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Media in Amerika


Dr. A. H. Krieg            Board of Directors American Third Position Party


Let us not mistake news propaganda for good!

They’re nearly all lies, and one has to wade thru’

yards of verbiage and BS to determine the intent.


More than any time in my life the beginning of this century has ushered in an era replete with publicly provided falsification of fact far beyond the realm of even WWII efforts by both sides, Axis and Allied. Lamestream media, and by that I include all TV, radio and print media, have through the efforts of higher education become the purveyors of Fabian socialism. Somewhere about 84% of all employees in media proclaim their allegiance to progressive thought. Socialists have been hiding their adherence to that philosophy since the 1880’s when it became a commonly accepted postulation. That’s why they call themselves progressives, or DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) of which the House of Representatives has over 70 members. I make no issue over media members support of one or another political party of philosophy, I do however in the strongest possible way, indict a media that is un-objective, purposely alters information, lies, and thus pushes their liberal socialist anti-Christian agenda, claiming it to be the news. This is the state of American news in the 21st century, nothing but lies!

I am now absolutely convinced that Obama is the purveyor of the rider on the white horse and that the rider is now within humanity. The end of times as prophesied in the Bible in Revelation, by the Aztec calendar, and in France by Nostradamus and in so many other places in literature and many religions seems upon us. How else would it be possible that the entire Western worlds media profess an allegiance to the same identical failed belief systems.

Any way the socialist philosophy is turned, any place it was applied it failed miserably. The list of socialist failures includes Russia, Germany, Poland, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, England, and China among others. The cost in human lives exceeds even that of all combined religious wars, at over one billion. The entire concept is false, nonsensical, and contrary to human behavioral science. The basis of socialism is that society should function as an insect colony whereby the ruling elite (queen in bees) rule and that all property belongs to the state, and that every member of society be rewarded in accordance with his contributions to the society. This is then based on the misconception of equality, the sounding cry of socialism ever since the French revolution. Our forefathers knew better, equality before the law; not equality among peoples. People can never be equal, we are born and made by our Creator to be different, each of us has attributes, which are beneficial to others and these characteristics and ourselves vary greatly from person to person.

The state of things at the turn of this administration into its second term is such that I can find no parallel in history. America by conception as well as circumstance was exceptional. It was the great hope of mankind as the large nation, which accorded its citizens prosperity, freedom, property, and the pursuit of happiness, not all that different from over 720 year old Switzerland, but much larger. The Swiss rejected socialism through its elected officers almost 100 years ago, our elected have chosen the easy socialist way. The variance between the Swiss and Americans is education!

The people have spoken, “give us free stuff!” The political elite has complied providing free stuff to over a third of the population. Gifts at the cost to others are a politically expedient means of reelection, but it is also a sure way to bankruptcy. As the historic saying goes “you can rob from Peter and give to Paul ensuring yourself of Paul’s vote until Peter is broke and the jig is up” What the French are now learning about job creators and what all those scores of other socialists refuse to admit is that the wealthy can leave anytime they so chose, in France and England they are departing by the thousands. America also is faced with this problem, with hundreds of millionaires leaving our shores every month.

A principal means used by socialists is class warfare, drums that Obama has been beating for five years. “Tax the Rich” is the popular slogan of stupid people. If we taxed every living American millionaire at 100% every year, the diminishing effect would run our nation for three months a year, and we could not pay down the accumulated debt. But the impending produced question then becomes whom would the remaining people work for? The 2% wealthiest Americans already pay 47% of all collected American taxes, just exactly what does Obama and his minions of progressive fools propose to be “Pay their fair share?” mean. Socialism in America has produced a fall of private sector employment of 2%, and a rise in government employment of 6% in the last four years, which among many other issues is responsible for a national debt of over $ 16 trillion, $6 trillion of which has been accumulated by the progressives in just four years. In December of 2012 we have 345,000 fewer people employed in the private sector than we had in 2008 when “The One” was elected. As example ABC TV news reported on the benefit of razing taxes 17 times more that on cutting expenditures. Any honest economist will tell you that we have a spending problem in Washington, not a taxing problem.

