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Dr. A. H. Krieg CMFGE


Every parent, even educators know that much is wrong with American education, from kindergarten to university. The problem is directly related to teachers colleges and what they impart to future-educators. Teachers can only teach what they have learned to teach, what in fact, higher educrats have imparted on them. The Prussian model of state controlled education made a huge leap forward in October 1979 when Jimmy Carter established a Federal Department of Education, effectively removing control of education from parents and local school boards to a federal bureaucracy. From a budget of $14.5 billion in 1980 to $ 77.4 billion in 2012 and from number one in world standing of student competency in 1980 to number 34 in 2012. In a period of 32 years we have increased federal spending by $ 62.9 billion (533%) while at the same time reducing our students abilities when gauged internationally by 320%. Why?

Frankly there is not a single item in human existence that bureaucrats will not claim can be done better and cheaper by government. We know that because Barack Obama told us that they could better manage healthcare than the private sector, and that was only a year ago, and already costs are skyrocketing up. The following issues adversely impact healthcare 1) Decrease in Wages (Urban Institute Study) 2) Loss of existing Insurance (Congressional Budget Office) 3) Huge premium increases (Forbes) 4) Full time workers converted to part time (Heritage Foundation) 5) Massive tax increases in 18 differing topics. ($836 billion, Obama Budget 2013 and Obamacare documentation) so much for government economies!

In lower education K-12 in all public schools children are taught a mantra of lies and misinformation that is absolutely endless. The sad part is that most teachers actually believe the crap that they impart on our kids. For instance, “The Government knows what’s good for you and will create laws to protect you” This progressive lie is imparted on your children every day.  As Nancy Pelosi artfully articulated, “We need to pass this bill so that we can read it” These idiots pass laws they did not write, have not read, do not understand, but vote for. “America is a democracy and the only really free country in the world” In fact, America is a Constitutional Republic and has been that for about 200 years, and there are according to Dec. 2012 analysis, 16 countries that are freer than us. “You do not require the ability to protect yourself because the government police will see to your protection” If you wait for a cop to protect you your chances at hospital are greater than self-defense. “If you see another student doing something different report him to your teacher.” This particular item has turned our children into a bunch of sniveling wimp, stool pidgins.  Bulling has become epidemic because kids are taught not to defend themselves from bullies, but to snitch on them.  There is even a huge movement to eliminate competitive sports and tests because there are losers and winners, making losers feel bad. Well that’s exactly the point that’s why they will try harder the next time. Life produces losers and winners and if the child is to eventually succeed then he had better be made aware of that.

Aside all of this, education is supposed to impart the ability of those being educated to reason, judge and think; instead especially in Ivy League schools they are conditioned that to succeed they must not take any risks. Taught from childhood by parents, schools, and colleges that risk-taking constitutes failure not success thereby being socialized into a society of insects. Conditioned to be obsessed with good grades the only way success in academia is gauged, they seek to please their instructors, regardless of the validity or value of the instruction. The point being, get ahead; the only way to achieve that is to accommodate the academics in control.

Through this faulted system academia has achieved a class of citizen that is when confronted with the requirement of reaching a decision unable to do so having been crushed by years of conformity by institutions of learning into a state of kowtow to superiors. The worst academic institution practicing this is Ivy League colleges like Yale, Fordham, and Harvard; the best example of this is Barack Hussein Obama.

            Being successful in educational pursuits has little to do with hard work, sacrifice, or the ability to solve problems; it in fact is simply about striving along with the academic’s provided game. A large part of educational success in the 21st century is about joining the right organization, Skull and Bones at Yale, or Scroll and Key, the right fraternity, or sorority. All this produces accommodating jerks that develop a pecking order in business, and government and further employment based not on ability but association. These then become the leaders of society because the general population sees them as the leaders, as announced by the professors, government and educrats, which they are decidedly not. The real purpose of education is to improve minds not to accommodate student’s careers, nor to create a new feudalistic society. These places of higher learning are not designed to accommodate intellectual stimulation, individual research, or to seek answers to questions; they are designed to teach by rote a form of education acceptable in grade school but useless in higher education.

The worst part of all this is that many, if not most academics, professors, and instructors in higher education have no grounding in practical application of the subjects they teach. Thus a professor of management has attained his tenured position without ever having run as much as a five & dime store, basing his entire retinue’ on fallacies he learned from other academics. I have sat through many classes in well over half dozen places of learning where one after another instructor did not have the faintest idea about the subjects he was instructing on.

Compounding all this is the fact that we graduate far too many lawyers, social workers, English professors, psychiatrists, educators, and economists, the soft sciences; excellent for pseudo-intellectuals, but not grounded in practical applications nor especially useful to society. We should be graduating Engineers, and I don’t just say that because it is my vocation, I say it because it is better for society at large. I learned management from my father, engineering as an apprentice, and practical use, I ran my own businesses for 50 years and am still at it at 75, yet I am not qualified to teach management, or engineering or politics even though I authored hundreds of articles 15 books and have 20 US patents, Should I consider now to allow some academic who has no experience to instruct me in what he does not know?

The media is the carrier of news, and if that news is false then public conception of society is wrong. Educators, as all members of society are subject to these influences. Let’s look at some of these misconceptions, which the media promulgates.

“America is racist” considering that we have a black president, black attorney general, black UN ambassador, and 18% of federal employees are black, that accounts for under 14% of the total population, that is a radically startling invention!

“The rich must pay their fair share” The upper 2% of Americans pay over 85% of all federal and state taxes if they paid 100% of their incomes it would only run the government for two months. As it is, the proposed increase on the top 2% will raise enough revenue to run the governed for 8 days, America does not have a taxing problem we have a spending problem.

“We must grant illegals amnesty” so, people who want to be honest and wait in line for a “Green Card” overseas should be discriminated against in favor of illegal immigrant who violated our laws and snuck over the border.

“We already cut $1.4 trillion in expenses” The $1.4 trillion is that percentage of projected growth in the federal budget over the coming 10 years, compounded. Not only does it not exist it is a figment of Nancy Pelosi’s imagination.

“Providing a picture ID for voting is racist” However requiring a picture ID to purchase alcohol, cigarettes, cigars, flying on an airplane, driving a car or motorcycle is not racist.

“Gasoline prices are outrageous, government should curtail profits of oil companies” OK lets look at the facts. With a gas price of $3.25 the gas station makes about $0.06 profit, the refiner makes about $0.03 profit, the transporter makes about $0.01 profit depending on where you live, government makes $0.49.3 State about $0.14 county $0.12. on average government is the largest profiteer in fuel at average about $.75 cents per gallon sold.

“We need to raise revenue (Taxes) because we don’t have enough to run our government” The government spent about $1.4 trillion more than it took in, in each of the last five years. Projections to 2016 indicate that this will increase. We have the highest business taxes in the industrialized world, and one of the highest income taxes, additionally we have a number of taxes that do not even exist in competing societies.  Our problem clearly is spending not taxing.

“Hope and Change, replaced by Forward and Revenge” Only in America can someone who has failed in every aspect of his vocation be re-elected based on one word moronic communist slogans.

Not only the media but also the entire educational systems eats this up, loves it, and support this destructive progression. That is the problem with American education and a mind numbingly stupid media.

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