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Post Obama Foreign Policy


Dr. A. H. Krieg CMFGE

Member of the Board of Directors American Third Position party.


From the end of WWII and throughout the “cold war” American foreign policy agreed to by both Republocrat wings;  [was] that American interests rather than global interests should be the predominate theme of American policy. In fact this was no different than policy from 1776 all the way to 1946. Introduced into American political thought in the 1930’s was the totally new concept of Internationalism, Globalism, and Multiculturalism all of which were predominate themes of the Soviet Bolsheviks and had been the prevailing cultural thrust by Zionism as first articulated in 1897, at the First Zionist Congress in Basel Switzerland. That the Bolsheviks were Jews is historic fact.

Unfortunately this new way; [policy], was accompanied with drastic changes in economic as well as social dogma, thereby basically disrupting the entire direction of America away from concepts of “America First” to the now paradigms as espoused by our at the time greatest adversaries, the Soviet and Chinese communists. These changes attributable to Jews, have brought about the demise of America as the predominate world power and the transfer to its new intended structure of the UN and Zionist (Likud Israel’s war party and AIPAC) controlled organizations. Just as a note; both the Soviet as well as the Chinese systems have seen the failure of socialism and drastically capitalized their process in the 21st century.

Changes that we will shortly address are many and varied; however the basic alterations in policy directed by Obama demonstrate a rapid and expansive transformation of all previous American policy. That is not to say that Obama’s four immediate predecessors were not equally at fault, but that Obama sped the process up. The fact that Jews have been in control of political thought in America since FDR is undeniable. Jews overran the entire G. W. Bush and Obama administration. The desire of Zionists is self-protection, they are terrified of a uniform Christian society standing in opposition to Zionism and have therefore construed an international policy (The International Jew) to prevent unification of opposition to their plans. Shortly, and to the point, in their minds, this is not taking control, it is self-preservation. They made the exact same mistake in scores of places over the last six centuries their last big one was in 1930 Germany.

A major issue relating to foreign policy is immigration. America now has somewhere between 23 and 25 million illegal immigrants and about 5 million ‘Green Card” holders. This translates into a foreign non-citizen population of 11%. Under normal circumstances that would be sustainable, however almost 100% of the illegals are Central and South Americans that are no assimilating into American society. This has now become a generational problem with second and third generations of immigrant not speaking English. Providing immigrants with translators, and I speak as an immigrant that did not speak one word of English when I arrived in 1952, this is an outright stupid policy. Not only do they not assimilate they are culturally and educationally handicapped when compared to Europeans and those of European ancestry.

Summing up Obama’s foreign policy is simple. As he is, 1) America has done more harm than good in the world, 2) Global interests must precede American domestic interests, 3) Internationalism should be the thrust of our foreign policy, 4) domestically the International Courts at the Hague should have precedence over American jurisprudence, 5) We must treat and negotiate with all foreign nations on equal footing. Not only are these ideas naïve’ they are self destructive. The thoughts of American exceptionalism are replaced with a dour one-world view, demeaning America nationally and internationally.

The Secretary of State articulates American foreign policy and in that setting we have been blessed with one after another failure. From “Colon” Powel, who made a total fool of himself before the world and the UN General Assembly, by the articulation of lies produced by the Israeli Mossad that proved to be fabrications, to Hillary Clinton whose oversight of Obama’s lackluster ideas has clearly demonstrated what two real armatures can accomplish. When this administration took office, relative peace with the exception of, wars started by us in Iraq and Afghanistan was fact. Today we have wars, insurrections, and civil wars in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, Libya, Kuwait, Yemen, Dhoti, Morocco, Mauritania, and Bahrain, and that ‘s just in the Middle East. The so-called “Arab Spring” a product of Israeli and American foreign policy, has turned out to be a national disaster for America and Israel. Once more, all of these changes in the Middle East, represent a differing direction, away from non-secular governance to secular states, more exactly socialist centered theocracies, that will in the long run be much more difficult for us to deal with, because they are Islamist and socialist centralized based.

For those delusional, who think our financial problems to be a recent development, let’s examine the recent financial meltdown of 2007-08 in NYC. Contrary to commonly held opinion, the financial debacle came about through the enactment of the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act (1) during the Carter administration. Carter was the prefect dupe of the Trilateralists (2) who were responsible for getting him elected. The CRA forced banks and mortgage companies to make loans to individuals as well as corporations who did not have the financial acumen to repay the loans. CRA did not come to full fruition until the election of Bill Clinton (D, AR) and his two stooges Congress “thing” Barney Frank (D, MA) and Senator Christopher Dodd (D, CT) the House and Senate banking committee chairmen. With the aid of ACORN, (3) by which Obama was employed, lending institutions were forced to make loans that they knew were untenable, by threatening federal legal action against them if they refused to make the loans. One way was to restrict banking mergers or inter-banking cooperation unless CRA could be proven to have been implemented. In other words, the federal government forced banks to make mortgage loans to people that the banks fully knew would be unable to meet the re-payment requirements.