While all this is presenting itself to the world the media in lock step produces a steady relentless stream of socialist propaganda. Not an issue that I can think of is omitted. Lets look at some.

The Benghazi, Libya incident whereby an American ambassador and three other Americans were murdered is a case in point. Lamestream has virtually omitted the issue as the lies became more and more apparent, some like the Grey Lady to page 12; others like CBS and MSNBC did not even mention it. It took place on the ominous date 9-11 just two weeks before the presidential elections. According to the latest information Benghazi was a CIA arms running operation through Turkey to Syria. The Benghazi consulate was a State Department provided cover for the CIA gun running operation. Our killed ambassador Chris Stevens had just on 9-11 before the attack finished a negotiation with the Turkish charge de affair. The media decided that Benghazi reporting would be bad for Obama and the progressives, because Obama had pronounced Al Qaida dead, so they omitted it from the news, sending the following people to lie about the event. UN ambassador Susan Rice was sent to do Sunday morning talk shows on TV and in five separate shows lied about Benghazi. As UN ambassador she is privy to daily presidential briefings so she knew she was lying. Gen. James Clapper who is the National Security Advisor and CIA chief Panetta’s boss lied. The person whose responsibility it was Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State absconded to Australia for a wine tasting trip, and has stayed out of country for weeks just to prevent a congressional hearing. Hillary did mange to lie about the issue on TV overseas. From they’re on down and up everyone from Panetta, CIA, to the president lied. The president lied on the View and then to the General Assembly of the UN, but just six times. Not one single “presstitute” took up the gauntlet to let America know what had transpired, now some weeks after the election Benghazi has been relegated into the dustbin of history.

Fast and Furious was the quintessential Eric Holder. In effort to implement national opposition to the second amendment Holder and Obama jointly crafted a policy to supply the Mexican drug cartels with guns and ammunition. Like Benghazi it occurred before the election, and like Benghazi, Lamestream buried it. Like so many issues that would have huge impact on the election that were not covered to any legitimate level. Let me make something very clear, Richard Nixon’s Watergate was a minor break-in of a DNC office, something both parties had previously done. No one was hurt and Nixon resigned the presidency due to un-presidented pressure by the media. In Fast & Furious two American peace officers were killed along with over 200 Mexicans, in Benghazi the first American ambassador in 30 years was murdered along with three members of his staff. Not only did nothing happen to Obama or Holder (censured by congress apparently meaning nothing) but also the entire mainstream media has refused to cover either issue before or after the election.

The fiscal cliff is what we are to ride over on Jan 1, 2013. Reporting on the issue has been blatantly stupid, uninformed, and childish. I have no idea what they teach in journalism school but economics, statistics, history and government are not in the curriculum. The Obama progressive proposal is that we can tax the hell out of the 2% wealthiest Americans and everything will be fine. Americas present tax liability when we count Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, is $86.6 trillion. Quoted by former SEC Chris Cox and ret. House W&M chairman Bill Archer, America’s national GDP is $ 14 trillion, so even if we confiscated over half of the entire wealth of America every year, we could not collect enough, never mind being broke after two years. While the Republicans seem to understand the issue they have offered only scant programs, but the progressives have not even offered a budget in three years, and the American public awarded them another term. The media has reported none of it; all we hear from media is that the evil Republicans are holding up progress and results. The fact that the variance between the Republocrats is non-existent and that both work toward the same identical goal is not ever reported anyplace.

