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In Consideration


In Consideration

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                                                                8.1.13


It is in my opinion worthwhile to give consideration regarding where America will be in the coming decade. Much of any consideration is of course the outcome of the 2014 mid-term elections. Sufficed to say, if the progressives (socialist) succeed in maintaining their control of the Senate the outcome will be the continuation of the status quo.  There are in essence only four possible conclusions to the coming mid-term elections. 1) The status quo maintains, 2) The progressives win the senate and the House. 3) The Tea Party type Republican win both houses. 4) And lastly the RINOS win. The confrontation now playing itself out in the Republican Party maintaining of their control of the House is likely. However much “we the people” would prefer for the American Freedom Party to win sufficient seats to impact the outcome, it is not a realistic wish. The Senate in 2014 is a crapshoot. The internal staged fight between the RINOS and Tea Party Republicans is only window dressing as are the disagreement between the progressive wing and “Blue Dog Democrats. America has been and is ruled by a one party system we that call the Republocrat system since Wilson.

While I have not factored in the possibility that Obamacare will be defunded in this congress, such defunding would have a major effect on the outcome of the 2014 election. The fact that Obama in essence has again halted implementation until after the 2014 election is based on the fact that if the public actually finds out what implementation of Obamacare will result in; the progressives would lose the mid-term election in staggering numbers. Knowing this the progressives have reset all implementation for after the election.

Fist consideration is the RINO (Republicans in Name only) party as headed up by John McCain. This is in fact the Rockefeller wing of the party whose basic policies and actions are directed by zionist interests aligning that party with Israel. This group is no different from the Israeli Likud (war party) who’s every demand they concede to. Their most powerful impact is not on domestic policy but on foreign policy and aid, which is directed by the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and their various “Study Groups”. RINO’s are most closely related to the “Military Industrial Complex” that Eisenhower (R) warned us of. This group is well funded in that they control the Republican purse strings, in large part by contributions of the military industrial complex, and also the three seats allotted to the Republican Party on the “Presidential Debate Commission.” Through these facts they control 100% of all federal funds allocated to the Republican Party, as well as control over which candidates shall be allowed on the podium for any debates. They additionally through their seats on the debate commission in combination with the other Republocrats can influence any and all questions put to the debaters thereby controlling the outcome before the fact. Past efforts by the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party to out the RINOS have proven unsuccessful even though the Tea Party represents a much larger populace entity, easily outnumbering the RINOS four to one. Domestic impact by RINOS of winning a majority in both houses, which is highly unlikely, would prove better that the present situation but not by much. The present politics of Benjamin Shalom Bernanke would be continued, as would the spendthrift progressive financial policies and war mongering. As an outcome of such an assumed RINO win in the mid-term elections I would anticipate some accommodations with Obama possibly with tacit approval of Obamacare as well as the immigration issues and amnesty for illegals.

It is imperative to understand that the FRS (Federal Reserve System) of which Bernanke is the governor is the largest private banking consortium in the world, comprising the 12 FRS banks and the NYC banks. The president from the three candidates offered him always appoints the governor of the system; he simply selects one of them. The fact that this banking consortium is international in scope and strongly influenced by the Rothschild banks of Europe causes international impact, particularly due to the close relationship between the zionist movement and the Rothschild banks, just ask Iran, Venezuela, China and Russia where the Rothschild have been kept out.

I have not forgotten that the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, (R. TX.) has already made his compulsory trip to Israel for Bib’s (Benjamin Netanyahu’s) blessings. Perry is a fence sitter hoping for the support of Tea Party as well as RINO support. Even though this is his second run, his last effort was full of mistakes and his performance was not stellar. He will be encouraged to stay in it for the long run, so as to provide ammunition for the sham election operation and give the people the illusion of a fair and open election. Perry will not be elected; in the end the RINOS will drop him, or should he become the Republican candidate the RINO’s will support the Democrats. The fact that all American federal elections are fixed long before they ever take place is a known fact. Aside political control it is important to remember that the media, which is totally Jewish, is also controlled for the benefit of the Republocrat system.

Should the progressives win both houses, which is a good possibility, America, as a nation will be finished. Foreign policy will be incidental as it is now with the exclusion of supporting everything zionist, because the progressives have no vision, that’s why Obama shut down NASA, and why he has unleashed an unending torrent of domestic spending. Progressive policies are all directed at domestic & social issues, and the eventual election of more progressives; nothing else. Progressives have no vision for America or the world; their game is only political power. The progressive plan simply is the purchase of voters with collected taxes from the middle-class for the perpetuation of the Party. It is the distribution of the people’s assets to purchase votes. The only foreign policy issue that progressives pander is “Israel First, Socializing Second”, after all Likud is also socialist.  The reason why America will no longer exist if the progressives win both Houses is that they will embark the same sort of corruption and spending, payola and bribery as that, which caused the Detroit debacle. Think back to 2008-10 and Nancy Pelosi (D. CA) unchecked in the House. Unrestrained by any opposing force progressives will bankrupt America in the following two years (2014-16). The fact that we are already bankrupt now, is simply unreported. The on-the-books National debt which is now at $17 trillion that is projected to grow to over $24 trillion by 2016, , which is just a smidgen of the over $125 trillion actual National Debt. In the last five years Obama’s progressives have spent more ($8.7 trillion) than all the combined presidential spending of all his many predecessors.

