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When I was a boy


When I was a boy….

Dr. A. H. Krieg CMFGE                                                                      Revised 01.18.13


When I was a boy there were no mass killings, very few murders, little violence outside of wars. When I was a boy there were no murderous video games in which children were anesthetized from violence. Child molesters were put away for life and usually did not survive the first year of prison. We did not spend our spare time practicing to kill something or someone. Boys in school were not drugged with Ritalin to accommodate female teachers unable to cope with alpha males. Nut-cases, the insane, were incarcerated in mental institutions rather than being drugged with mind altering pharmaceuticals like Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, Paxil, Zoloft, Celexa, or Cymbalta, and let loose to rampage society. As far as I have been able to ascertain from 1776 to 1927 there were two mass killings by individuals worldwide from 1960 to today in American schools there were 14 with a death toll of 273 in 85 years.

Virtually every mass murder in the last 20 years was committed by someone on one of these drugs and an enthusiast of video games. We know that from 1991 to 2012 every one of these youth killers was an animate player of violent video games and at the same time on one of these drugs and would before 1950 have been locked up in a nut house. The U.S. army will not accept candidates for service who have been drugged by Ritalin; do they know something we don’t?

Big Pharmaceuticals earn billions from these drugs and will go to any length to hide the fact that their drugs are the responsible agent of this chaos. Politicians whose reelection campaign contributions are vastly bolstered by Pharmaceuticals likewise have little interest in the truth. Shysters earn much mammon by it, having thereby no interest in CHANGE.

I am a dual national Swiss; in Switzerland most military aged graduates of basic training (18) have their semi-automatic rifle and ammo at home. Switzerland has among the lowest crime rates in the world. Shooting sports, target skeet, trap, and action are national sports. In my hometown of Zurich the Knabenschiesen (boys shooting) is an annual daylong holyday event culminated in the king of shooting, my uncle won it one year.

The political left; the progressives would have you believe that guns are the problem. No, guns, hammers, with which many murders are committed, and baseball bats, are not the problem. The 195,000 per year deaths of medical malpractice by doctors and hospitals are problems. Gives us pause to think of doctors against guns! Cars that cause over 32,000 per year deaths are not the problem. Inanimate objects don’t think, they are not the problem, not bats, not cars, not guns, and not hammers. The problem relates to a society that refuses due to liberal bias and costs to incarcerate individuals that represent a danger to society. The problem rests on the shoulders of those liberals who have removed God, prayer, and the Ten Commandments from public society. The blame is with Hollywood and the bums of the entertainment industry that are so dramatically untalented that their only presented product is violence. The blame is at the feet of videogame producers, distributors and programmers that provide a societally destructive product to the public, and to a government and media that lacks the courage to demand an end of this and force by law the elimination of the entire violence industry. The biggest culprits are parents who allow their children to be bought up by government programs like headstart, TV indoctrination, and pre-school programs, and provide their offspring video games, like the mother of the New Town shooter, may God rest her soul!

Not to be forgotten is our president who addresses every issue but those that in reality impact on the problem. Obama’s claim that there is little we can do about the issue of the insane is ludicrous. How about a national list of all people who have been treated for psychiatric problems? How about a list of the criminally insane? How about a list of all Americans on the drugs aforementioned? How about a national dada base of these people and laws preventing the sale of guns, ammo, and explosive devices to them? Oh, sorry that actually makes sense!


Statistically it is interesting to look at crime by weapons grouping: FBI statistics for 2011 are as follows:


Total number of murders                12,664

Handguns                                             6,620

Blunt objects                                        3,298

Knifes                                                   1,694

Fists feet                                                  728

Semi automatic rifles                             323 (assault weapons)


Why would Diane Feinstein, Charlie Schumer, and the governor of NY want to outlaw the weapon of least choice? The simple answer being; assault rifles are feared not by the public or citizens but by government. To support that premise:


Murders by governments that outlawed guns, of their own citizens, in the 20th century:


Ottoman Turks          1915-1917                 1.5 million      Armenians

Soviet Empire                        1919-1960                 150 million     Christians

Nazi Germany            1936-1945                 20 million       opposers

Nationalist China       1927-1949                 6 million         opposers

Israel*                         1938-2000                 2 million         Palestinians

Red China                   1949-1976                 200 million     opposers

Guatemala                  1960-1981                 150,000          anti-communists

Uganda                       1971-1979                 300,000          Christians

Cambodia                   1975-1979                 2 million         opposers

Rwanda                      1994                           800,000          tribal

Total                           1915 -1994                382.8 million

*Palestinians are not allowed to process guns in Israel.


All of the president’s fatwa’s issued on the 16th of Jan. 2012 are cosmetic BS. Not any of them or all of them combined would have prevented a single mass shooting of the last fifty years. And the shooter in Colorado had his high capacity magazine jam and killed most of the victims with a shotgun that has a restricted magazine capacity by federal law. (not reported) 1) The concept of gun free zones is stupid, criminals, and the mentally ill or Agency brainwashed don’t obey rules. 2) Trying to legislate morality and ethics is a waste of legislative time. 3) Addressing the mental health issue does not solve it; we need a national no sell guns and ammo list of felons and mentally ill including CIA employees. 4) All State and Federal agencies have been cooperating for decades on the background check issue. 5) All federal agencies already share information Bush EO. 6) The Att. Gen. is already in everyone’s business to the extent of even supplying guns to Mexican drug cartels, while the CIA is providing them to al Qaida, we however strongly support this, it may well allow Americans to finally find out who at Justice and the BATF sold guns to criminals and who provided them to al Qaida in Syria. 7) Another study after the 2,000 already made by CDC is a waste of money. 8) Making doctors snitches is not a good idea. 9) Providing less than 1% of American public schools funds for hiring guards is like spitting into the ocean, and anticipating a rise in the ocean levels. 10) Law for tracing guns from crime scenes is already on the books. 11) We already have laws on the books to do background checks. 12) Directing the DOJ to trace stolen guns by keeping records has been done since the 1950’s. 13) Yet another costly mandate for schools is ridiculous this is the states responsibility. 14) All schools have emergency plans already. 15) Getting mental health for school kids is the responsibility of the states that have been doing this with councilors and School psychologists, as far back as the 1950’s. 16) Health insurances already covers mental health. 17) New technology to store weapons? How about gun safes. 18) Wasting more money another study by PSC on locks is ridiculous, there are no less that 100,000 varieties of locks on the market, including dozens exclusively for guns. 19) Propagandizing the American public about guns is useless; we all know what the problem is!

The real issue of societal decay and mental health are barley covered, even though we know that every one of these mass killers was factually insane.


Dr. Krieg is a CMFGE (certified manufacturing engineer SME) life member of the NRA, author of 15 books, editorial writer for The Nationalist Times, The Sovereign, Culture Wars, Portman Papers UK, Schweizerzeit Swiss, does radio shows weekly, holds 20 U.S. Patents, and was advisor to the U.S. Dep. Of commerce for 15 years, originally appointed by Ronald Reagan. 

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