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Who's in Charge Here?


Who’s in charge here?

Dr. A. H. Krieg


We need to ask Speaker Ryan just three questions;

  1. You claim Plan for America is good; compared to what?
  2. What is the ultimate Ryan cost of America compared to that of Trump?
  3. What vision for America do you have? Socialism or bankruptcy?

Instead of reducing expenditures in 2017 Ryan has increased Israeli foreign aid to $3.85 billion a 10% increase over the 2016 budget.


It is now apparent that Ryan thinks he is president and that Trump is simply an impediment in Ryan’s worldview. The May first (communist holiday) proposed congressional spending bill more than confirms it. The House controls the purse strings and Ryan apparently controls the process. Every campaign promise of Trump has by Ryan’s bill been sidelined, you can always tell who’s in charge by how funds are distributed. An examination of the passed bill indicates that Ryan’s and the Democrats plans will be funded and Trump’s plans are not even considered. It indicates that Ryan has no intention of fulfilling the people’s vision, or the result of the election, or Trump’s agenda. The RINOS have passed a bill, that the entire Republican conservative agenda will be jettisoned. Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Schumer seem to have more influence with RINOS than Trump. They defunded Trumps $1.5 billion wall, not even a fence is in the bill. They funded Planed Parenthood 100%, they continued and expanded refugee resettlement funding, H-2B visa expansion, $3.5 billion expansion of refugee funding, sanctuary cities were refunded, they did not consider the $17 billion non-defense spending cuts, EPA which has been responsible for the loss of thousands of jobs was fully funded, Puerto Rico’s irresponsible Medicare program was refunded to the tune of $295.9 billion, $ 990 million increase in African aid programs, Israel aid up to $3.1 billion plus $75 million plus $600.7 million an increase of $113 million over the 2016 budget, a $ 2.8 billion increase for HHS, an increase of Afghan visas by 2500, they even increased the Dep. of Energy “Green Energy” programs that under Obama had funded $6.5 billion in bankrupt green energy companies, the consumer Financial Protection agency that the Republicans promised to shut down was 100% funded, and to top all that off the Federal government will fund a high speed rail system from LA to SF. The RINOS accomplished this on Trump’s 100th day in office! The DNC and RINOS and their progressive leadership are elated they got everything they wanted and more, we the people got nothing but more debt

There is no question, Trumps plans for America have been blocked. Obamacare is funded and the progressives both Republican as well as Democrat have instituted over $ 5 billion progressive domestic policy. The cancelation of Obamacare in the House will go to then Senate and then to conference, in the end it will result in some changes, the shysters in congress will not address the major issue of “Tort Reform”, the very issue responsible for 40% of healthcare costs. The lobbyists have won! The people have lost!

 This bodes poorly for the 2018 budget and the coming mid term election, a continuation of these policies by Ryan will ensure a progressive Democrat Senate and House in 2018 thereby ending all Trumps plans for his agenda, it will furthermore guarantee a Democrat win in the 2020 presidential election cycle. RINOS, which would be their leadership, McCain, Rubio, McConnell, Graham, Hatch, Blunt, Collins, Murkowski and Cochran remain the impediment to good government, we need term limits now! In the words of Charlie Schumer, “I think we had a strategy and it worked….Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate were closer to one another than they were to Donald Trump” It could not possibly say it any clearer.

There is a marked hostility to “Draining the Swap”, as it were, because the creatures of the swamp are the Progressives of the Republocrat party, which includes all the RINOS.

These traitors of the American people are more interested in K-street lobbyists than the people who elected them. McConnell clearly stated “we can pass nothing without the support of them”…meaning the RINOS. All of this passed budget, funds every wish of the progressives, it is not the conservative “Freedom Caucus” obstructing Trump’s agenda, it is the RINOS and progressive Republocrats, who prefer the status quo to draining the swamp.

The leading member of the California Coven, Nancy [the wicked witch of the west] Pelosi said, “[the measure] reflects significant progress defeating the dangerous Republican riders and securing key victories for Democrat priorities”. Generally the Democrats are jubilant over Republican infighting and their inability to confront Obamacare (Socialized medicine) or any of Trump’s priorities. While holding a majority in both Houses as well as the executive the Republicans have again demonstrated their uncanny ability to snatch loss from the jaws of victory as they have done for decades.

The draw down will come in fall, with Trump’s 2018 budget and Obamacare and the clean up of the Internal Revenue system. If they do not pass repeal and replacement of Obamacare and a new tax code including a reduction of corporate income taxes to 15% and a three tiered personal simplified income tax I absolutely guarantee a Democrat senate in 2018 and a massive reduction of Republicans in the House.

Remember, Soros, Clinton and Obama will be spending at least a billion dollars in the mid term election, which could prove a disaster for the Republicans and a virtual lame duck presidency from 2018 to 2020. They basically conceded Obamacare as an issue when the Trump negotiators agreed to fund subsidies to insurance companies. Thus the government will continue to fund medical insurance for all low income Americans with your taxes or much more likely borrowed funds out of thin air.

Schumer insisted that budget negotiations be left with the legislators without interference from the executive, and that is exactly what took place. Trump and his people did not even have a seat at the table, which confirms my question “who’s in charge here”? It is more than obvious that its not the president, or his cabinet it is Ryan and McConnell who are calling the shots in opposition to what the voter expressed in the 2016 election. It will be fascinating to see the financial collapse of Obamacare this fall that is unless the legislators fund more insurance subsidies. The fact that Ryan, McCain, Rubio and Kushner all took money from Soros couldn’t possibly have anything to do with all that, could it?


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