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Dr. A. H. Krieg

            From HOPE to CHANGE to FORWARD to REVENGE! The media has spoken the Sheeple have obeyed, the usurper is re-elected. America is no longer the nation I grew up in. People by majority are no longer self-reliant, they are not self starters, they are socialist government dependents. Memories are short; Fast and Furious is forgotten through executive order, Benghazi and the murder of four
Americans was swept under the carpet by the media. 23 million unemployed, 47 million on food stamps, over 10 million on welfare, I predicted and Obama win in summer of 2012 by running the numbers, I doubted my own conclusions, I was right after all.

The word, Why, in the 21st century is the greatest word in our lexicon. It factually typifies what the majority of Americans think about our political dilemma. The short answer, that most people will disagree with, but which is the truth, is that Jews own 96% of the world’s media. Why, is a rhetorical question, it is not why, it is when! When will they take over? Our American and Western societies problems all relate to the fact that a very small minority of less than 3% of Western society is in control of banking, mainstream media, publishing, pornography, Hollywood, and now also politics. Aside that, these Reformed Jews manipulate everything through their control of scores of organizations that are changing Western Christianity, by degrading the basic tenants of our culture. The ACLU is one of scores of socially active groups that have over the past century altered the very concepts of Christian moral and ethical foundations. They were behind the lie of State and church separation, a principle not found anywhere in our founding documents. There are in fact so may of these Jew reformed lead establishments that prohibits their listing in a short essay. From AIPAC to AJC to SPLC there are over ten pages of listed organization run by Jews to represent Jewish/communist interests on Google and that’s not all of them.

The relevancy of this is brought out by the means used to implement their Political Correctness [PC] more accurately called Cultural Marxism. [Hate Laws] One group agitates for change of an issue, a second one attacks the issue as being non-inclusive, racist, anti-feminist, or what have you, and the third one viciously attacks anyone supporting any possible opposing thought to their position. If all that proves legislatively and socially unproductive, they mount judicial actions in the form of law suites. These are not new policies they are tried and true political actions first used in the 1920’s in Germany, where they so badly backfired.

The print media of newspapers and magazines is all part of the same situation. From the Washington Post, New York Times, Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report, to the publishing industry and Publishers Weekly, and the three largest publishing houses, are all Jewish. The largest children’s book publisher is Western Publishing, they are Jewish owned. Just try to publish an article like this; it will never happen, as for books, every one of them is censored to the hilt; no revisionist historical document has been published in the “Lamestream” media or by a major publishing house in the last 50 years.

Through these social controls, primarily in the media, entertainment and publishing, we are allowing them the ability to dictate the dialogue of political and social discourse, allowing them the decisive influence of our system of government, our elections, and the control of the minds of our “Sheeple” that have been conditioned by their deleterious educational system, our public schools. Attitudes of our society are therefore the cumulative result of Jewish thought, Talmudic morality, in the form of Jewish films, Jewish history, Jewish TV, Jewish radio, and so forth.

Most people not historians suffer the delusion that all this happened only once, in Germany from 1920 to 1944. That is in fact not the case. The entire communist movement from its first day, FOREWARD has been a Jewish exercise. Forward, you see was a communist concept word used from about 1922 to the 1950.s Mr. Axelrod whose mother was a writer for PM magazine the number one communist publication of the 1940’s would know that, and Mr. Axelrod is the man who writes Mr. Obama’s speeches, ever since that position was surrendered by Bill
Ayres, [SDS] another communist. Hope and Change are other Axelrod concepts languishing from long ago communism that he learned from his mother. The intertwining of communism and Judaism is a historic fact highlighted by the political leadership of communist parties around the world. South Africa, America, Germany, France, Italy Mexico, Poland, Czechoslovakia, all saw their communist party chairmen as Jews. Further evidence is in the makeup of the Supreme Soviet 1935 which had 56 members, 53 were Jews and the three others were married to Jews. The 1917 Soviet cabinet, just two years before the revolution had 24 members, all of them were Jews. The Soviet Central Committee in 1935 had only Jews as members in a country that was 98% Russian Orthodox Christian. In 1939 CPUSA had 39,000 members, the party was located on Rivington Street in lower Manhattan the heart of the Jewish ghetto. Half of CPUSA was Jewish. All these are undisputable historic facts.

CPUSA began collapsing in the early 50’s and by 1960 membership was down to about 3,000. The political left renamed itself as PROGRESSIVE, in fact Henry A. Wallace FDR’s first VP called himself a progressive, he was one of Stalin’s best friends and was forced out of the Democrat party when it was revealed that he was a communist, and was providing Stalin, American military secrets. As things developed the “stay fast” communists of the 20’s produced children, which came to be called “Red Diaper Babies” and the progressives of the 60’s and beyond. Further development to hide their communist past was the usual, name changes, and application to higher education, facilitated by communist professors. Today we have again changed hats; the progressives now are members of DSA [Democratic Socialists of America] 70 members of our federal legislature are DSA members. To the best of my knowledge most of the 40 Jews in the House and Senate are DSA members.

