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Where did we go wrong


Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                                                    Jan 2012

America was a relatively peaceful nation with a solid Christian backing from George Washington forward until about the 1890’s.  Funny thing is that this was almost 100 years after the Illuminist movement in Bavaria. The very same movement that was to found The Order of Death, that later changed name to The Order, then Skull and Bones, then Bones, and 322 also in the 1890’s. The same time in history also saw the foundation of the world Zionist movement with their very first World Zionist Congress held in Basel Switzerland in 1897, after the German Jews blocked the Zionist meeting in Munich. I find it interesting to note that the Seal of Yale University the home of The Order” has Hebrew writing on it. Well, such is history!

            Now it should not shock you to learn that the great Jewish invasion of America began just about that same time. The massive Jewish invasion began in the 1890’s and ran until about 1920. The Russian Pogroms that began in 1881 in Odessa had spread over most of Russia.  The Czar had implanted strict control over Jews because there had been massive social unrest all over Russia caused by Jews who refused to assimilate, spoke Yiddish a German dialect, refused to speak Russian or use the Cyrillic alphabet, and were as considered by Russia’s population to be cheaters, thieves and liars.  The veracity of the assumption is irrelevant; the fact that the majority of the population accepted this and the Czars reaction to it, is what is relevant.

            Most of these Russian Jews, are actually Ashkenazim a race of Jewish converts of the 6th to the 8th centuries who were nomadic peoples that had lived in the Caucuses, a region between the Black and Caspian seas between Europe and Asia.  Due to their inability to get along with their neighbors apparently a long and continuing situation, they were driven out of their homeland and settled in Russia, Prussia, and Poland. Ashkenazim’s persistent inability to get along with, or assimilate into new communities and their refusal to speak the local languages aided in group isolation and the development of self made ghettos in America and elsewhere. Jewish ghettos of the 1800’s were the invention of rabbis so that they could control their flocks.

When the Ashkenazim arrived in New York, their favorite port of entry, they tended to settle in lower Manhattan in the area of Rivington Street. The American communist party CPUSA was to headquarter there, as were several notable Jewish news organizations. Der Forverts (The Jewish Daily Forward) established in 1897, which is still published today, and Der Tog Die Warheit  (The Day, the Truth) began publishing in 1914 but ended publication in 1922. Both publications were originally only published in Yiddish, both were on the far political left as well as being married to organized labor movements that were mostly communist at that time. Both were very powerful voices in the fermentation of the Jewish and Zionist left and organized labor. Many of these Jews became successful in business, and Labor some in media others in banking, they followed the instructions of “The Learned Elders of Zion” in expanding their American base. Through their banking and its natural affiliation with the Rothschild’s of Europe they began to systematically finance Lenin, another Jew and were thus a considerable factor in the Russian revolution.

The fact that reformed Jews are by huge majority politically left is undisputable by anyone. Every communist party from 1919 to 1946 was head by a Jew. The entire Russian Revolution was a Jewish revolution, i.e. a foreign invasion of the body politic of Russia, which at the time of the revolution in 1919 was a Republic.

These are the basic historic facts that allow us to understand why America has been hijacked, who did it, and why they did it. Jews are uncompromising internationalists and for non-Jews multiculturalists. That is to say, that Jews practice racial separation in a larger extent than any other known racial group, and insist on multiculturalism for all others, which is also above intellectual reproach.  The reason for this is self-preservation; only by keeping all possible opponents at each other’s throats, do Jews feel safe in societies into which they abjectly refuse to assimilate.

So, we see the basis for Jewish leftist politics because that’s who their parents were, and because it is etched into their communal psyche. We see this all over the world; in Israel the political system is socialist theocracy, based not on Judaism but on Zionism, which is an entirely different animal. Zionism is a socio-political movement based on the concept of Eretz Yisrael (Greater Israel) the Zionist concept first openly articulated in Basel in 1897, it has nothing whatever to do with a Jewish religion. The Israeli political party Likud most commonly called the war party is the expressed political Zionist leader and has been the leading political party in Israel for many years also of American Judaism, and AIPAC. However what’s good for the goose is obviously not any good for the Gander in Zionist eyes. While Jews in Israel are armed to the teeth, Americans must be disarmed completely. All you have to do is listen to major Jewish American legislators, Schumer, Feinstein, Bloomberg, Lieberman, and Blumenthal or the Jew controlled media for confirmation.

The predominate issue of the liberal left is; that people are not able, or capable of fending for themselves, and need government and politicians to aid in their survival. This is the true mantra of all socialists, whose primary modus of operation is to help others with your money. This false Jewish conceptualization of society now permeates every issue of public discourse. The worst part of this is that it, through Jew control of mainstream media, has taken over the entire American and British news, TV, radio, and newsprint. The two most influential newspapers in America are the NY Times and the Washington Post; both are edited, owned, and run by Jews. Jews own the four major news magazines, as most TV and Radio. Only six American companies control 96% of the mass media markets and all of them are Jewish. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, plainly admonish Jews to take over and control, 1) banking, 2) media, 3) government.

It is the political left, progressives, socialists, and communists through their control of the media that have caused America to go wrong. Many will disagree, so lets examine in detail who is in the leadership of all those anti-social American organizations.

