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An H & H love fest or the secretary from hell


An H & H love fest or the secretary from hell!

Dr. A. H. Krieg


Steve Croft (CBS 60 minutes) the all American journalist’s interview with Hussein, and Hillary, proved that the progressives lack the courage to ask real questions, staging instead a love fest, spineless interview from which we learned that the world is a complicated, dangerous, and risky place. Something my nine-year old granddaughter has known for two years.

Croft did not ask one pertinent question relating to the job of the Secretary of State who in fact is the president’s agent and carries out the policies of the National Security Agency. The job of Secretary of State, in Obama’s White House, is essentially the go-fer of the executive branch, something Hillary did well even though she disliked doing it. The fact that this was Hillary’s first job ever is reflected in the president who is also apprenticing in his position, and has proven to be an equally slow learner. The failure of our foreign policy is not the fault of Hillary Clinton it is decidedly the fault of Obama and the zionist stooges who craft American foreign policy, to be in accord as produced in Jerusalem.

Questions relating to the first American assassinated ambassador in 30 years were strenuously avoided, they could have embarrassed both. Likewise the 8 separate attacks on American embassies in only 4 years, the highest in American history remained secret. Why Susan Rice, who was not involved in day-to-day foreign affairs policies, was subjected to being the administrations liar, just as “Colon” Powel, under Bush was avoided. The utter failure of Israeli and American Middle East policies that produced the “Arab Spring” turning one after another pro Western Islamic government to al Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood, not spoken of. Egypt, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, The West Bank, Gaza, Israel, and the Palestinians all-missing. What has improved in Pakistan and Afghanistan? Nothing. Where were the president and Secretary of State during the seven-hour attack on the Benghazi consular office? Not asked. We have the same sort of preparatory preemptive war against Iran that we had against Iraq also based on false information. Fluffed over. North Korea in progressive lexicon possibly does not even exist.

Me thinks, that the entire half hour CBS interview was pay back for Hillary’s husband’s kind words about Hussein in the DNC media convention. What resolutions to vexing world problems were solved in the last four years? Not one, not North Koreas belligerence, not Pakistan’s security agencies friendship with terrorists, not the Arab, Israeli standoff, or the continued expansion of Israeli settlements in Palestine, and certainly not the “Arab spring” that is so devastating American foreign policies.

Hillary’s legacy is one of traveling everywhere at public expense and accomplishing nothing. In four years there have been no new treaties, no peace accords, and certainly no diplomatic improvements, quite to the contrary thing are dicer now than four years ago. Many hours were wasted on empowerment of women, with no results, girl’s rights with none produced, homosexual rights, World development, health, and international freedom, all failed to impress or in results. The primary job of the Secretary of state is to improve world situations so that American industry can export American made goods and raw materials around the world and to make travel for Americans safer. On both of these issues Hillary proved to be a total failure.

The stellar reputation from the same “Lamestream” media is identical to that group of presstitutes, which has anointed Obama as the second coming. The reasoning at the Grey Lady and the Washington Post, never mind the entire fawning TV industry, FOX excluded, being that anything done by a progressive must be wonderful even if no resulting improvement is apparent. Expectation by the Lamestream were flattering for Hillary, however considering that this was her first job, ever, expectations were set just a bit too high. The claimed star power of the previous first lady is in fact limited to a $25 million failure in nationalizing healthcare under her husbands tutelage, and lest we forget over 125 I can’t remember, I forgot, I didn’t know that before a congressional panel on healthcare, it took some time for Obama with aid of the Supreme Fools to finally bring the death knell to American world healthcare predominance which is now on the slippery slope to hell. Wisdom from the left claims that she had real star power, what from? Those grand piano legs? She is a global rock star! Sure but she can’t sing! She will, due to this be able to raise issues others could not, really? What issues did she bring up that others did not?

The however most vexing issue is Benghazi, which was obviously concealed from before the election until four month after it, to ensure a progressive win at the polls. Evidence offered by State Department, CIA, and other sources indicate that both Hillary as well as the president were viewing the Benghazi attack videos in real time for at least most of the seven hours it took for our ambassador his aid and guards to be murdered. Why they refused to send help from Sicily under one hour away by fighter and one hour by transport will now probably never be answered. The retribution against the killers promised by Obama likewise never took place. The disgusting Candy Crowley (CNN) performance in the second presidential debate and her having provided the president the questions before it, speaks volumes of American media as does the entire, FOX excluded, TV news industry that is so far in the tank for Obama that they could not climb out even with a ladder. Not one TV media source outside FOX even covered Benghazi in any realistic way.

The more than convenient wine tasting trip to Australia, the fall, and concussion, the stomach virus, and finally the sad performance in congressional committee in which she stated that it makes no difference what caused the Benghazi attack, was a shameless delay tactic to protect her boss. Just like Susan Rice another female on the altars of progressivism. The relevance of the attack was Hillary’s total failure to protect the ambassador and his staff, the failure to read or respond to his numerous requests for more security, the failure to commit assets for protection, and then they lie that it was due to budget restraints by the opposition. After all the State Department in the five months previous allocated many hundreds of thousands of dollars for electric cars and electric car fueling station in Scandinavia. Oh, I forgot the Volt from GM has little domestic appeal, the government is the largest stockholder of GM, and sales must be boosted one way or another. I hear from secret industry sources that Uncle Sam is GM’s largest single Volt customer now!

Hillary 6.29.04 “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good” (Straight from Karl Marx)

Hillary 5.29.07 “It’s time for a new beginning, for and end of government by the few, by the few, and for the few…. And to replace it with sheared responsibility (sacrifice) for shared prosperity”. (Engels)

Hillary 6.4.07 “We….can’t just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people” (Communist Manifesto)

Hillary 6.4.07 “We have to build a political consensus and that requests people to give up a little bit of their own….in order to create this common ground” (Sal Alinsky)

Hillary 6.4.07 “I think its time to send a clear message to what has become the most profitable sector in (the) entire economy that they are being watched. “ (About business) Common communist threat of the Russian revolution.

Hillary Clinton is more of a communist ideologue than is Obama!


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