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The Panopticon Society


The Panopticon Society


This is not an organization it is a process!


Dr. Adrian H. Krieg member of the board of directors American Freedom Party


18th century England bred an entire raft of goofy thinkers, Malthusians that in the 20th and 21st centuries turned into the greens. Then the Fabians who promoted fiat money and Keynesian economics, (by homosexual pervert Lord Keynes), which are now tearing the fabric of our economic system to shreds and who also founded the British Labor Party and then the American Democrat Party. Karl Marx who gave us the Russian revolution, communism and the murder by government’s of over 200 million souls of their own citizens. Then there’s Freud the pervert, who liked little children and began the sexual revolution. Darwin who never completed HS and produced a theory, now much accepted, that our antecedents were monkeys. But of all of them, Jeremy Bentham and his Panopticon future society of total surveillance of everyone and everything is the scariest and the one that will first be realized.

America will enter into the Panopticon state in 2013. Duck, there are 30,000 drones overhead; they are looking in you in your windows, your car, and your yard. TSA, the “Total Surveillance Society” is checking your crotch, looking up your wife’s skirt, feeling up Grammy and baby. The border patrol has set up scores of illegal (unconstitutional) highway stops within the borders of America. Meanwhile the FBI is busy setting up more sting operations more commonly called entrapment by constitutionalists. Homeland Security under the able leadership of the pervert in charge now has 220,000 employees and has just orderd over one billion of Dumdum munition, you know the Ammo, illegal under the Geneva Convention. HSS (that SS is ominous) has just put out a bid for thousands of small automatic (assault?) weapons. The NSA, unhappy with their surveillance abilities is building a little joint in Bluffdale, Utah just over one million sq. ft, at a cost of over one billion dollars including two of the worlds fastest supercomputers. Not one cent of this is for foreign or military surveillance; it’s to watch those deadly dangerous Americans. All of these things are supposed to make you feel safe. How come this frightens me much more than supposed terrorists. Come to think of it the terrorists have won!

Meanwhile NDAA was signed into law by Obozo, supported by 99% of congress,  it strips the Posse Comitatus act from statutes, allows the president to designate any American citizen as an enemy combatant and have him killed by one of those 30,000 drones, and allows the use of federal military to enforce laws without individual state permission and indefinitely imprison any citizen without due process, torture people, all in the name of public safety. The American Patriot Act striped away Haebeas Corpus, a right enjoyed by the English-speaking world since 1215, that’s 797 years ago, and it also eliminated almost the entire Bill of Rights. Just so you understand how serious this is, both laws were enacted with less than ten decanting votes in both houses. Then a new bill HR 374 makes it a crime to criticize the government, or any member of it, in the presence of Secret Service protection; there goes the first amendment! Makes all those responsible for this mess politicians and bureaucrats feel safe from you, and for a well deserved re-election. It eliminates open debate, town hall meetings, and centralises the entire political process under the all-encompasing Republocrats.

Remember that under George W. Bush one of those goofy admirals wanted to create “The Total Information Awareness System” It was rejected by huge numbers in the House as well as the Senate, no problem for the New World Order, which now controls the entire government, If it is said to be for the children or for public safety, it will pass muster, every elected idiot will vote for it regardless of the content, reading legislation as we all now know from Nancy, is passé’. “Stellar Wind” the code name for total information is doing just fine. Now we have learned that the new Utah facility will have a new sort of super computer that will be able to breaker any code, what, we have become so paranoid that American’s communicating with American’s are now encrypting their messages? Do we now live in a tyranny? The New facility will be handling all means of communications used, everything, e-mail radio, TV, Cell, Tell, you name it and they will read it listen to it analyze it and come to get you. Watch what you say! All social-networks have been comprimised being listened to by scores of federal agencies. Wach out, some idiot bureaucrat will send one of those 30,000 drones to take you out. The actual plan is to create an electronic dose’ on every living American, isn’t that nice, should you forget any of the alphabet names or numbers associated with your persona, your medical records, drivers license, passport, your bank account, your wife’s middle name, hell, where you live, all you’ll have to do is call Bluffdale they’ll know more about you than you do.

We really can’t understand what it takes to awaken American’s up, out of their obvious stupor. We know that our legislative and executive branches are bought and paid for, but what about the Sheeple. We understand that they have been dumbed down by a totally failed public education system, set to sleep by a lamestream media that is owned lock stock and barrel by the same New World Order, but for God’s Sake, as well as ours, how do we get their attention. Are they so scared of contradicting a black man in charge for fear of being called racist? Do they still have a spine?  Are they satisfied to see all of America’s hard won freedoms go down the drain of totalitarianism? Or don’t they know what totalitarianism is? Well its here and now!

While we are at loss to understand the inability of the people to understand the problem, we most certainly know how to fix it. The Republocrats have got to go, every last one of them, adios, good-by. The problems we have as a nation are the product of our two political parties, and we don’t mince words, it’s the Republocrats and their utterly corrupt system, which allows an 87% re-election rate for incumbents. It is a system of payola, kickbacks, cronyism and nepotism, fostered by arrangements that no longer serves the people, or the country; it is self-serving for its members alone. Everything from primary elections to ballot access to the elections, even the voting machines are rigged. Arrangements between the media and the parties purposely prevent third party access. Fat cats in banking, you know all those noble Ponzigoniff banksters in NYC and DC who fund the Republocrats and the media that then gladly sucks up the cash provided own everything. The finacial system is so skewed by the banksters that at the present rate, by 2016 America like the third world, will be a two-class society, those who have and those who don’t.

We want that to be changed, we want an America as our forefathers envisioned. We are American Freedom Party.  We have more intellectual capability in our party board of directors than the entire Republocrat cabal combined. We have published a book Our Vision for America ISBN 978-1-937553-05-0, which outlines all our national problems and how they can be solved. The book is available from all booksellers or A2Zpublications.com. Help yourself, help your children and grandchildren help us save America, our country is dying!








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