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By: Dr. A. H. Krieg: Of:  the board of directors


Note this article, is in part based on research done by Gregg Kellogg Oregonhealthnews.com and other sources as well as the act itself.


Note ancillary regulations issued by the Obama progressive bureaucrats now counts 72,500+ pages, a stack 7’2” high of regulations and this is just the beginning!


More Obamacare horrors are coming to consideration every day, and it gets worse every day. Page 22 Obamacare; Will audit all employers who are self insured, that’s why Obama hired an additional 16,000 IRS agents. Based on average IRS salaries of $66,517. that will cost taxpayers over $106 million dollars. PS: it’s not in the budget of the IRS or Obamacare! Page 30 Section 123 there will be a committee that decides what treatments are allowed and what overall benefits will be. We have chosen to call this committee the “Death Panel.” This is then expanded on page 42, which appoints a Healthcare Commissioner to make determinations on individual health benefit allowance. Choice will be restricted to the abortion issue! Page 50 Section 152 grants free government healthcare to any resident, legal, illegals, green card holders, the way this is written even foreign vacationers, diplomats, and UN staffers will be covered, at your expense. This will add about 35 million people into the health care systems (1) with fewer doctors, less available hospitals and that was promised to reduce costs, which are now skyrocketing up to 45% in 2013. To make certain that you pay-up Page 59 lines 21 to 24 allows the IRS direct access to your bank account in order to appropriate funds for your confiscated Obamacare insurance costs.

Switching tack, exemptions for Obamacare under section 1311(d)(4)(H) from any requirement or penalty imposed by Section 5,000A reveals that; “in the case of an individual seeking exemption based on the individuals status as a member of a religious sect or division, or as a member of a health care sharing ministry, as an Indian, or as an individual eligible hardship exemption, such as the secretary shall prescribe”. ((Senate Bill H.R. 3590 Pages 273-274)) Christian Science is wavered, as is Islam. Muslims believe that health insurance is “Haraam” (forbidden) because insurance is like gambling. All these religions as well as Amish and Mennonites are exempt from Obamacare; we place this at the beginning of the article so that those exempt would not need to waste the time to read the rest of it. If you’re a hardship case, or Obama Cheerleader (like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton) as determined by the secretary, you get Obamacare free, i.e. on the rest of us. Page 65 Sec 164 is the “Payola” line, in which any progressive related organization like ACORN, AFGE, SEIU, NTEU, United Autoworkers and AFL-CIO got a free pass exempting them from Obamacare, as did congress the Supreme Court and the Executive. That’s the reason they did not read it; and the Court voted for it, it does not apply to them! In 1967 congress predicted a Medicare spending cost of 12 billion a year by 1990, it was 110 billion, that’s what will happen with Obamacare. Before this law 85 to 90% of Americans had health insurance with which they were satisfied.

            Say, look, we just completed page one and have only covered the first 65 pages of a 2,400-page bill! (2)

Page 72 Lines 8 – 14 creates a “Health insurance Exchange” bringing all health related insurance under control of Obamacare bureaucrats. This will cause many insurance carriers to stop issuing health insurance. This furthermore clearly demonstrates that the actual plan is for a one service, one payer nationalized system as was instituted in England and failed, (now in privatization process) Canada and failed, (up to 6 months waiting time to see a doctor) Germany and is failing (unable to sustain costs of operation). The congressional budget Office has issued a report outlining that they anticipate that 20 million more Americans will lose their presently issued health insurances by 2014 when all this kicks in. (Say, that expands the increased new members of health insurance up to 55 million, and it will all become less expensive with better services provided!) According to the Huckabee Fox News program the average family health insurance cost has risen by $ 3,000 since the enactment of Obamacare and is anticipated by the CBO to rise another 40% in 2014.

Page 85 line 7 provides specifics of benefit levels for all health care plans, in other words allows the government to RATION all Obamacare benefits. From the sublime to the ridiculous, Page 91 lines 4-7 mandates that doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals provide language appropriate services (i.e. translators) for all treatments. SS presently lists 40 languages in their lists; this rule interpreted by an aggressive bureaucrat would require every doctor to have 40 available interpreters on staff. Also on page 85 lines 7 lists specific Medicare benefits for recipients, which is a rationing of health care for seniors.

As an effort to politicize health care to the fullest extent of progressive (socialist ability) we find on Page 95 lines 8-18 the capability to hire for pay recruiting organizations to sign up more Obamacare members. Groups like ACORN, AARP already running ads in Florida paid for by your taxes, and AmeriCorps. This in fact just like the amnesty issue, has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with recruiting more Democrats to the progressive cause.