The Arab spring is another media created load of crap. There is no and has never been any Arab spring. What the Middle East presently is experiencing is the return to the Islamic Caliphate rule. This is the time-honored means of Islamic governance under Sharia law. In Egypt it is the Muslim Brotherhood as the intended dictatorial ruler. The ongoing war in Syria is more about a struggle between Sunni and Shi’a Muslims, with the Saudis providing troops and ammo for the Sunni side and Iran providing them for the Shi’a side. It is not a civil war at all it is a war to replace the secular rule of a small sect of Islam with either Shi’a or Sunni Islam. In Jordan huge US military convoys have been widely reported. In Libya, Lebanon and Yemen there is social unrest. Late reports now indicate that the war in Syria has spilled over the border into Lebanon. This will come at cost to Jews, Christians, and others in Syria and Lebanon. The problem for us is that none in the American media have bothered to read the Koran, nor have they any real experience of living in the Middle East, never mind a perfunctory knowledge of world history, except perhaps in Israel.

The last and worst example of media bias in America is reporting on the Middle East. Jews own almost 92% of American mainstream media. I hope that you clearly understand that this does not produce unbiased reporting on issues. There is simply no way around it, anyone employed in this industry, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, or Publishing is fully aware that you do not cross your bosses on Israel, if you do your job is toast. The worst of this is that Likud who holds a majority in the Knesset together with right wing radical elements is the Israeli war party and it is the political party to which most American Jews aspire. It is factual to state that news from the Middle East out of Israel is less biased than that from America.

What the media has done is to induce Americans to believe that 9-11 was the beginning of a great war between Islam and America. That is a lie. That war started the day Harry Truman, at the pleasure of a $ 50,000 donation to the DNC by Zionists, was the first in the world to recognize Israel. The continuous expansion of American foreign aid, military aid, settlement aid, and IRS exclusions for taxes on Israeli bonds, combined with a media propaganda machine that distorts the truth is certainly part of the issue. 9-11 was a fight within a war, we are still unsure who was responsible. The war is the result of British policies from 1920 onward to 1948 and the League of Nations Mandate of 1922 that the UN later after 1948 took over. The Belfour Declaration granted to Lord Rothschild as the president of the word Zionist Federation the land that was already promised to Palestinians by Marshal Lord Allenby was what started the war. The continued expansion of Israel’s borders into Palestine (Trans Jordan in the 30’s) is the cause of its continuation. Just this week Israel announced the annexation of more of the West Bank in Jerusalem to expand Israeli settlements on other people’s property. The Jew controlled media does not ever mention or explain this. The cause of the turmoil in the region of Palestine is the Zionist policy of Greater Israel (Eretz Yisrael) that has been part of Zionist political and geographic policy since 1897 when it was first announced at the first World Zionist convention in Basel Switzerland by Theodor Herzel. Greater Israel is the expansion of Israel into the Sinai of Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and to the Euphrates River in Iraq and to Iraq’s northern border with Turkey it even includes parts of Saudi Arabia. So long as this policy remains the philosophic spearhead of Zionism there will be no peace in the Middle East. And I hasten to add that an American media totally controlled by Jews will never ever report on this issue in a truthful manner.

Politically the Lamestream informs Americans that Israel is our greatest ally and that Israel is a democracy. Nothing is further from the truth. As to Israel’s political position relating to America, it has been the largest running spy operations on American soil in our history. Just one man Jonathan Pollard stole over 500,000 pages of secret American naval defense documentation for the Mossad for money. The Mossad after reviewing the stolen documents sanitized them and sold them to the Soviets who were our greatest national adversary at the time. As to democracy, Israel is a socialist theocracy as can be verified by reading Israeli law. This also will be unreported by American Journalists.

When and only when, Americans learn that American politics is nothing but a gigantic industry that combines the Republocrats with the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned of, to control Americans and America by an elite group of insiders will change come about. The 2012 presidential campaign cost $2.8 billion and nothing changed, as usual 87% of incumbents were re-elected. Our government spends $2 trillion of revenues without the need to produce anything. And then they spend over $ 3 trillion a year putting us deeper and deeper into the hole of bankruptcy. The media is the willing accomplice.


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