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The Numbers, will Obozo be Reelected?


Dr. A. H. Krieg

The vexing question for fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, Nationalists and Libertarians is will he be reelected? We can make a partial prediction based on the past 2008 election and percentage of votes from special voting blocks. Additionally we can surmise from the campaign to present, that he has already amassed close to one billion dollars in his campaign coffers 17 months before even the beginning of the election of 2012 and the opposition, which is splintered, demonstrating not a single viable leader at this time. All the front-runners have more baggage than anyone can realistically carry and Ron Paul the only candidate actually making sound proposals is so demonized and sidelined by the media, who hates libertarians, that he does not even stand a realistic chance, even though I will vote for him.

The media under no circumstance is going to allow the publication of this article, or the fact that the coming election seems a done deal. The amount of money made by Lamestream media in presidential elections exceeds $ 2 billion; there is simply no way that they are going to put a damper on that sort of earnings.

My reasoning is as follows:

Blacks in the 2008 election voted 97% for Obama. They do not look at this campaign in any logical manner to them it is a race thing and no matter how much he screws the nation down the toilet they will again vote for Obama by at least 93%. Blacks are about 14.7% of the population so based on 2008 with 131.3 million votes cast of 61% of registered voters of which about 61% vote (79.9 million) 14 % is about 11.18 million and at least 50% of blacks will vote giving him about 6 million votes.

Hard line progressives that are about 20% of the Democrat party will vote for Obama because he is a progressive, i.e. socialist. To progressives the election is a socialist thing. Democrats are about half of registered voters which translates into 65 million Progressives are 20% of that which is about 13 million Of the balance of Democrats it is logical to assume the 87% will vote for Obama which gives us a total of 11.5 million.

Legal Hispanics, that can vote, are about 17% of the population. Like blacks are a single issue-voting block their only issue is making all the illegal immigrants legal. They are registered voters by a higher percentage than blacks. Based on 2008 they will vote about 85% for Democrat candidates because the Democrat party is the party of amnesty. Hispanics are about 22 million of which about 10 million will vote for Obama.

SEIU and AFL/CIO members will overwhelmingly vote for Obama, Just look at the mid term election of Harry Reid in Nevada to confirm this. 7.6% of the US labor force is unionized. The total employed labor force is 143.431 million, so 10.90 million Americans belong to a union. Assuming a voter turn out of 75% by union members Obama gets another 7.5 million votes.

So by this point we already have a total of 35 million Obozo votes.

Government employee’s account for a workforce of about 4 million. They all recognize that the socialists represent the only valid supports of more and larger government and will in block vote for Obozo. Discounting organized labor that we already counted which represents a large percentage of government workers and realizing the government workers will vote at a higher percentage than organized labor we can assume another 500,000 votes for the Obozo ticket. So we are now up to 35.5 million.

There are now 47 million Americans on food stamps and 560,000 welfare recipients, how many of them will vote for a party that may well cut the welfare and foods stamp programs—zero! These are the laziest people in America so I would anticipate no more than 20% of them will vote giving all the benefit of drought at least 9 million votes. The number is now 44.5 million.

The next issue is the media; in the 2008 election they voted by overwhelming numbers of 89% for Obozo. There is no reason based on present sentiment to expect any realistic changes in the percentage. The media has endlessly flogged Obozo, who can’t even give a speech without a teleprompter, and has journalists present prewritten questions at news conferences, then reading the answer of his teleprompter. Not one of the continuous and relentless lies this man tells is ever challenged by the lamestream. While the entire American lamestream media accounts for only about 200,000 votes their impact on the elections is monumental. This free help to the progressive cause will swing many unknowing and incompetent no-aligned voters now up to 44.7 million with realistically 20% of the swing voters induced by the lamestream to vote of Obama another 8 million votes bring the total to 52.7 million.

Then there is the disgruntled left. Homosexuals, Jews, Muslims, environmentalists, American Indians, and all the recruited dead in Chicago and elsewhere, who will all vote as taught them by their parents and politicians; DEMOCRAT let’s, say 5% of the population. These people vote in very large numbers easily 75%. Which works out to 6.6 million. 75% of that is about 5 million, so we are up to 59.3 million votes. All Obozo needs is a total of 65.65 million to win the election, which is still 17 months away, which is easily within his grasp.

In 2008 the Electoral College, which is based on legislative representation, produced 365 for Obozo and 173 for RINO McStupid, giving Obozo a plurality of 192 Electoral votes.


Dr. Krieg’s latest book is: Rendezvous with the New World Order, a must read for anyone who is really interested in what’s going on, whose running things, and why they are doing it.

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