It is not unreasonable to assume that the Tea Party Republicans will pick up some more House members, and possibly gain half of the Senate. They would then be able to unseat Dreadful Harry, (Harry Reid (D. NV) and produce some gains in the House the RINOS will find it difficult to oppose them. With Obama still in the White House he will be a “Lame Duck” unable to carry any of his progressive plans to fruition.  Which would lead to a very interesting 2016 presidential election. If that happens Obamacare in its present configuration is all but done.

The basic question is; will the various factions of the political right present a united front, or will they as in the passed fracture into scores of infighting factions centered only on their narrow ideas. It is a proven fact that the 2nd Amendment supporters, the opposition to abortion supporters, the Libertarians, opposers of gay issues, the Tea Party, and the conservatives are forever at loggerheads, seemingly incapable of understanding that they all have a uniform end desire to oust the progressives.

In the end we must all remember exactly how corrupt our national elections are. Voting machines in many states are hacked with outcome-based programs that self-destruct after the final count. Evidencing that, as proven in studies and experiments at several Universities is impossible. Ballot access in many states is near to impossible for third parties. Florida per example requires that candidates for federal office running for a political party must have approved National Party Qualification by the FEC (Federal Elections Commission) AFP (American Freedom Party) Applied in 2011 today is July 26, 2013 and having met all the requirements in 2011, we are still waiting.  Other States (Alabama) in this case, require a number of signatures of electors, when they are then provided in AFP’s case 250 more than the law prescribes over 250 were rejected. The basis for rejection was that the applicants were not listed on a secret Alabama state register of voters; AFP could not obtain a full list of registered by Alabama voters.  These scenarios repeat in state after state. But we must be cognizant that even before the election there are debates. The controlling Republocrat power concluded in the 1992, when Ross Perot (Independent Party) overthrew the apple cart with over 20% of the popular vote, that they did not want any third party candidates in any position to gain public endorsement. They therefore altered the Presidential Debate Commission privatizing it, so that only the Republican and Democrat parties could appoint members to the commission. Since then there were three Republicans and three Democrats on the commission and no third party candidate has ever been allowed on the dais since. Elections are in many counties so crooked that they have become the butt of jokes. Think of 2012 where multiple electoral districts in Chicago, Philadelphia, and other places, where Obama got 100% of the votes, that’s right not one single vote cast for AFP, Republicans, Libertarians, and Socialists, The communist party had endorsed Obama and not run a candidate otherwise they would also be on the list. Dade County Florida has been so corrupt that “Voter Fraud” is a best selling book that outlines the progressive machine that controls Dade County for fun and reelection. Last but certainly not least, the cost of running a national campaign against the Republocrat system is untenable. In the 2012 election the two clubs spent over two billion dollars in just the presidential race. Senatorial campaigns average $10 million while House seats run from $900,000 to $3 million. AFP had a tough time, with mostly blue collar support, coming up with $ 30,000.

The likelihood of a third party participation in the 2016 presidential election and getting over a million votes is unrealistic within the present political structure. The system is gamed to prevent any third party from participating.

American foreign policy, which has been a total disaster under Obama/Clinton, and now Kerry, management, will be affected by the outcomes of the 2014 & 2016 elections. There are two distinctly different groups of operatives in this venue’. These are not affiliated to the conservative and liberal wings of ideology but are split into the war and peace factions. The war faction can count on the military industrial complex, all RINO’s, AIPAC and the zionist lobby, most born-again Christians, and the bulk of military veterans. The war faction is intent on starting a war with Iran, and military intervention in Syria. They in fact will do as Jerusalem dictates. The Peace faction is the remaining population, and most independent voters, independents counting about 40% of the population, and the anti-zionists. The obvious observation is that the war faction has the bulk of assets and the peace faction has the bulk of citizen support. In the end this is a fight over the soul of America. The realization about Israel’s true intent is beginning to make national inroads; people are slowly beginning to understand the Eretz Yisrael (Greater Israel) fantasy, which is the driving force of all the Middle East wars.

The present domestic situation could not be worse. America now has a 24.7% unemployment (ShadowStats ®) over 50% in black youths under 25, a $17 trillion on the books debt with a $124 trillion off the books debt, 47 million people on food stamps, private sector employment has fallen for the last five years, while government employment has grown by 5%, the nation has no energy policy except to destroy the coal industry, we have fewer private sector employees than we had in 2008, and we have no discernable leadership anyplace in anything. Should the leadership in Washington change even to a total Tea Party dominance, which is unlikely, their ability to repair the damage of the past 13 years will take many decades.


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