Now there are always nay-slayers to any person telling the unpublished truth, SDS was Students for a Democratic Society, it was a communist front group whose membership was by plurality Jewish. SDS grew out of the Students League for Industrial Democracy [SLDI], then to League for Industrial Democracy [LID], and the Intercollegiate Socialist Society [ISS] of 1905. When SDS was declared in 1962 at Port Huron Michigan there were 59 members about 35 were Jews. The first prominent act of the SDS was the Peekskill riots of 1949 that were inspired by black singer and communist Paul Robeson. The arranged concert was for the benefit of the Civil Rights Congress, yet another communist front group. It resulted in an attack by local citizens who rightly thought that the concert was a communist fest.

We can then move on to Woodstock of the late 60’s that was the “Counter Culture” held in the Catskills, conveniently called the Yiddish Alps by New Yorkers. The event was held at Max Yasgur’s farm and organized by Michael Lang, John Roberts, Joel Roseman, and Artie Komfeld, need I say more?

The fact of the matter is that the new left, that calls itself progressive, in no different than the old left, both from start to finish are a Jewish political exercise.

Elections in America have become to be a farce. Any outsider will comment, as have most of my European friends, about the length of the pre-election cycle, and the inordinate amounts of money spent. What most, even Americans do not understand, is that the massive mammon injection, is there so that the moneyed interests are able to control the process. Third parties are marginalized because they remain, at least as of the election of 2012, unable to raise the required amount of funds necessary to purchase TV and radio time, never mind the mountain of printed literature sent out. That however is only one part of a huge puzzle constructed by the elite managers of the “Republocrat System.” Needless to say over half of the monies provided campaigns are from Jewish donors. Additionally it is noteworthy to examine not only financing of elections but also voting by groups. Below I list the percentage of Jews, by major states in which they represent a sizable group, but due to much higher participation in the voting process what their percentage of electors is.

State                            % of Jews                               % of Jews as electors

CA                                           3.0                                           5.8

CT                                           3.0                                           6.2

FL                                            4.7                                           8.2

MD                                          4.3                                           8.1

MA                                          4.5                                           8.3

NJ                                            5.5                                           9.9

NY                                           9.0                                           18.3

Our Political Systems PP 91 ISBN 0-9748502-7-6

As is more than clear Jews through active participation in the electoral process and Christians, not actively participating gives Jews an inordinate power at the polls. There are some further major obstructions placed in the path of all third parties to prevent their active participation in the electoral process.

The Presidential Debate Commission, was set up with one basic premise in mind, keep third party candidates off the debating platform this is simply accomplished by appointing three democrats by the DNC and three Republicans by the RNC as debate commissioners. They not only don’t like competition they will make damn sure that there is none.

The FEC Federal Elections Commission also set up by the Republocrats in 1975 supposedly oversees campaign financing. They do that, but they also qualify political parties, and I hope you don’t think this is a simple process. Our party A3P has been working on this for five months and we have not to date had a hearing. In some states (FL per example) candidates cannot be listed on the ballot unless the party has attained FEC Qualification.

Then the individual states all have legal requirements for ballot access, some like Colorado, New Jersey and Tennessee have workable systems, others like Oklahoma don’t. Some states provide an illusion of honesty hidden by a mountain of corruption. Arkansas requires 1,000 electors’ signatures. Constitutionally any American citizen who is 18 years of age, and a resident of the state is a legal elector. A3P provided the Arkansas Secretary of State a list with 1.200 verified by us signatures, and then three days before the deadline we were informed that 300 of the list were not qualified. When we inquired about qualification we were informed that the 300 were not on their list, a list by the way that is and remains unpublished. We were later able to determine that the list was of registered voters as held by the secretary of state. As an interesting side not Republocrats are not required by the state to comply with these rigorous ballot access requirements, saving them great amounts of money.

No third party to my knowledge has ever in the last 50 years been successful in attaining ballot access in all states.

The collusion between mainstream media and the Republocrats is a mutually beneficial process. The Republocrats are able to prevent third party incursion into the body politic, and the media is able to garnish about two billion dollars in advertising revenues every four years. The print media follows the process to garnish further advertising dollars. The American Sheeple are once again, as in every four years, fleeced and then vote for the same people who are screwing them big time! This process has been ongoing for many decades and none seem to be the wiser.


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