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Reflections of this Century



Reflections of this Century.

Dr. A. H. Krieg

Board of directors American Freedom Party


All of man’s endeavors grow corrupt through age, because as things age they invariably through the passage of time decay. Thus Christianity with a 2000-year history is in its last phase. Most of what early Christians considered moral and ethical has in this century been set aside as old and uncompromising. Those who oppose these “Cultural Marxist” nuances are ridiculed as dinosaurs of a long past age.  The value system that has served Western Civilization so well based on Christian principles and propelled Western civilization to the pinnacle of mans accomplishments has been set   a-Sunder. Astonishingly the new paradigm appears to be Islam, a monotheistic religion that is 600 years younger. Islam is based on simpler principles and its adherents are not willing to compromise their belief system on a Cultural Marxist and communist based philosophy. Just as our legal system, our laws have been perverted by a Supreme Court that declared that our Constitution is a “living document” open to the courts misinterpretation based on present norms, which in fact have no relationship to the writers intent, or reality, both Christianity and America are at the crossroad whereby the West will fall.

Historically this is not a new issue, over two thousand years ago Greece succumbed to modernism and debauchery, then Rome did the same. Interestingly both Greece and Rome lasted much longer than America’s mere 200 years, which may be put down to the much more rapid dissemination of information. The Macedonian Phalanx of Alexander only lasted 600 years, but some 400 longer than America. In the realm of religion, the longest lasting was the 4,000 plus years of Egyptian man gods, the Pharos.

Much of our ancient history is based on the Bible; unfortunately the 19th century produced a multitude of Christian charlatans that produced fantasies and myths regarding virtually all issues of Biblical history. The use of jargon, such as Judeo-Christianity, is one such topic. The basis of this is the replacement of, or substitution of, hypothesis for fact. That Zionist interests continuously advanced these endeavors is based on the Zionists hatred of Christianity and everything it stands for, which is an uncompromising fact, as is the acceptance of these fantasies by so-called “Evangelical Fundamental Christians”, who might more accurately be called “Zionist Christians”. These people possess a basic belief that Jews can do no wrong, and that it is the duty of every Christian to support with all possible effort any and all things done by Israel or Zionists. No man is infallible only God is infallible!

The destruction of a societal belief system as is now occurring in the entire Western World is the basis for societal collapse. This is what happened to Rome when Christianity destroyed the Roman gods, it is what happened in Greece when the Roman gods replaced the Greek gods, incidentally simply with different names. But it was what destroyed the Roman military religion and this precipitated the collapse of the army, which in fact was Rome.

The false biblical (Old Testament) interpretation by Zionist interests of Erez Yisrael (Greater Israel) is based on a totally false hypothesis. The Kingdom of Israel of 900 B.C. under the new dynasty of Tyre led by King Hiram consisted of a landmass no greater than 120 miles by 50 miles along the Mediterranean coast. It most certainly did not include any part of present day Egypt, Syria, Jordan Lebanon or Iraq, which Zionists claim to be part of “Greater Israel”.

Today we are faced with a socio-political movement that is called Zionism. It was created in the 1890’s by a group of Jews in Basel Switzerland, headed by Theodore Herzel, whose desire it was to create a Jewish state in Transjordan, which includes Palestine. This is ultimately more relevant to 21st century history and the demise of America than anyone would think. The Jews of this century control banking, law, media, and to a large extent also government. They do this through the Herzel stated, “Terrible power of the purse”.

Let me point out that what we are viewing is a cyclical process that is historically based in antiquity. The cyclical process leads us from monarchy over oligarchy, to republic and Constitutional republic, (America in its founding) to democracy, (what America became) in fact mob rule, (which America now is) from which tyranny (America after 2016) is the inevitable outcome. With recent NSA/CIA and NDAA, along with Patriot Act enactments of the last 13 years the process is ingrained and not likely to be repulsed by the people. So I predict that we will all come to realize that the states institutions have not only changed, but have done so in concert with certain socio-political rules. This change is predictable and not a matter of coincidence, or insurgence.

It is fascinating to note that insurgencies in the third world sparked primarily by political over-reach of American foreign policy is then condemned as terrorism when in fact it is exactly what our forefathers did in 1776 in their war against another tyrant, Britain. Freedom fighters are what the Iraqis’ and Afghans are, they are fighting a foreign establishment and it’s few allies. We, America are the invaders. The assumption that we are fighting terrorism as a result of the 9-11 incident is false.  9-11 had nothing to do with Iraq, all the Mossad produced lies were proven to be exactly that, lies. In Afghanistan we have been told that we are perusing al Qaida, a so called by the CIA terrorist organization with about 100 members, according to the CIA, and in that endeavor we are using over 100,000 troops. The death toll of civilians in those two wars is now over one million and the number of replaced by war citizens exceeds 3 million. This by itself has created more terrorists than any other issue relating to terrorism.

No one in America or in Afghanistan or in Syria or in Iraq is interested in replacing the existing government with a new one; better or worse, this changes is nothing but a historic progression as based in the aforementioned cyclical process. In the Middle East this has most certainly religious overtones, but those are symptoms of the historically required changes that are subject to a cyclical law as aforementioned. No exception of this rule is vested in religion, religion is but another symptom of the process. We must accept that the crisis of these changes, or brought about by these problems, as typical normal political progressions. In America it is based on the elimination of ethics and morals and the replacement of those by a liberal progressive political and social format that is not compatible with structured and historic Christianity.

As a final word it is prudent to consider that no Democracy in world history lasted more than just a few years. As Seneca said, “Nothing is as rapacious as the applause of the mob” or the concept that in a Constitutional Republic a troop of justices can change the basis of law by miss-interpretation of it, based on the norms of 21st century concepts, whose relationship with the authors of the document is non-existent, is in simple terms ludicrous.

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