In a massive, and ineffective effort to eliminate the entire liability insurance problem that is driving costs through the roof Page 124 Lines 24-25 restricts legal action in tort from all participants of Obamacare from federal statutes relating to price fixing, thus restricting individuals right to challenge inappropriate false and criminal billings. Page 127 lines 1-16 dictates doctor payments and therefore reduces doctor income by statutory law, a gross violation of the 4th amendment and section 1 of the 13th amendment. This is in fact enslavement, when the government can mandate the income of an individual citizen by fixing the amounts he can charge for a provided service.

Taking again, the entire Obamacare plan, regardless of what you have been told, is the nationalization of all health related issues under a federal bureaucracy, the evidence is in the plan! 1) Beginning in 2014 if you are not covered by health insurance you will pay a penalty. The annual penalty for Obamacare in $ 95.00, or 1% of your income whichever one is greater, even a jackass knows that it is impossible to cover anyone’s medical costs for 12 moths for $ 95. The average American income is $42,590. One percent of that is $ 425.90, and the average American healthcare cost is $3,695 for an individual and $ 9,950 for a family of four. (3) Your CHOICE. You pay a $425 fine or a $3,695 premium. These people not only can’t add they are outright stupid. 2) Small business options allow any business with less than 50 employees an out. The option for employees is that they pay a fine. Employers are certainly not going to increase their payroll overhead by an average of $4,000 per employee. Furthermore they, as already demonstrated, would not increase personnel to any number over 49. What they will do and are already doing is to hire part time workers under 30 hrs. per week that are exempt from the taxes of the employee count by Obamacare. Why do these Obamacare morons think that we still have 24.7% unemployment in America? (4) 2012 demonstrated an average loss of hours worked by labor from 38 hrs. in 2011 to 25 hrs. in 2012. (5) To expand Page 145 line 15 -17 any employers not currently insuring their employees must enroll employees into public plan options, without choice of private insurance allowed. This totally verifies my contention of one payer one service above. Page 126 lines 22-25 mandates that employers with over 50 employees must pay for health insurance even for part time workers. This will lead to massive lay-offs in 2014. Now it gets interesting, page 149 lines 16-24 all employers with annual payrolls of over $400K who do not pay to enroll employees in public insurance option (national healthcare) will pay an 8% fine (tax) of total payroll. OK now pay attention, $400K divided by average income of $ 42,500 is 9.52 employees. 51 employees at average income is a payroll $ 2,167,500. 8% of that is $173,400. And the insurance cost would be $204,000.00 you can pick, pay a fine of $17,280, or purchase insurance for $30,600 more. Or as Obama put it, “mathematics is not one of my strong points.” I just wonder what is?

We are not even up to page 150!

Page 150 lines 9-13 Mandates a fine of 2-6% of payroll with a $251K to $400K total payroll. So if you have five employees and opt out of paying for Obamacare you will pay a fine of 2% or $5,020 or you can opt to insure your employees for 5x average individual (lowest) $3,000 insurance cost equaling $15,000. Its only $10,000 more!

Page 167 lines 18-23 any Self employed who is uninsured is mandated to pay a 2.5% fine on payroll. So, if I draw a salary of $100K I will pay a fine of $ 2,500.00 and Obamacare insures me, or I can purchase private coverage at a cost of say $ 5,000 for good coverage. Just twice the costs of letting the government do it. This by the way makes self-insurance illegal.

Page 170 lines 1-3 in total disregard for common sense exempt non–resident aliens from all individual Obamacare taxes. They get the care you get to pay! Page 195 authorizes officers and employees of Obamacare full access to all Americans’ personal financial records and accounts. 4th amendment be dammed. Getting stupid page 203 states on line 14-15 :Tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as a tax…lalala When is a tax not a tax? When Obamacare says so!

Page 239 line 14-24 mandates that physician services shall be reduced for all Medicare recipients. We must punish all those useless eaters who paid for all this with their taxes.

Page 241 line 6-8 mandates that all doctors regardless of specialty be paid the same. This is exactly what is causing the failure of the Canadian system, where wait times for some specialists is up to two years. My father in law in England died because he was not allowed to see a specialist because there was a two-year wait. Furthermore this blatantly stupid communist idea negates the fact that some specialists have additional schooling for years costing thousands of dollars, which in a free society is recouped by higher fees for services. The concept that all doctors deserve the same pay comes out of the minds of community organizers a profession for which there are no ranks, only one value WORTHLESS. This is then expanded on page 253 line 10-18 stupefying that the federal government will set all values for doctors time i.e. will reduce the entire medical establishment to be government employees. Then on page 253 Section 1131 the government shall mandate the productivity of doctors and surgeons. Let me make this plain, some moron bureaucrat in Washington will draw up a production schedule for every known disease and procedure allocating a time for treatment, this is so far beyond stupid that comment is unnecessary.

