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Dr. A. H. Krieg

The state of Israel came into existence when the Unites States under president Truman was the first nation to recognize Israel on May 14, 1948. The UN General Assembly also recognized Israel on that date. The UN agreement called for a partition of Palestine (Trans Jordan) into two nations, Palestine, and Israel. The world still waits for that the take place. Forces active in bringing this event to fruition are largely unknown, because the Zionists have made every conceivable effort to hide factual history.

Firstly, regarding America, president Truman (D) accepted a Zionist bribe of $50,000 to the DNC for American recognition, which took place directly after the check cleared. (1) (2) The basis however of the establishment of Israel is grounded on the Balfour Declaration, of November 2, 1917. On 4, October of 1917 Sir Mansfield Cumming’s Chief of His Majesties Secret Service, almost two months before the declaration was made public, gave an advance copy of the planned declaration for Lord Rothschild, (Z) president of the World Zionist Federation, to Aaron Aaronsohn’s (Z) brother Samuel (Z) who was at the time visiting in London and who hand delivered the declaration copy to his Brother in Palestine. Cumming’s also had several meetings in 1917 and 1918 with Zionist leader Chaim Weizman. (Z) (3)

Never reported anywhere is the situation in Palestine in 1917. British General Allenby (4) was engaged in the Battle of Jerusalem beginning on November 17th 1917. It was in the middle of WWI, in which the British forces (Egyptian Expeditionary Forces) were fighting against the Ottoman Turks. (5) Allenby was unable to win a decisive victory and after consulting with London, who informed him that additional troops were not available as they were direly needed in France, as a result Allenby with permission of the Crown, proceed to make a military pact with the Palestinians, i.e. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, to become allied to the British EEF. As we learn from Teague (3a) the British secret service manager of the region, “Iraq provided intelligence was second grade though information was quite good about clandestine support that the Iraq government was giving the Gran Mufti of Jerusalem as the spear of Palestinian revolt” (Against the Ottomans) The agreement guaranteed the Palestinians their ancestral homeland of Palestine in perpetuity as a reward for helping Allenby defeat the Turks. By December of 1917 the Turks were defeated in Palestine. Allenby went on to defeat the Turks up to the Syrian border before the Ottoman-Empire sued for peace, in 1918. (6) The fact of the matter being that the Crown had a written copy of the Balfour Declaration passed on to Zionist’s in Palestine two months before they officially issued the declaration to Lord Rothschild. This was after they had already given up all rights to Palestine (Trans Jordan) to the Palestinians. Interestingly, Cumming’s diary indicates that in September 1918 before the end of WWI he had transferred all of his Middle East intelligence assets to the British Army EEF, in fact to Allenby. (7) Cummings, an honorable soldier wanted no link to himself of the duplicity of George V, David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister.

The presently accepted concept that Jews and Arabs (Palestinians) have been in conflict for centuries is a total lie. The region was under Ottoman rule for hundreds of years; Jews represented a small minority that was tolerated but tax-wise discriminated against, as were all non-Islamic believers. The conflict began during WWI when the British and French who were engaged in a war against the Germans, Ottomans, Bulgur’s and others primarily to defend the Isthmus of Suez and the Canal, as the primary transit route to India. The Ottoman Navy located at Levant prevented European control of the region. By mutual agreement the British and French divided the entire Middle East into many various nations to make regaining Ottoman control of the region impossible. When this agreement (9a) was made public by the Soviet government under Lenin (10) it caused considerable turmoil in the entire region. This massive geographic change was implemented during WWI. One of the larger portions of the region was Ottoman Syria, which at the time consisted of what today is Lebanon (a new country established nation based on Christian religious demographics) Syria, Palestine (Including, The West Bank and Gaza) and Trans Jordan (Trans means the other side, Trans Jordan; the two portions of Jordan one on each side of the Jordan river, now consisting of Gaza, The West Bank and Israel on one side and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on the other side). France controlled the north and Britain controlled the south. Further division in the region consisted of supporting the Saud clan against the hereditary Hashemite’s (descendants of the Prophet) a conflict run and managed by Cummings through Allenby and on to the field commander “Lawrence of Arabia” (8) for control of what was to become Saudi Arabia. (Named after the Saud family)

At about the same time another portion of the Ottoman Empire Iraq was split-off to create the new nation of Iraq. (9) The British eventually with the establishment of Israel were driven out of Palestine by massive Israeli terrorism against the British peacekeepers. The last straw was the King David Hotel attack in Jerusalem on July 22, 1946 by the Irgun, which resulted in the murder of 91 British soldiers, and 46 injured soldiers. By 1948, and the creation of Israel, all British troops were out of the Middle East. (10) In the mean time the British gave the Hashemite’s Jordan and Iraq, Iraq was later lost in an uprising in which the king was eliminated and replaced by a secular government. Jordan remains as a Hashemite kingdom ruled over by Abdullah II who took power after his father’s death, in 1999.

Because most land in Palestine was the property of absent landlords generally being agrarian, when Jews offered them cash for their land they sold it out from under their Palestinian tenants, the majority of whom had occupied the land for generations. The Jews then drove all the Palestinians (11) including those who owned the land out of Palestine. By manipulation of deeds and their storage transferring all of it to the IDF (12) and restricting Arab access, the Jews disenfranchised all those they drove off the land. (13) They never made one cent of retribution to those from whom they stole the property. This resulted in partition, disposession, and war in the form of terrorism as learned from the Irgun, Haggadah, Lehi, among many by Palestinians who had no other options.

Because the new nations and borders conflicted with the established nations that had existed for many generations under Ottoman rule, none of the original states, of Syria, and Jordan were willing to accept the WWI partitions and new geographic structures that the French and British had set up. This resulted in conflict between Arabs, and between Israelis and Arabs. To compound that problem beginning in 1936 and then accelerating greatly after WWII (1946) European Jews (Ashkenazi) who are not Hebrews and as historically coming from the Caucuses, and never lived in the Middle East, began streaming into Palestine at ever increasing numbers. The British who moved them to several islands in the Mediterranean and then aided them in violation of the UN agreement, transporting them to Palestine, to immigrate into Palestine in ever increasing numbers. The Ashkenazi population of the region, which in 1910 had about 140,000 Jews, mushroomed to over 4 million by 1947, 96% of all Jews living in Palestine at this date are Ashkenazi. (13a)

Jews in America as well as England and France began a concerted effort to consolidate power in those nations for the purpose of influencing those nations foreign policy to favor that of Israel. Their astounding success is historically established in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, (14) that established a plan for Jewish world domination and whose XXIV Chapters outline in detail how Jewish world domination can be established. While it is common for Jews to claim that the Protocols are forgeries, they remain in the non-fiction part of the British Museum in London that has no fiction section. And as Sir Winston Churchill said, if they are indeed a forgery it is the most astounding feat of history, since almost all of the protocols have been enacted.

            The protocols clearly outline which segments of the economy that Jews should control in the political systems. In actual fact this is exactly what the Ashkenazi did in 1930’s Germany and it is exactly what they are doing here in America in the 21st century. The American legislative branch has over 40 Jews, all of them uniformly vote politically left and always for Israel’s benefit. (15) In banking the situation is not dissimilar, however the percentage of Jewish bankers is much higher than that of the legislative branch. (16) The other sector strongly mentioned in the Protocols is the mainstream media, which is 95%, controlled by Jewish interests. (17)


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