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What American’s don’t understand


What American’s don’t understand

Dr. A. H. Krieg


As part of my education, my father was very cosmopolitan; I spent two semesters of my prep school years in Mexico. I attended Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, about 100 klm north of Mexico City. One of my classmates was Eustace Mullins the protégé’ of Ezra Pound, America’s greatest poet and political dissident.

Americans think of the third world as homogeneous national societies that make up nation states. This concept is not only wrong; it leads not only Americans in general but our government to reach conclusions that are individually and societally harmful. To in any vein consider Mexico to be a nationally homogeneous society made up of Mexican citizens bespeaks a total lack of understanding about Mexican culture, society, history, and body politic.

Not unlike Morocco, Algeria, and many third world nations, especially those subdued by Western nations, Mexico is a two-class society. Mexico’s Spanish masters destroyed the indigenous culture, religion, mathematics, and sciences, much of which was way over their heads, and replaced it with a radically harsh Roman Catholicism. The only real unifying societal constant in today’s Mexico is the Roman Catholic Church. Mexico is well over 90% Roman Catholic. The Spanish colonizers were harsh masters, mass murderers, and without doubt the worst destroyers of indigenous culture on planet earth. The Portuguese in Brazil and Spain repeated this horror in all of Latin America in the rest of the continent. So, the Mexican, and for that, all South and central American nations consist of two class societies, first the remainders of the Spanish or Portuguese conquerors, and secondly in Mexico the Mestizos, or original Indian population. Not to understand that social separation or the fact that in Mexico the remnants of the Spanish conquistadores are the rulers, will lead to wrong conclusions.

Western nations have for the last 1,500 years been homogeneous social structures both in Europe as well as in North America. The British while also displaying the same sort of poor judgment embarked on the mass annihilation of the indigenous populations of North America resulting in a homogeneous European based culture after initial colonization, making it similar to that of Europe. Then with the beginning of slavery in America that brought massive changes in the makeup of North America a circumstance that has concluded in this century with a Black population of about 15%. Thus America has been radically changed, and since US Senator Teddy Kennedy (D, MA) inspired immigration changes resulting today in an approximate 34% non-European population in North America. This has resulted in a similar situation as exists in Mexico whereby the now indigenous Anglos could be considered to be the counterpart of the Spaniard’s in Mexico. The only caveats being that in North America Anglos still outnumber minorities, a situation that is in flux.

These matter are converting North America into a two class society, the haves and the have not’s. The similarity of Mexico and America is based on race and value, i.e. wealth. The situation is not dissimilar in Europe where the immigration is mostly from North Africa and Turkey.



In regards to domestic policy; until Americans, but more exactly the American government comes to grips with the reality of cultural and social actions of illegal immigration into North America, we will not see any resolution to our communal problems. At present time we have about 24 million illegal immigrants in our country. The Democrat solution, and it is imperative to understand that the Democrats are the architects of this invasion, is to give all of these people amnesty. Not only is this unrealistic it is insane. To add 24 million illegals to our population that have never contributed to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid would ensure total collapse of our entire social support network. This is then expanded through all those myriad of Democrat created social programs like the Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Labor, not one of which has seen any funds from illegals but to which all will become available once citizenship is granted. The financial impact of granting amnesty has not been part of our national debate.

            In foreign policy the situation is also dire. Changes in Latin America relating to leadership in nations like Venezuela and others where indigenous peoples have taken control of the government seems not to be a factor of American foreign policy, in fact, much to our disadvantage, we have developed an adversarial position with all South American nations that have seen the coming social changes take root. The situation in Mexico is not that dissimilar the PRI holds onto power by a mere thread. Mexico’s southern states in which the Mestizos represent a much larger plurality of population have seen one insurrection after another for several decades. While in the northern, and central Mexican providences government rule is non-existent while the drug cartels are in very obvious control of the situation. The reality being that Mexico is presently not governed by a central government out of Mexico DF, but groups of states in revolt to central authority.

            Most people believe that this situation is one of drugs, and one of culture, it is not that at all. The indigenous Mestizo population vastly outnumbers the Spanish Europeans. I lived in Mexico in the 60’s, which was 50 years ago, and the seeds for revolution from previous rebellions were still warm. The very obvious fact that a group of Spanish decedents would not indefinitely be able to continue their tyrannical rule of the vastly larger Mestizo indigenous population was obvious 50 years ago, I remain simply astounded that it has taken this long for things to come to a head.

The crux of all this is that the Mexican immigrants to North America are not Mexicans, they are almost exclusively indigenous peoples, or those of mixed race. They represent the bottom of the social and financial chain in Mexico. They are in large part uneducated and unable to assimilate into a society that is 200 years ahead of them. They do not in their first generation learn English except as a minimal requirement, they do not assimilate as previous European populations have, they do not mix with Anglos, and most maintain their Mestizo culture living in Mexican ghettos by their own choice, they remain uninterested in citizenship preferring to return to Mexico upon retirement. Because our governments refusal to enforce immigration laws or border control, and by providing non English speaking immigrants both legal as well as illegal, interpreters, we now have a 34% non-European population that seems to have taken over the largest political party in America having no real interest in assimilation but rather making Americas South West part of Mexico.

Combined, these peoples, Blacks, Mestizos, legal and illegal immigrants now account for more then one third of our population. The basic concepts of the Democrats are to allow the continuation of illegal immigration (non enforcement of excising laws) until such minority population outnumbers the present Anglo majority, at which point the hope to rule as the majority party indefinitely.

The false belief that the Republicans oppose this situation is not based in fact. Bush did not enforce border control, nor did he do anything to stop the illegal invasion of our nation. There in fact is only one party of all those running that is supportive of the falling majority in America. The American Third Position (A3P) is that party.  A3P demands to stop all immigration until the unemployment is below 3%, close all borders and protect them, have a no-interventionist foreign policy, and end free trade replacing it with fair trade. America first!


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