interest on outstanding loans is illegal. It is called usury and is a mortal sin. In times before the takeover of banking by the Jews from 1268 to 1307 under the Knights Templar there was no compound interest on outstanding loans. It is only after the elimination of the Templar banking system that the Babylonian banking concept of compounded interest came to the West. Islam still today does not allow compound interest or in fact interest charges on loans, which is the reason for the relentless opposition to Sharia law in the West, the Rothschild banking monopoly based not in opposition to Islam, or law, but in opposition to a differing banking system that is fair and legal in religious terms. The fact that under Talmoudic law Jews are allowed to charge compound interest to non-Jews but not to Jews impacts this greatly.

Politically zionists and their associates beginning in the FDR presidency have overtaken our systems of governance. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, if not a Jew was certainly the most Jew friendly president in U. S. history.  FDR appointed no less than 73 Jews to high government office including the Supreme Court during his time as president. Beginning with the FDR presidency the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) came to prominence. The CFR has always had a preponderance of Jews in its leadership, because it is located in the North American headquarters of the Diaspora of NYC. The CFR since the mid 1920’s has dominated by a factor of 87% all presidential cabinet positions and 90% of two stars and above military command officers, and in totality, the U.S. State Department where CFR “Study Groups” make American, i.e. Zionist foreign policy. Thus we had a war with Iraq, evidence for its course provided by the Mossad.

With their enormous clout, when compounded with AIPAC, Jews in America represent the single most powerful economic group of the nation. Considering that they are less than 2% of the population that is an astounding accomplishment.  22 congressmen and 11 Senators for a grand total of 33 legislators sit in Washington. The United States has a Jewish population of 5,425,000 about the same as the state of Israel. This then indicates that Jews are 1.8% of the American population but in government are represented by 5.2% in legislative representation. About half of all American billionaires are Jews, who use their immense wealth for social and political change in the direction that Jews have historically gone; socialism and communism.

Why is all this so important in the jurisdiction of social justice and the political realm. As General Wesley Clark USAR former Supreme Commander of NATO put it; “The United States Government was and still is penetrated and controlled by a Zionist/Israeli Fifth Column that took over the White House, congress, The Militaries, Civilian infrastructure, and the media. The level and extent of this penetration is unprecedented in history and amounts to an invasion by an un-American and HOSTILE force. In other words what general Clark has said is exactly what took place in Russia in 1919 and which is taking place in America as you read.

American Blacks have become the cannon fodder to the Jews. They have taught them victimhood the process Jews have used for melena to attain their desired outcome. The NAACP was started by Jews and for decades run by them. The White race and White men in particular have been made the villain by the Jews who are most certainly aware that the entire American slave business from 1700 to 1865 was run and managed by Jews. As this will most certainly be disputed, let me place the facts before you. The principal Slave import ships were the: Abigail, Crown, Nassau, Four Sisters, Anne & Eliza, Prudent Betty, Hester, Elizabeth, Antigua, Betsy, Polly, White Horse, Expedition, Charlotte, and Carioca. The owners of those ships were Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Frank, Isaac Levy, Nathan Simpson, Justin Boch, John Abrams, Harry Cruger, Jacob Phonix, Nathan Marston, David Gomez, Abraham Lyell, William DeWolf, James DeWolf, Jan and Sam Roosevelt and Sam Levy, not a White Christian among them. How then does this play out? Jessie Jackson JR the congressional son of famous race baiter the Reverend Jessie Jackson, who has been convicted in federal court developed a severe mental disorder called “mood disorder” I assume this to be along the lines of menopause in women, for which he will be paid disability of $8,700 per month in prison. This amount will be added to his $ 45,000 congressional pension when he reaches age 65, the total annual payments $150,000 is from your taxes.

Jews rule our societies by implementing numerous subterfuges, these consist of copious anti-social societal movements all of which are lead by Jews. They have transposed feminism that was originally used by the Jew Bolsheviks in Russia creating the soviet state and now to America in the late 20th century. Again they will dispute this so lets see who the leaders of the Feminist movement are and what feminism actually is; that is to say not what they claim, but what it in reality does and is. Feminism is an attack on Christianity, Christian philosophy and in general terms against Western civilization. The leaders are: Gloria Aured, Arleen Rich, Linda Ellenbee, Niomi Wolf, Barbara Waters, Andrea Dworkin, Bella Abzug, Betty Freedman, Gloria Steinem, Germaine Greer, see any Christian names, I don’t. These bitches would rather see American Christian women as whores, abortionists, or lesbians than wives and nurturers.

