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  1. H. Krieg

I feel so sorry for Hillary Clinton. For many decades she has suffered intermittent amnesia compounded by CCC. (Convenient Congressional Concussions). Going over my notes on Whitewatergate and her testimony before congress and then again on the health committee poor Hillary was at a total loss to remember anything. It was so bad that members of congress counted over 125, “I can’t remember that,” “ I don’t know”, I was not aware of that”, “I didn’t know that.” And that was in two separate congressional hearings. With such frequent lapses into amnesia Hillary should be committed for her own safety. She may even forget where she lives. Blood clots, Oh, My God!  She is incapable of any position of responsibility – a danger to herself as well as America. Well, I don’t want to seem harsh, after all like Obama, it’s her first real job. What do I anticipate from the Benghazi congressional hearing, if they ever take place, well, nothing.

The fact have been established and Hillary is in hiding and has been for months. After all she is running in 2016 and does not want her record blemished! Trips to Australia for wine tasting and all. It has been proven by other subpoenaed State Department, CIA, NSA, National Security Committee members that;

  • The State Department, and Hillary were fully aware of happenings in Benghazi at the time they occurred and in real time.
  • Hillary was at State in her office at the time of occurrence.
  •  The White House was in the loop at the same time with the president present.
  • The State Department and the white House ordered the Sicily based Special Forces to stand down.
  • The White House fired General Ham, Military Commander of Africa for refusing to stand down.
  • Hillary and Obama watched our diplomat and his entourage’ get murdered in real time, doing absolutely nothing about it.
  • Flight time from Sicily to Benghazi for military aircraft is just under one hour; the incident took 7.5 hours to come to conclusion.
  • Hillary and her staff repeatedly, for months refused to allow proper security at the Benghazi mission.
  • The Benghazi operation was a gun running operation, just like Fast and Furious, but to al Qaida instead of Mexican drug cartels.
  • The guns were intended to be shipped from the stocks of Omar’s Russian stockpile in Libya to the al Qaida operatives in Syria to overthrow Alawite rule apparently replacing it with either the Muslim Brotherhood or al Qaida.  A great benefit to America and the West, not!
  • Do bear in mind that all this took place weeks before the election and has been stonewalled for months ever since, and that had the truth been revealed even with CNN’s Candy Crowley’s interference Obama would have lost the election.
  • Also remember that the Lamestream media was more than complicit in burying this information so that their socialist buddy could be reelected.
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