 Obamacare cannot be litigated against, it is the government, and you would have to obtain permission to sue them. There are likewise other restrictions of legal actions. Page 280 Section 1151 allows the government to bring legal action for preventable readmission by hospitals. So lets see, if you become hospitalized and after release have a relapse of your malady the hospital is fined if you are readmitted. Fine, if you have a relapse the hospital administrators will have put in place a rule preventing readmission. They can just leave you out in the street to die, which will in fact bolsters Obamacare’s prime objective to lower costs through human attrition. More of those useless eaters! This is then expanded to include doctors. Page 298 Line 9-11 mandates the federal government fining of doctors whose patients are for any reason readmitted to hospital. Now do you understand why so many doctors are taking early retirement? Let’s punish doctors some more! On page 317 lines 13-20 we are informed that doctors, who by the way are the largest percentage of inventors in the medical field, shall not be allowed to own stock, shares, or interest in any company involved in the healthcare industry.

We have seen stupid, we have seen moronic, but on page 317 lines 21-25 and 318 lines 1-3 we see that hospitals are prohibited from expansion, I cannot find the words to describe this issue. Hospitals can however obtain permission for expansion by seeking community input first. Let me get this right, a hospital administrator who determines that his bed capacity is overextended must now go the community organizer, i.e. the local Bolshevik to ask permission for more beds. This is straight out of Soviet   Communist Russia!

Pages 335, 336, to 339 establishes the government as the executor of available healthcare benefits as suggested by doctors to their patients based on limitation of treatments grounded upon the patients health and condition. This is the socialist concept that healthcare should be most available to those who produce for the state and be restricted to those older and of less use. This is why life expectancies are so much lower in states with government provided healthcare. Highest Life expectancy is in Japan, Switzerland, and Hong Kong are 1, 2, & 3, all have private healthcare UK is 23, Finland 28, USA under Obamacare 33, Cuba 37, Viet Nam 70, and Zimbabwe 193. The more socialist the more communist the lower life expectancy is. Rationing of healthcare based on age and government edicts is a death sentence to older Americans. It is fundamentally anti-family, anti-Christian/Islam, and stands in conflict with moral and ethical human behavior.

Page 341 line 3-9 allows Obamacare to eliminate Medicare Advantage, (1997) a healthcare system administered under Medicare in which about 13.7 million retired American’s are enrolled. (6) This is supposed to come on line in 2014, if it does it will so overwhelm the insurance market that it will be destroyed, forcing 13.7 million people into a government run Obamacare system. Page 154 restricts special need kids and adults from Obamacare.

Page 425 lines 17-19 is the “Doctor Death Provision” in the plan called “Advance Care Planning Consultation” Dr. Death an employee of Obamacare will counsel you to give up living rather than staying alive. We must keep those costs down! This is then expanded on page 425 lines 22-25 and page 426 lines 1-3 it is to provide an end of life resources service to help seniors in the process of dying in accordance with the recommendations of the ACPC noted above. Then on page 427 line 15 we are informed that the government will mandate programs for the aged on how you are to die. On page 429 lines the senior instructs 10-12 us as to the frequency of meetings, with Dr. Death. It also allows Dr. Death to order the end of life plans for you. And then it only allows certain doctors approved under the plan, and not your doctor to write an end of life plan for you.

Page 469 mandates “Community Based Medical Services” (Community Organizers” (Bolsheviks) and non-profits like ACORN and AmeriCorps to administer care for patients.

Page 489 Section 1308 requires all Obamacare members to pay for Marriage and Family therapy for all potential beneficiaries. In other words it forces your insurance carrier to include physiological services to illegals, criminals, anyone eligible for Obamacare, which is in accordance with the law every living human inside the American border. To expand, page 494-498 grants the government exclusive rights to define mental illness and what services are allowed for treatment. This is absolutely frightening. Some nitwit in Washington will have the authority to say that ADA or Tea Party membership is a mental illness and that the treatment is to feed the patient 500mg of Prozac every four hours as a treatment.   

And that covers the first 500 pages; do you really need to know any more? 



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