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A dire warning


A dire warning!

From the Board of AFP


To our friends;


                        “We are going to have a war on terror, which you can never win, and so you can always keep taking people’s liberties away. The media is going to convince everybody that the war on terror is real. The ultimate goal is to get everybody in the country chipped with RFID chips, and then have the money on chips, and if anyone wants to protest what we do is, we turn off the chip!”

            Nicholas Rockefeller to Producer Aaron Russo 11 months before 9-11.

                                                                                                                                Source D. Stacy (Teresa)


It is our opinion that within the coming immediate future America’s economy will collapse. This opinion is based on Obama administration published plans, the speeches of Timothy Geithner, Jacob Lew, and Benjamin Shalom Bernanke and the presently deteriorating situation in Europe about which Dr. Krieg, recently reported.

You must clearly understand that the statistical reports of this government are not just unreliable they are all lies. Based on this we believe and we project that we will enter an era of hyperinflation within the coming 14 months. It will be as bad as the 1920’s German incident in the Weimar Republic, and like that, is intended to allow Obama’s plan to “Fundamentally CHANGE America” to come to fruition.

Statistically our government has reported that America’s CPI (Consumer Price Index) rose 3% for 2012, if however you apply the 1980 statistical formula as is used by ShadowStats the actual CPI for 2012 was up 12.7%. Why do they do this? Social Security, VA payroll, Government employees pay, military pay, and most major union contracts pay is based on the CPI index requiring automatic pay increases in concert with the reported CPI. They can’t afford to pay it. While they increased the military housing allowance by 6.5% (most places) they increased SS by 1.3%.

Obama and his minions report that the deficit for 2012 was $1.3 trillion; this is pure Washington smoke and mirrors, in fact if you apply GAAP (Generally Applied Accounting Principles) the actual deficit is $4.83 trillion. As a result the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has begun an active campaign to replace the dollar with SDR’s, (Special Drawing Rights) a monetary hybrid of the Euro, Yen, and Pound Sterling. China, England, Russia, and Japan are all reducing their dollar held paper using it to purchase gold.

Consider now the realities of our present economy. Gold went from $281 five years ago to $1,800 last month. China, Russia, India, and Germany, are all increasing their gold holdings. In the timeframe from 1975 to 2013 the dollar has fallen from 0.20 cents to 0.07 cents based on a value of 1920 of one ounce of silver. Put another way to purchase what cost one-dollar in 1920 today costs 142 dollars more in fiat paper. We project that the dollar will fall from its present purchasing power of 0.07 cents based on 1920 dollars to $0.1,4 cents by 2015 and that’s just the beginning. Gold, based on a 10-year annualized return has produced a growth of 16.8% in that time, with a reported actual inflation of 12.7%, in other words higher than the rate of inflation. And that our friends is inflation!

Let’s look at the money supply, a statistic (M-3 money supply statistic) that has all but disappeared from the news. In March of 2012 the Fed announced that they would stop reporting the M-3 money supply statistic. Just think about this your government said, “We are not going to tell you how much new money we are placing into circulation”, so there is no way for you to figure out what the issued money is worth. In the beginning of 2012 Bernanke issued $34 billion new unbacked by anything dollars into the economy every month. Then in late October just before the election he issued $ 95 billion additional paper. (More votes for Obama) That totals $503 billion. Then in Jan 2013 he increased the month amount from $34 billion to $ 85 billion. That works out to a total of $1.02 trillion for 2013, all of which by the way is off the books for both years. This is why the stock market is so high. Stocks are valued in dollars and as the value of dollars decreases the price of stocks increases.

The reported national debt is according to government sources now at just under $17 trillion. However this amount does not include, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, nor does it include all the money that the FED is printing without any backing. Realistic estimates vary but range from $ 80 trillion to $ 212 trillion. The entire American economy produces $14.6 trillion per year. Due to Washington’s convoluted accounting practices it is almost impossible to come the any logically reasonable conclusion relating to the national debt. I don’t think you are unaware however, and bear this in mind that since 1950 the FED, FRS, NYC gold depository as well as Fort Knox have not been audited, and that the FRS told the Germans and Swiss who wanted their American held gold reserves returned to Germany and Switzerland that they would have to wait seven years to get all of it back. The obvious conclusion is that they don’t have it.

Our department of labor with the able leadership of Hilda Solis, in our opinion unqualified as a trash collector, in a fit of “progressivethink” announced in 2012 the unemployed, those Americans who just before the election had their unemployment compensation (Think of all those votes) extended for another year, would not be counted as unemployed any longer, because they were actually collecting paychecks. During the Obama first term, government employment rose by 6.7% while private sector employment (those who actually pay taxes) employment fell by 2.4%. Then the IRS in 2012 hired 16,000 more bureaucrats to administer Obamacare enforcement on Americans. The net effect of all this has been completely useless unemployment reporting from labor. Do not forget that all part-time workers are now counted as employed, and that those who have lost unemployment benefits due to time have been dropped from the counting statistic. Total American employment in 2012 is in fact over ½ million lower that it was when Obama took office and that even includes that increased government employment.

Let us make it clear. Gasoline rose from $1.78 when Bush left office to $3.39 in January of this year. Eggs went from 0.99 cents to $2.04. Retail food prices rose in

Obama’s first year as follows, cheddar cheese up $0.61, corn oil up $3.01, vegetable oil up $0.38, potato’s up $0.18, bread up $0.13, all this is but the tip of the iceberg headed for our economy.

That the government is anticipating riots and worse is supported by purchasing policies by Homeland Security. Janet Napolitano in 2012 ordered for immediate delivery 1.2 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition, (this used to be called Dum-Dum ammo, it is not allowed for military use under the Geneva Convention), she has ordered for delivery in 2013 thousands of fully automatic sub machine guns along with 2,700 heavy armored cars. This is more ammunition more sub machine guns and armored cars than was used in the Iraq war. Due to these purchases there is a national shortage of ammunition. The intended war will be against you the American people.

First Warning!

Recently Argentina socialist government of Christina Fernandez de Kichner based with a similar dilemma nationalized all private pensions (in order to protect retirees) a word to the wise, Swiss annuities are protected by Swiss law and can not be confiscated. Just so you understand the FED has already had a meeting to discuss this possibility in 2008, during Obama’s first term. Think about the following; our nation is now 245 years old and just over 1/3rd of the total debt we as a nation hold was created in the last four years.

Second Warning!

A word to the wise FDR confiscated all privately held gold in the 30’s. Gold held by banks in safety deposit boxes is subject to government seizure, there is an exclusionary agreement holding banks free of fiduciary responsibility to depositors relating to safety deposit boxes.

Third Warning!

Do not engage in, or own any paper documents claiming to be depository instruments for gold or silver. Both of these commodity markets are grossly oversold. Sliver is worse than gold demonstrating a market short position, by just one trader, (J. P. Morgan Chase) of more than the entire annual 2011 silver production.

Fourth Warning!

With a projected inflation rate of about 20% by the end of this year any interest-bearing instrument would have to pay out more than 20% in order to maintain value. The only things capable of that are hard assets and tradable commodities whose prices will rise in keeping with the dollar drop.

A last word!

The American Patriot Act stripped away Americans right of Habeas Corpus, it eliminated all but the second amendment which is now in the works. NDAA eliminated the Posse Commutates Act and granted the president the right to indefinitely arrest, imprison, and detain, any American citizens, without trial, writ, or warrant based solely on his word. And additionally, can now use the American armed forces to enforce these edicts. And if that’s not a dictatorship then tell us what a dictatorship is!

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