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We just don’t get it


We just don’t get it!

Dr. A. H. Krieg  for the A3P board of directors


According to the “Lamestream” about half of America’s population still supports Obama, We don’t get it! Obama has a great life insurance policy its called Joe Biden that we get! What part of abject failure do these nimrods not understand? Where this half of America’s population away on another planet for the last four years? Well, I think that just like Obama, all were watching ESPN while the news was on. So we have some very specific questions relating to our economy, social issues, and other things all of which impact on every one of us. After four years of blaming success, Bush, business, the weather, banking, Europe, the Republicans, and anything else coming to mind it is now finally time for the “PROGRESSIVES” to accept responsibility for what they accomplished?

Try to remember that for the first two years of his presidency the progressives controlled the House of Representatives, with Nancy Pelosi, the Senate, with Harry Reid, 48 Czars, all cabinet positions, the presidency, and a near majority in the Supreme Court that in fact turned into a majority with the Obamacare decision.   

So let’s get right to it! Obama’s greatest supporters were the Black population; latest pooling indicates that they still support him by 94%. They have not exactly done well. Today after four years of Obama, Blacks have the highest unemployment numbers in American history. Those Blacks over 30 have a 34% unemployment rate and those under 30, 50%. Blacks have the highest HS drop out rate in history, a prelude for failure in life. Well over half of black children are born bastards without a father in sight; consequently they have the highest percentage of crime and incarceration of all ethnic groups. He’s done a great job for his own people! Why do these fools continue to support him by a margin of over 90%? We don’t get it!

Jews almost exclusively supported Obama in 2008 that has hardly changed, the entire Obama administration has more Jews than blacks, by the way Jews are 3.5% of the population, and Blacks are 15%. Why Jews and zionists continue to support a man who obviously does not support them, or Israel is anyone’s guess, as for us, we just don’t get it!

Women who have a number of qualifying issues, by a large margin support Obama. Now, ladies don’t get testy, but your fair sex has seen an increase of female unemployment of 800,000 in the last four years. Outside a small number of lesbians, the entire Obama administration is void of women. Hell Romney had just fewer than 50% females in Massachusetts as employees when he was governor. I personally think that that’s a lot more important than $6 worth of contraceptive pills per month. We just don’t get it!

Hispanics we are informed support Obama by a margin of four to one, what has this man ever done for you? Hispanics continue to have massive unemployment, almost as great as Blacks. Republicans have the most articulate and one of the best Hispanics as in senator Marco Rubio. The first female Hispanic governor, of New Mexico, a presidential candidate whose son addressed the RNC convention in Spanish, we don’t get it! All the mouth service about amnesty will just boost Black and Hispanic unemployment levels, and do nada for American citizen Hispanics. We just don’t get it!

Then there are all the great accomplishments by Obama. Let’s together count them; 48 months of unemployment of over 8% by M-3, 14.4% by M-6, and 24.7% using ShadowStats the only realistic real unemployment level. A national debt increased to over $ 16 Trillion a $6 Trillion increase in just four years resulting in the highest in history national debt, the greatest increase in national debt in a four year time frame, and more accumulated debt than the first 42 presidents combined. The highest recorded inflation rate in US history at over 10% ShadowStats. The enactment of Obamacare, a law that is intended to eliminate private health insurance substituting it with a socialist fit-all system replacing 14.7% of private sector business with a massive government bureaucracy that is by all accounts is not financially sustainable, and consists of over 2,000 pages of taxes, rules, fees and restrictions, including a death panel. The loss by the middle class of 40% of their equity investments in their homes and retirement plans. A 45% increase in welfare, 47 million Americans on food stamps, doubling of the number of Americans on disability compensation, 36% of Americans now are below the poverty line, the largest number since the “Great Depression”, even with 23 million unemployed Americans our borders remain open and we now have 24 million illegals living in our nation, all vying for American jobs, and a foreign policy in shambles, the refusal to build the Keystone pipeline, deep sixed the entire space program and lost 20,000 jobs in Florida in the process, the waste by Dr. Chu of the energy department of over $ 6 billion on failed green energy projects is simply mindboggling.

On that issue let’s count the ways, all out of business! Solar Trust $ 2.1 billion, Sun Power $1.5 billion, First Solar $1.46 billion, Solyndra $535 million, Enerl $118.5 million, Evergreen Solar (unknown filed for bankruptcy), Spectra Watt, (unknown filed for bankruptcy), Beacon Power $453 million, Around Solar $400 million, Ammonia $5.9 million, Babcock & Brown $ 178 million, A 123 Systems $ 279 million. Oh, no, I’m not finished, Fisker Automobile, $529 million with plans to build a car costing $ 100,000 in Finland, The Atlantic, has a credit line of $ 193 million plans to build a car costing $ 50K, that’s all we know, Tesla Motors $ 465 million is producing a car in California that costs about $ 100,000 sales are dismal, I predict another bankruptcy, GM, used to be General Motors is now Government Motors, The Chevy Volt, production was just halted for the second time due to lack of sales, and that’s with a $10,000 rebate from uncle. The car actually costs $ 40,000 with a $10,00 rebate but production cost is $230,000 per unit due to slow sales. Oh, and PS most of these companies were huge Obama cash cows for the 2008 campaign and no one was prosecuted. And now, Dr. Chu has announce he plans for $ 10 billion more in green energy financing, well if at first you fail spend some more and fail some more. We just don’t get it!

Fast and Furious was an attempt by Obama, and Holder to create a circumstance allowing the passage of the repeal of the second amendment to the Constitution. Hundreds of Mexicans, and at least three American federal agents lost their lives due to this moronic effort. No person has been arrested, no one has been charged, and everything has neatly been swept under the rug, and the president used executive privilege to block release of who, how, and why all this took place. . We just don’t get it!

America has only one discernable energy policy. Buy it overseas, directly after financing it with American taxpayers funds. Obama has funded refineries in Columbia, offshore drilling in Brazil, blocked every federal lands exploration, stopped the Keystone pipeline development, and drilling, eliminated off-shore drilling and stopped expansion of oil production in Alaska. Every drop of oil or gas produced greater than under Bush is produced on state controlled lands not federal. Oil and gas production on federal lands has drastically declined. We just don’t get it!

This is not a failed presidency this makes Jimmy “the Twit” Carter look like a chess master. This is not as Romney said, a failed presidency, this is a failed administration, and there are still Americans supporting this troop of fools! We just don’t get it! 

This by the way is just the tip of an economic iceberg bearing down on America? According to Obama’s budget projections, he anticipates that with massive tax increases  the national debt will grow to $ 21.5 trillion by 2016. Rubbish, based on my calculation and Obama’s first four years, the national debt will climb to over $27 trillion by 2016, unemployment to 49%, should he by misfortune be reelected. Inflation will spiral out of control, and like Greece there will be riots in the streets, that’s why HHS is buying 750 million rounds of hollow point ammunition (Dum Dums). In fact if Obama is reelected the American experiment will terminate and America will spiral into a third world cauldron of poverty, distress, and death. We, Americans have a clear choice we can opt for communism/socialism or a continuation of a free society and free economy, that’s the only choice worth thinking about. Why do some American’s support this mediocre, no not that, terrible Obama administration, we just don’t know, we don’t get it! Help us out tell us why! Ahka3p@neomailbox.net

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