Feminism has been at the heart of social upheaval in our society. The cry of feminists is the non existent “Glass Ceiling” “Free abortions for everyone” “Housewife’s are useless” the mindless slogans are endless and pointless. So, who runs the feminist left? Gloria Aured, Arleen Rich, Linda Ellenbee, Niomi Wolf, Bella Abzug, Betty Friedman, Gloria Steinem, and Germaine Greer, see any Christian names? What is most bizarre is the facts that in the Jewish religion females are on about the same social level as goats. They are not even allowed to sit with men in synagogue.

Another major disruptive factor in society in the last 50 years has ben the homosexuals. Just a perfunctory overview of national gay or sodomite organizations reveals that they are exclusively Jew run. “Act Up” Allen Klein, “Gay Men’s Health Crisis” Annie Kantrowitz, “Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation” Jonathan D. Katz, “Harvey Milk Institute” Harvey Fierstein, “The Laramie Project” Israel Fishman, Gay Liberation Caucus” Bella Abzug, Winnie Stachelberg Human Rights Campaign” Barney Frank, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force” names 355 Jews as holding important government positions. This is in fact a taskforce of queers that function for the job advancement of homosexuals in government. Any Christians?

Pornography is a huge American and Israeli business with sales exceeding that of Ford motor company. The entire pornography industry is Jewish. Principal producers are: Ron Braverman, Lohn Bone, Wesley Emerson, Paul Fishbein, Herbert Feinberg, Hank Weinstein, Bobby Hollander, Rubin Gottesman, Fred Hirsh, Paul Apstein, Steve Orenstein, Jack Richmend, Theodor Rothstein, Rubin Sturman, Ross Suklivan, etc, etc, see any Chrisrtian names?

Communist parties in the world and in America (founded in 1919) have always been under Jewish control from Gus Hall of CPUSA onward. Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, who barley spoke Russian, in 1917 the entire Soviet quasi-cabinet with 24 members had no Christians all were Jews in a nation that is 95% Christian. By 1935 the entire Supreme Soviet consisting of 56 members had 53 Jews and three Christians married to Jews. The Soviet Secret police called the Cheka was staffed 100% by Bolsheviks all of which were Jews.

DSA are the Democratic Socialist of America. An overview of prominent members indicates the vast majority are Jews, from Ed Asner to Arnold Jacob Wolf.  Congress lists 70 DSA members and out of those about 40 are Jews.

America went wrong when they allowed the uncontrolled immigration of East European Jews, in large part communists and socialists into America. We went wrong again when we tolerated their takeover of the media and banking. We went wrong again when we let them take over the FRS boards. We went really wrong when our Christian fellow citizens voted for Jews and placed them in our legislative branch of government and into our Judiciary in huge un-proportional numbers. But most seriously we went wrong when we tolerated the leftist lies about our nation, the fallacy of Judeo-Christian national foundation, which is a lie. We have passively sat by while a small minority of less than 4% of our population has overtaken our nation; most of us including most American Jews are not even aware of that or the pending outcome or what the end goal of the Zionists is.

The outcome is blatantly obvious. American foreign policy that was formerly the preview of the “CFR Study Groups” has been turned over to Jews. American foreign policy stems from Jerusalem. We provide the 16th wealthiest nation of less than 7 million people, more than half of our entire foreign aid. We also provide Israel $ 3 billion in military aid; we provide Jews in America an exception from income taxes on Israeli bonds. Total aid from 1948 to 2006 was a staggering $109,966,300,000.00.  Every vote in the UN is for Israel, when 140 nations condemn Israel for gross violations of human rights we invoke our veto power to quash the justified UN vote. Before Israel (1948) we did not have an enemy in the Middle East now we have 10. These are serious problems but they are nothing when compared with our domestic situation, all precipitated by the Jewish left.

Because of all these Jewish actions and their control of banking and media we have finally reached the end of our Republic. The Jewish Left has changed America first from a confederation to a constitutional republic and then to a democracy and in the 21st century an empire. It’s over, I see no viable way back, socialism has reared its ugly head, and America has become socialist. A re-play of Rome 2000 years ago!  Free stuff for everyone! About 110 million Americans have turned to socialism about an additional 50 million are far too stupid to even grasp the consequences. American has gone form a can do society to a me too society. Democracy has taught our people that you can vote yourself free stuff; politicians have learned that promising free stuff gets lots of votes. The media has learned that a phony two party “Republocrat System” can be counted on for a $2 billion shot in the arm of campaign advertising every four years and one billion every two years. The banksters have learned that they are the only ones with enough money to provide re-election funds and that through this are able to control the government through an 87% reelection rate, and that they are just too big to fail. And the bureaucracy, well they learned that socialism produces ever-larger government and thus more and more bureaucrats at higher and higher salaries, which pleases them to no ends. So who got screwed, the producers, the employers, the self starters, farmers and ranchers, the self-employed, they too will learn, they will learn that extra effort is penalized with higher and more taxes, working hard produces nothing better for you or your offspring. That when they die the government will take the lion’s share of already taxed twice money in the estate. Sloth is the word of the day. As Sir Winston put it; “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

The redeeming event is that those who run the system, the Jewish socialists will, like the parasites they are, suck us dry, spit us out and then repeat the effort and then move on, as they have done for generations. Once the marrow is sucked out why stay in the remaining carnage? They will do well, they did well in Soviet Russia, they did well in Nazi Germany, they are doing fine in Spain, Portugal and Italy, unfortunately they are only 3% of the population it’s the other 97% that get screwed! 

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