On the international front, it was not law as much as policies that altered our national status. Up until the Election of Obama, with the most pronounced omission of Carter, American foreign policy was uniform, in that friend and foe alike, knew were we stood and what we stood for. Foreign policy is relatively simple to enact if there is a clear and present plan and similarity of policies. Everyone in these instances knows how to react and what may be expected. With the election of Obama all that changed radically. The concept of an America with a mission of advancing republican governance, of constitutionally based law, a nation determined to do good and be opposed to evil was replaced with the misnomer that we had been evil, had fostered colonialism, and were a force causing international discontent which then was the new foreign policy. The fact that with the exception of Puerto Rico, and some minor islands in the Pacific, that this was completely wrong was not articulated by anyone in our government or media. The economic or more pointedly commercial aspects, which had already been encompassed by “Free Trade” have been destructive of American manufacturing, which has lost over 10 million “Blue Collar” jobs and 46,000 manufacturing plants.

Free trade on its own is a deindustrialization policy, it being an old economic model, based on David Ricardo’s (4) failed theory of comparative advantage. Not unlike Marxism the theory is based on 18th century industrial production, which today is no longer an economically feasible concept. In the 18th and 19th centuries production methods varied widely globally, thus production or manufacturing methods were mechanized in the developed world and manual in the undeveloped world. Such gave credence to Ricardo’s theory. Today in the postindustrial age, manufacturing methods are uniform worldwide, whereby the same production methods are employed everywhere. Therefore the discerning factor in manufacture is reduced to two issues. 1) The cost of labor, and 2) the cost of regulation. What Obama is doing in America is to totally ignore the cost of labor issue, while additionally placing pressure to increase the minimum wage, and conversely so drastically overregulate industrial production as to make it uncompetitive on the world markets. The cost of producing a widget in Mexico or North America can be reduced to the cost of labor, which in Mexico is about $ 3.20 per hour and America where the cost is about $27.00 per hour. If we now add the draconian American government created regulatory burden of, OSHA, ERISA, FDA, EPA, MNSF, NOAA, USFWS, USACE, BPA, NPCC, EPAOW, NRCS, well I’m sure you get the point. Under these circumstances American manufacturers have one of three choices. A) Close down and retire B) move production to Mexico, C) continue on to bankruptcy.

One of this administration’s primary boasts is that it saved the automobile industry through a massive bailout. Unfortunately the entire policy can be exposed as a massive fraud not only on the GM bondholders that were screwed out of being paid back for their investments, but also the United Auto Workers, (5) and the American public. The entire transaction was to keep union funds flowing to the coffers of Obama, through forced union dues, redistributed to the campaign to re-elect the president. Far worse is the realization that GM has since the bailout built 11 assembly plants and 4 drive train plants, and 2,400 distribution centers in the PRC. Then in March of 2012 they announced that they would be transferring the GM R & D department from Detroit to China. Today 7 out of 10 GM automobiles are produced outside the USA. Leaks within the corporate offices in Detroit have confirmed that GM intends on a total of 22 manufacturing facilities in China by 2016, based on that schedule, a progressive projection indicates that this will mean that by 2020 all GM manufacturing will be offshore. Just one more thing, Chrysler was bailed our by Fiat of Italy.

A consideration left out by most commentators is the Cloward & Piven theory for the destruction of Capitalist society. It is the application of that theory by Obama, which is the primary driving force against existing social policy. In brief Cloward & Piven, postulate that any capitalist system can be overthrown through a financial process of overloading the systems financial capability thereby driving the entire system into bankruptcy. The process of increasing unemployment by 25.4%, the number of unemployed to 23 million, increasing federal employment by 2.2%, reducing median income by 1%, increasing the number of food stamp recipients by 35.1%, increasing the number of American is on unemployment compensation by 22.2% and then doubling the time of participation, the number of long-term unemployed by 145.2%, increasing the national below poverty levels by 8.3% and lastly the increase of participation of disability benefits by 300%, all backs my assertion of the implementation of the Cloward & Piven theory of capitalist destruction in America by Obama. What Obama and his mostly communist Czars are doing is a planned destruction of America’s economy so that it can be reinstituted as

a socialist system.

