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Why Systematic Dollar Bankruptcy


Why Systematic Dollar Bankruptcy.

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                                                    4.14.13


Recently I came upon an interesting consideration, what in this turmoil of an economy would I do with my meager savings? How would I invest any surplus income? What would be the intelligent way to invest in 2013? I am surely not the only person pondering these issues. America is at a crossroad; I have intelligence that tells me that most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Most Americans have no savings nor do they own any stocks or bonds. And worse yet is that the major part of our population is deep in debt with their credit cards, to the tune of over $10,000.

On the government side of the equation, things are far worse. The US National Debt is as of today at $ 16 trillion 851 billion, placing a burden of $53,355. on every living American. Projected debt to 2020 is about $220 Trillion. (1) Projected Obamacare spending will increase to $ 1.6 trillion by 2013. (2) Projected Medicare spending due to changes in population age and the projected additional 20 million illegals will rise from 3.8% to 6.9% of the GNP from 2013 to 2035. (3) Unemployment, which is now at 24.7%, will show no dramatic improvement over the coming 3 ½ years due to Obama’s economic policies. (4) Obamacare will increase public participation in single payer health insurance plans that are charged to individuals at less than half of the cost of providing the service. Overall costs will therefor (via taxes and fines) skyrocket in the coming 3 ½ years to double those projected by the administration. (5)

Related facts that remain totally unreported are: Dollar value when trade rated from 1983 to 2013 is -47%. Purchasing power of the dollar fell by -94% in the last 75 years. In actual 1974 dollars the dollar value has fallen 81% since 1974. Purchasing power of the dollar from 2002 to 2013 (Bush & Obama) in just 11 years has fallen by 35%. (6) Inflation has spiked beginning in 1971 from -7% to +1400% a 1500% increase in just 42 years. (6)

In commodities price increases (last four years) are as follows: Eggs, +73%, Coffee, +90%, Peanut Butter, +40%, Milk, +26%, White bread, +39%, Spaghetti, +44%, Orange Juice, +46%, Apples, +43%, Beer, +25%, Wine, +60%, Electricity, +42%, Margarine, +143%, Tomato’s, +22%, Turkey, +56%, Ground Beef, +61%, Gasoline, +158%. This indicates an American dollar inflation level of +60.5%. The government departments in turn report that as +1.5% annual increase. (6) Please understand the reason for this false reporting is related to the government’s ability to meet its payroll obligations, all government employment contracts are tied to the inflation rate, and most large union contracts are tied to the same economic indicators. Neither the government nor the large multinational that control the Corporatism state can afford to give their employees a 60.5%-pay hike. In fact according to the Treasury Department they have changed the way they calculate inflation 20 times since 1978.


The Federal Reserve System is systematically destroying the dollar.

Don Stacy

My wife Audrey told me ten years ago that this was a plan, and it was to destroy America. I was skeptical, no longer. I am now absolutely convinced that this is the planned systematic destruction of the greatest nation in the world. Why, well that is difficult to explain but in is simple to understand and it is seated in the development of a new social and political system, which is now in process to take over not only America and the EU, but also China and Russia. This development aforementioned is corporatism. This is the reorganization of existing society into an industrial and professional group of multinational corporations serving as organs of political representation and exercising political and social control over person’s activities and the body politic.

In both America as well as China Corporatism is closely related to the military, in the case of China through direct ownership and in America through the Military-Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us about. Interestingly Russia has the identical situation in that industry often run by billionaires who also have close relationships with the Russian military and government. The symbiosis between these huge corporations and the military of these nations is related to the fact that the military is the largest single customer of the industries.

The destruction of America is based on the economics of multinationals. These multinational corporations always desirous of optimizing their profit margins have developed a series of strategies to meet their objectives of maximizing profit. The first of these is “Free Trade,” which in fact is the “Trojan Horse” of their plan. Free trade, is firstly the process of elimination, small business as competitors, and secondly of uniformly reducing salaries of all workers.  Thirdly is the reduction of the influence of government regulations. This is accomplished through the relocation of production facilities always located in the geographic location that has the lowest regulatory burden and the lowest labor costs. Examples are, UK to India, America to China, Germany, to Portugal, etc.

The next process is terrorism. Populations and government were previously kept in line through wars. The problem with conventional wars, WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, is that there is a visible and identifiable enemy, who once defeated ceases to exist. The beauty of terrorism is that it is an idea not attachable to any nation, in 21st century instance, it is now tied to Islam the largest by population religion in the world. It is therefor undefeatable, and permanent. Thus like in George Orwell’s 1984 the conflict may be extended into infinity. This is exactly what the corporatist want.

Politicians are kept in line through the “powerful strings of the purse” that Herbert Herzel spoke of and more precisely as Disraeli, Queen Victoria’s prime minister put it, “politicians are the slaves of those who provide the funds for their vices.” It is not by accident that both aforementioned men were Jews. As we all know the greatest vice of all politicians is their desire for re-election and the funds required to accomplish that, which only the corporations are able to provide. Do not doubt this for proof of the pudding as is said is an 87% reelection rate in American legislative function.

Total world economic control can only be had after the governments, their monies, politicians, and their militaries are totally destroyed.

This leads us to the final issue, what to do with your money. My recommendation is that you should be diversified in your investments. Firstly would be currency, i.e. what nation’s money your portfolio should be invested in? Again diversity, I would say, Swiss Frank, Australian, and Canadian Dollars. I anticipate the US dollar to take a massive downward hit and American bond market to collapse the moment interest rates rise. It would not hurt to have some of this paper money available. The next issue is related to hard assets, I would want to have at least 25% of my portfolio in fiscal gold, silver, platinum and palladium, absolutely no paper depository notes only the real hard asset. I would have some in bonds, no municipals they will all be going down the tube, bonds of very stable companies who are buying back their own stocks and whose officers are the major stockholders. I would stay with food (Nestlé’s) Fuel (EXXON or Shell), Breweries and distilleries. Stay away from mining stocks especially in gold and silver. Pay off your debts and if possible your mortgage, if you are debt free you will avoid of the cliff dive.



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