A substantial part of this subterfuge is homosexuality, which is most prevalent in the Jewish community. Tel Aviv has the largest homosexual participation in any city of the world, by percentage even greater than San Francisco. The Queer Jews will most certainly  disagree, so let’s put that to rest right now. In the 21st century the major sodomite organizations are: Act Up, managed by Allen Klein, Gay Men’s Health Crisis managed by Annie Kantrowitz, GLAAD managed by Jonathon D. Katz, Harvey Milk Institute managed by Harvey Feinstein, The Laramine Project managed by Israel Fishman, The Gay Liberation Caucus managed by Bella Abzug, The Winnie Stachelberg Human Rights Campaign managed by retired VT congressman Barney Frank, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force managed by Kerry Lobel. Another fine bunch of Jews.

To undermine Christian morality they have embarked on a huge pornography enterprise. In fact pornography is one of the largest industries in America, larger than General Motors in its annual financial turnover. So, the question is, who are the primary producers of pornographic media in America. Ron Braverman, Lohn Bone, Wesley Emerson, Paul Fischbein, Hank Weinstein, Lenny Freelander, Bobby Hollander, Rubin Gottesman, Fred Hirsh, Marci Hirsh, Pul Apstein, Steve Orenstein, Jack Richmend, Theodor Rothstein, Rubin Sturman, Ross Sukilvan, Jerome Tanner, Armand Weston, Sam Weston, and Mitch Weston, a real family affair.

Perhaps it is wise to consider the entire Russian revolution, (1919) who was involved, who started it and what the outcome was. Remember what I said in the beginning, your thoughts are not your own, they are the product of the society in which you live. If everything you learn is wrong, then the end result is that you are wrong. If some foreign source, causes you to think along some lines, which are historically incorrect, and are in fact 20th century fabrication in order to protect a group of behind-the-scenes organizers, then you will never fathom the reality of your personal position, or who in fact is orchestrating your entire life. And if you don’t know who is running things you will vote for the wrong candidate, lose your moral and ethical compass, and in general terms die a cruel intellectual death. Nothing clarifies the issue more than the murder of the Russian Czar and his entire family. The murderers, who went to the extent of killing the children, babies and even the family dogs were; Sverdlov a member of the Soviet Central Committee, Goloshekin, Syromolotov, Safarov, Volkov and Yurvsky all Jews, they went so far as to write inscriptions in Hebrew on the wall where the murders took place with the blood of their victims.

               The communist leadership of the Russian revolution contained no Christians. The Soviet revolution was 100% Jewish, it was in fact a foreign invasion of Russia. In 1924 the Soviet cabinet consisted of 24 members, all of them were Jews. The Central Committee of the Supreme Soviet had 56 members of those 53 were Jews and three were atheists married to Jews. Most of them followed the same pattern that became so in Hollywood they all changed their names to make them appear to be Russians. The end result of all this was the systematic murder through starvation and incarceration of 100 million Russian Orthodox Christians. Russian Orthodox priests were routinely tortured and sent to Gulags run by Bolshevik Jews, hundreds of thousands were tortured to death at Norilisk, Vorkuta and Magadan of which Aleksadr Solzhenisyn wrote in 1973 in his book “The Gulag Archipelago” and others. They also destroyed 900 Churches and monasteries at the same time. This then is the real holocaust that the Jew controlled media will not report on.

               Ultimately the entire issue can be boiled down to two lies. What all diaspora members and all those Jews living in Israel claim, is that God gave Trans Jordan to the Jews as is testified in the Torah. They actually call this invention Eretz Yisrael (Greater Israel), which they claim consist of; The Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, Gaza, The West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq north to the Euphrates River and the Turkish border and  An Nafued of Saudi Arabia. Historically Jews in the entire Middle East never exceed 15% of the total population in any geographic region. Jews were expelled from the Trans Jordan region in about 500 BC by the Babylonian Empire, only about one third returned after the Babylonian Captivity. The Sinai Peninsula has been part of Egypt since 4,000 BC. Lebanon was part of Syria until 1920 before that it was part of Constantinople and then part of the Roman Empire, Rome expelled all Jews from the Middle East in 68 AD, destroyed the temple and banished all of them through the Empire, and thereafter Ottoman Empire. Jordanian history traces back to 4,500 BC, long before any Jews came on the scene. The idea that large groups of Jews lived anyplace on the Arabian Peninsula is ludicrous, Muslim records from the 6th century encounter only small family groups of Jews. The entire Eretz Yisrael story is fiction, based on early 20th century biblical misinterpretation. The second part of the lie relates to the racial characteristics of Jews. According to the Encyclopedia Judeica between 96% and 98% of all Jews of the 20th century is Ashkenazi. Ashkenazi’s are Khazar’s whose ancestry is not in the Middle East but in the Caucuses of Russia. Khazar’s are Jewish converts of the 6th to the 8th century. DNA sampling of Jews all over the world has largely proved this. Their language is not Hebrew but Yiddish a German dialect. They were driven out of the Caucuses due to their inability to get along with any other group of humans, nothing much has changed in the last 2000+ years. Since 96% of all Jews are actually converts to Judaism and are in fact Khazar’s and have no land or any other rights in the Middle East.


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