            On the issue of foreign policy it is impossible at this date to omit the Benghazi incident. The absolutely shameless way the entire administration lied, and how the Lamestream media complied in supporting those lies, is unprecedented in American history. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta lied not once but repeatedly. Then to cover up the administrations lies, he classified all the videos of the attack, as recorded in real time by our drones, on 9-11 over Benghazi. Then he fired four star general Carter Ham, (Africa Command) because he wanted to save our people in Benghazi. He ordered the Delta Force, C130’s and F16’s in Italy just one hour away to stand down, thus preventing air and ground support to our people. Panetta did not act unilaterally only the president could give those orders. Live feeds of drone videos, along with Seal hydrophone verbal communications as well as E-mail communications to 40 points in the white House, the CIA as well as NSA was on line from 9:45 PM to seven hours later when the attack was over. This conclusively proves that Obama, Clinton, Rice, and Panetta are big time liars. The worst is yet to come our president three times refused to allow the rescue of our countrymen. Then he ordered our people in the safe house to stand down three times, thank God they disobeyed him and were able to save 30 Americans, but were themselves killed. When we have an administration in which the president, secretary of State, UN ambassador, and Secretary of Defense all lie to congress and the American people the jig is up, and new leadership must be installed!

The preeminence in global issues relating to foreign policy obstructs the entire purpose of a foreign policy in the first place. Foreign policy is or, at least ought to be, in the self-interest of the nation, not that of others. Obama has constructed a paradigm whereby citizens of other nations and foreign ideas and laws are considered before the indigenous population in all aspects. These concepts are totally foreign to American governance, representing a departure of past policies.

Internationalism i.e. globalization possibly under the banner of the United Nations, with the continued downsizing and economic destabilization of America is likewise a new twist in America. Along with that goes multiculturalism specifically designed to destroy family units, social cohesion, and community. Multiculturalism has been the hidden agenda of the Zionist movement for decades, it has resulted in racial strife, increased crime, social unrest, and economic depravity every place it was employed. The poster child for multiculturalism is the Balkans.

These concepts combined, social, and economic and foreign policy have resulted in a factual catastrophe for America and Americans. They are based on failed Marxist and Ricardan ideas that may have been workable in 1800 but are today as obsolete as manual cotton pickers. They are the application of long ago economic theories that have been proven as unworkable in this century. This then brings us to consideration of where should we go after Obama.

America was not only successful in its first 150 years it was the most successful in the world at that time and certainly the most economically effective in recorded history. Conversely the socialist systems of the 19th and 20th centuries, which Obama touts as his model for America, all demonstrate abject failure, economical socially and in foreign as well as domestic policy. Why anyone would accept the premise that CHAGE from a free capitalist society would instill HOPE to move America FORWARD by installing socialism simply defies logic. The fact that all three of the aforementioned words are part of the communist lexicon is historic fact.

Both Romney and Obama throw about numbers that simply make no sense. Just as an example, Obama claims he can fix the healthcare issue be depleting $737 billion from Medicare to fund Obamacare, Joe Biden tell us that this is possible because they will eliminate healthcare fraud. So, that entire cost of Medicare in 2011 was $834 billion which using “simple” Joe’s logic consist of $ 737 billion dollars of fraud, if that is actually the case I have two questions, why is Joe and Barack doing nothing about all this fraud now? And according to Joe’s figures the actual cost of Medicare is only $ 97 billion. Nothing adds up! On the Romany side the cost of Medicare in 2011 was $834 billion that cost has historically doubled every seven years so by 2019 Medicare would cost $ 5.838 trillion that is not sustainable and not affordable. We can go through the entire campaign rhetoric of both candidates and determine that both are full of it.

This then leaves us with a dilemma, should Obama be re-elected we already know that he intends on acceleration of the process, remember what he said to Dimity Medvediev (6) [Obama off mike] “Tell Putin, I will be more flexible in my second term.” Obama thereby has demonstrated his lack of leadership and total omission of management skills, never mind negotiation ability. Without hesitation I firmly believe that a second Obama term would be a total disaster for America, socially, economically and in foreign policy, and I am not a Republican.

Conversely, Romney seems OK on domestic policy however his foreign policy is far too interrelated with that of Israel for any of us to be confortable. I will however say right here and now that Romney’s economic forecasts are no less dubious than those of his opponent. Some of his statements relating to Iran are perfunctory war mongering; his personal attacks on the Iranian president are shameless, and his tying American Foreign policy relating to Iran, to that of Israel borders on foolishness. It would be wise for Mr. Romney to read the available material on the USS Liberty attack by Israel, as well as the Pollard affair, along with Yosef Amit, Iltmar Rabinovich, Yossi Melman, and scores of others. Israel is one of the most active spy operatives in America.

The entire political campaign of this year is based on bumper sticker language, sound bites, and personal attacks of the individual candidates. Romney got that one right when he told Obama in the foreign policy debate that personal attacks do not translate into planned foreign policy. Obama has without question run the sleaziest political campaign of my memory and that includes some real bangers in Italy and Mexico.

I do not like the articulated foreign policy of either candidate, or political party, I will be voting for the honest guy in the race Merlin Miller the A3P candidate. 



(1) 91. Stat. 1147,12 U.S.C. 2091

(2) Trilateral Commission

(3) The Association of Community Organizations for Reform

(4) David Ricardo 1772-1823

(5) UAW labor union

(6) Russian Premiere


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