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The Dirt-bags!

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                Quinquagesima Sunday


In the annals of American politics we see lots of scoundrels, liars, and dirt-bags, but Hillary Clinton is a standout whose qualifications have no mach. From faking illness, inability to remember, to accidental falls, throwing her UN ambassador under the bus, she has no equal. From over 125 “I can’t remember,” “I was unaware,” I didn’t know” in congressional testimony when she had wasted $25 million in her failed attempt to nationalize healthcare, an effort only to be accomplished by her lying new boss, she has careened through the Washington political scene like an out of control locomotive.

The current issue relating to Benghazi is unprecedented in American history it is the first murder of an American Ambassador in over 30 years, the first time in memory where the entire ambassadorial staff was murdered, the first time where over 30 Americans not one of which has been allowed to be media interviewed by anyone had to be evacuated, and the first time ever in which the American government has remained mute and has not made any effort against the killers, not even four months later. Obama lied again when he said there would be retribution! No effort to save those State Department and CIA agents was launched by any agency of our government. Worst of all every person in the Obama administration from the president to the CIA, military, Joint Chiefs, Secretary of State, UN Ambassador, and Secretary of Defense lied about the happening. The entire chain of command lied from the top right down to the bottom! Liars all!

The Lamestream media from TV to the New York Times and Washington Post, were so desperate to get their socialist/communist agent (progressive) re-elected that they obscured, hid, purposely misinformed, and propagandized the American Public to hide the issue until after the election. CNN’s, Cathy Crowley went so far as to provide the president the talking points of the second debate and then come to his rescue and lie about the president’s actions relating thereto. They have done no better since; all that remains has been nicely tucked away as past history. Had this taken place under George Bush he would have through pressure by the very same media, been impeached!

The State Department then stuck back, I’m not kidding they produced an advertisement featuring Obama and Clinton, and then spent $70,000 to get it publicized, in the Middle East. The advertisement was an apology for an Islam derogative video, made by a Coptic Egyptian living in LA, which the President and Clinton, and Susan Rice on 5 Sunday Morning TV shows, and then, claimed the cause of the Egyptian and Libyan civil disturbances was about. It was all a lie to protect the president’s re-election campaign and they knew it within 15 minutes of the beginning of the attack.

The former security officer CIA for Libya, Eric Nordstrom in testimony before the House Oversight Committee in October 2012 stated; “For me the Taliban is inside of the State Department building.” When Clinton in Testimony before congress stated; “What difference does it make…” the cat was out of the bag. Clinton articulated the Obama strategy obfuscate, delay, deny, lie, drag it out as much as possible so that when finally forced to speak on the issue it is so long past that it in public eye becomes obscured in irrelevant. Did you notice that Hillary was absent again at the State of the Union presidential address. This is the real issue, obviously it is the mantra of the entire Democrat apparatus, they have a new motto, “and we will do what we want, when we want to do it, the media is in our pocket and we will never be held accountable to the American people.” After all the Presstitutes of the Lamestream have ignored scandal after scandal. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Black panther voter intimidation, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, forged birth certificate, no college transcripts, no draft card, false Connecticut issued SS#, $6 trillion wasted in just four years, an almost $ 17 trillion deficit, rampant unemployment underreported by 15%, 47 million Americans on food stamps, its all just water over the proverbial dam of obscurity!

The distance from Sicily to Benghazi is 580 miles. The American fighter F-16 can attain the speed of 915 Mph so it could make the trip from its base in Italy to Benghazi in about 47 minutes. C-141 A has a top speed of 500 Mph and could make the same trip from Italy to Benghazi in I hrs. and 14 Min. Both of these aircraft were available with troops from Italy. The Benghazi event consumed seven and one half hours, prompt action would have saved the lives of four valiant patriots! Personnel in the White House, State Department, CIA and Department of Defense were all ogling the video feeds from Benghazi in real time, everyone was full aware that this was a coordinated attack by al Qaida no one outside the politicians ever claimed this to have been the result of some poorly made video. People with mortars, LPG’s, and automatic weapons do not participate in demonstrations they are terrorists! Secretary Panetta in testimony in Feb 2013 clearly articulated that no one knew were Clinton was and that she had not read or seen the repeated requests from Ambassador Stevens for better security in Benghazi over the previous five months. If Clinton were in the military that would be cause for court marshal.  The president was informed but his whereabouts were unknown by the white House, Defense Department or State Department. Obama was AWOL, who had the football? He did not even check with Panetta or the Pentagon as to what was taking place. The following morning without one shred of knowledge of Benghazi outcome he flew to Las Vegas for a fundraiser.

Dereliction of duty is a minor event in this scenario, treason is much closer to correct. This applies to Clinton, Obama, Panetta, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Not to be forgotten is General Petraeus whose dalliance with a lady is hardly cause for dismissal, after all if we began firing people in Washington or the military for their sexual encounters the entire city and the Pentagon would be empty in a week. In a speech in Denver on July 28, 2012 Petraeus articulated his personal CFR grounded motto, oh yes, all Obama’s generals are now all CFR, those who were not have been retired, General Ham is a case in point, Petraeus said, “I had access to everything, and it was my experience not to leak it, not to violate my mentor, if you will.” Obviously the good general forgot that his oath as an officer is to the Constitution not to his mentor, Obama.

Clinton claims she accepts responsibility for Benghazi, but the issue is not responsibility, it is accountability something the entire raft of dirt bags avoids like the plague. What difference does it all make? Well, with an entire administration refusing to accept accountability for their actions, we wonder if any responsible individuals are left in our government. 

The Moral question relating to the issue of terrorism remains below the radar. Seems that the administration feels it is perfectly ok to send drones to kill Americans but that it is reprehensible for that same government to protect Americans overseas. The worst part of this equation is the fact that these targeted Americans have not had a day in court, no judge has had oversight of the issues, there is no arrest warrant, they have not been allowed to see their accusers in fact their accusers are secret, somehow this reminds me of the Salem witch trials.

It is a fact of present history, that in American politics insight of any perception of politicians is the whole enchilada. Hillary, Obama, and all the rest of the progressives, are fully aware that, who you are is irrelevant; the only thing that matters is what the public sees you as being. This by the way, is the preview of the Lamestream who missies no opportunity to highlight all progressives in a warm and rosy light. These people have charmingly lied their way across the political landscape to a mindless and uneducated population that last week by margins of over 60% approved of the progressive leadership. While we have 10% inflation, average $ 3,000 plus loss of income, 20% rise in healthcare costs, a falling dollar, doubling of fuel and food prices, no energy policy, and a foreign and domestic policy in shambles. After all, according to them and the media, it’s that worthless Bush who was by the way close to this prince of darkness, who remains responsible for it all!

There remains one slim chance you could change your party allegiance to the American Freedom Party whose positions are well publicized on their Internet site.


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