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On the debate: Romney acted sounded and was presidential. Obama was childish, aggressive, and insulting to not only Romney but to the audience. It was a clear win for Romney !


Leading From Beind!                     10.22.12

We Believe whatever we want to Believe!

                                                Demosthenes 348


Dr. A. H. Krieg


The question posed by the inquiring mind in 2012 is which of Obama’s foreign or domestic policies is superior? The obvious response of Hamlet [they are both as] “Thy knotted and combined lock to part, and each particular hair to stand on end, like quills upon the fretful porcupine” It is however today our objective to examine the Obama administrations foreign policy. Having widely traveled during my life to well over 100 nations and all 50 states, (and yes, Barack we only have 50 not 57) I feel myself qualified to attack the issue.


Whatever you say about other presidents, Jimmy Carter excluded, all had a pro- American, and understandably organized structured foreign policy. Our allies and enemies alike knew, or could figure out what America would do and how we would react. In stepped the amateur, a man who is so self centered, so self aggrandized, so incredibly narcissist that he actually believes himself to be the “second coming.” He, can in his own mind, not err, he seeks no others advice save that of Valerie Jarrett, who has achieved the dubious title of gate keeper, advisor and witch in charge, along with an entire raft of people who have been out of country twice on cruise vacations. The problem is that all these people come from Chicago a city that boasts one of the worlds most corrupt political systems, and whose operators are mid west neophytes when it comes to matters international. Obama has, as any narcissist would, surrounded himself with yes people. Valerie, in the interim keeps any who might actually provide an intelligent comment as far away as possible. She is also poorly educated, being a member of Chicago’s upper-Black society, which functions in an international political vacuum.


Senator Dick Durban and some of the many Obamaites spelled it all out for us. The Benghazi incident was due to the Republicans, they cut the State Department security budget, well actually, as was revealed on October 16, the State Department has $ 2 billion for security that Hillary refuses to spend. Worse yet she found lots of funds to purchase Chevrolet Volts from Government Motors and build electric charging stations at Scandinavian embassies and consulates. Well, we understand the Volt is not selling and the administration must do something to get rid of dead inventory. Just one question does State also get the $ 10,000 credit when they buy a Volt?


America was the last man standing in Benghazi; even the Red Cross had departed. The British ambassador left after a RPG attack on his convoy, even the Italians departed. Our Benghazi operation had been attacked numerous times, and the CIA had given warning. CIA documents release during the week of October 15th demonstrated that the White House and State Department were given warning within 8 hours of the attack, as to its purpose and organization; so we now know that Rice, Clinton, Obama, Durban, and all those progressive Democrats pundits also lied. It was al Qaida period! The president greatly expanded his lies before the UN General Assembly where he repeated the video lie seven times, this all so that the incident could be made to fit into the lackluster Obama foreign policy.  


The issue is not really Benghazi it is a foreign policy, of the Obamaites, which not only leads from behind; it is in fact clueless. The entire Arab Spring scenario is another failed American Zionist effort toward Eretz Yisrael, which has been the pipe dream of Zionists from 1897 onward.  


All of this is political theater. It is artificial, consumer-based salesmanship by political operators. Truth and facts are irrelevant. It is the use of mass propaganda in effort to link the candidates with the listener’s personality. It is not directed at the general public. Most of the general public is already committed to one of the Republocrats; all this effort is directed at the uncommitted voter. The candidate makes every effort to create a sense of false intimacy with his listener, honesty, and sincerity are unimportant; the best actor will win. This however does not work in any normal political venue’; it only works in a two party system where authenticity can easily be hidden and separated from reality. This is why the Republocrats are so enamored with this corrupt two party system; they fully understand how it works and how to work the voters. They have so construed America’s political scene that third parties are sidelined; the public remains basically uninformed on most issues, allowing them to sell their lies, without obstruction. All this is based on the supposition that in order for the Republocrats to maintain their relentless grip on American politics they must prevent any third party participation or the game as they say would be up.


This is all very important because it goes to the heart of the matter. The matter is political policy. Namely the policy of the Obama administration, which in a nutshell is: “bin Laden is dead and GM is alive.” Sadly that’s what its come to, bumper sticker diplomacy, most likely from Axelrod or Jarrett. Any issue that might impinge on this childish policy is immediately attacked by every-progressive Democrat alive. The slogan first uttered by Obama’s brain-thrust laughing Joe Biden, clearly demonstrates the sad state of American diplomacy. Our nations foreign policy is captive to children. This results in the, what can only be considered a catastrophe, which is referred to as American Foreign Policy.


The Middle East or more correctly the imagined world as seen by a pretend Muslim, Barack Hussein Obama, created situations we will have to live with for the coming 30 years. Egypt that was a stable society has seen the anti-Western and violently anti-Christian Muslim Brotherhood take over national control. Anti-Coptic Christian riots has resulted in hundreds of Copts being mascaraed. Copts are about 9% of Egyptian population. In Syria the Awaite’s who are kindred to the Assad family leadership and their Druze Christian associates (16% of the population) are opposed by the Sunnis who are allied to Saudi Arabia’s radical Wahhabis sects. Syria is not a civil war as has been reported, 90% of the fighting is in Syria’s borders, being supported by Israel, America, and England, with the Russians supporting Assad. The Iran issue, that is in fact a fable, is another Mossad construct. All 16 American intelligence agencies, the British, French, even the Mossad have all clearly stated that there is no discernable evidence that Iran is perusing the construction of nuclear weapons. This is nothing but a repeat of the Mossad inspired “Weapons of Mass Destruction” attack on Iran and the totally fictitious attack on the Syrian nuclear plant that never existed. It was a world first, a nuclear plant without uranium, without a fence, without water for cooling, without protection, located in the middle of a desert, without a containment structure. Well there you have it in science terms they are eons ahead of us. The present facts of real geopolitics are that al Qaida is in massive resurgence in the entire Islamist world whether Obama likes it or not! That leaves us with but one issue relating to Joe’s bumper sticker slogan. GM   has since Obama’s election, opened 11 assembly plants, 4 drive train plants, 2700 G.M. dealerships in the Communist Peoples Republic of China, announced the transfer of their R& D department from Detroit to China, and reliable sources inside GM indicate that they will be building a total of 22 production plants in China by the end of 2020. Good Bye Government Motors, hello New China Motors.

So, Mr. Vice President you can take that slogan to the dump, because that’s where it belongs.

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