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Republocrat conventions!


Commentary by Dr. A. H. Krieg       Board of Directors American Third Position 09.10.12


Convention Grades:

                        Republicans                                       Democrats

Substance                 D                                           F

Lies                          B                                           A+

Content                    C-                                          D-

Presentation              B                                           D

Organization             C+                                          F-


As a general observation, both conventions were fraught with in fighting, disagreement and a cornucopia of lies. The difference in temperance however was astounding, while the Republicans in general maintained a forward looking and amenable posture the Democrats presented themselves a nasty, vindictive and hateful group of people whose only interest seemed to be to relentlessly slander and lie about their opponents. They offered nada! Frankly we do not care what the left or right wing of the Republocrat party thinks about the other, we would much rather hear proposed solutions to our national problems, which presentation was thin to non-existent from both. The total omission of foreign policy, the national debt, wars, and unemployment by the Democrats was unconscionable. The addressing of those issues by the Republicans was scant and incomplete.

The hateful rhetoric by the Democrats and the relentless personal attacks against Republican candidates was disgusting. This seemed more like a convention of snake oil salesmen rather than American political leaders. What in fact could we expect from an impeached and disbarred president Clinton, a first lady who had to surrender her law license or face insurance fraud charges, and a president who had to surrender his law license or face charges of lying on his license application. Shades of Nixon! When Senator (Swift Boat) Kerry (MA) in his speech said “I would take the word of Netanyahu over that of Romney any day” he propelled the entire DNC into the sewer. Kerry continued with his rhetoric of fear and class warfare it behooves us all to remember that he is, due to his wife Teresa (The Saint) Heinz-Kerry is one of the wealthiest senators with hundreds of millions in assets; if ever there was a member of the 1%ers he’s it. Teresa by the way is so far to the left that she gives money for distribution to the San Francisco based Tides Foundation, so that her husbands constituency won’t find out what sort of kooky, queer, communist and left wing things the Kerry family funds. When then, hapless Joe stated that we had turned the corner to recovery, he made a minor miscalculation because the Friday released numbers indicating a national workforce reduction of 119,000 just from July to August 2012, and an actual loss of 368,000 total number of employed Americans since he took office, which made him look just like the fool he in fact, is.

Every single speaker repeated the mantra, “Yes, we are better off than we were four years ago” Tell that to the 23 million unemployed! We only wish it were so! 43 months of unemployment over 8%, by the way using the least offensive gauge, when in reality according to ShadowStats unemployment is at 24.6% as of August 2012. 46.7 million Americans on food stamps, over 40% reduction in housing values, 37% welfare increase, and a 50% value reduction in IRA’s and 401 K’s. Total number of jobs lost in four years is 368,000 the Obama claim that 4.5 million were created is a pipe dream. Since the enactment of NAFTA and free trade under Clinton America has lost 10 million manufacturing jobs and 43,000 manufacturing plants, neither party even seriously mentioned it, but Romany said he would increase free trade, when everyone in America knows we should replace Free Trade with Fair Trade to stop the hemorrhage of jobs overseas. That’s not what this is about anyway, It’s not are you better off now than you were four years ago, it’s about where will we be in four years? That in fact is the real question. Based on Obama’s dismal economic performance we can certainly figure out where we will be  he is reelected. In fact he has told us exactly where, in his budget projection to 2016 indicates a deficit of over $ 20 trillion, knowing how Washington/Obama accounting works, we can say with certainty, that it would be over $27 trillion. As for the Romney faction, facts of their plan are almost as scarce as those of the Dems.

Not wanting to only hammer the Democrats the Republicans had a fight about the rules and did the exact same thing as the Democrats. In both cases the powers in control RINO/PROGRESSIVES had pre-scripted the Teleprompters to the sitting chair who read the resulting vote tally, as they wanted not how the vote went. The Republicans indirectly disenfranchised the Tea Party and Dr. Ron Paul, while the Democrats put God and Jerusalem back into their platform even though a clear majority opposed it. Most speakers droned on for more than half an hour with ‘much ado about nothing” listening to all this was nauseating.

That slime ball opportunist Charlie (The Eel) Christ now employed by the biggest ambulance chasing law firm in Florida Morgan and Morgan whose slogan is not (all for us) rounded out a line of speakers that were at times so verbose that I had to leave the room.

Elizabeth Warren that 1/250,000 Indian witch from Massachusetts, well what can I possibly say?

Joe Biden was in terms of Joe, amazing, while he did present several fibs he gave a good speech totally lacking in substantive truth but with excellent presentation. In regards to taxes he seems to have missed the Clinton removal of Bowles Simpson, the fact that Obama/Biden had not met with their appointed jobs council since January 2012, and both completely disregarded the advice of their own Economic advisors.

Bill (The Impeached, and disbarred) Clinton true to form spoke about me, myself and I for an hour, so many words so little substance, maybe he was trying to outdo Fidel, his boring speech that revealed nothing and only highlighted the other meglomainiac, narcisit in the room, Obama. The endless give us another chance repeated in ten ways interrupted for much mob applause, hey, Bill you had your chance and were impeached, and Obama screwed up! One would think that at least one member of the media would have come to the realization that it was during the Clinton administration, the the era of ever greater greed, that the foundation of our 2008 economic debacle was setup by Bill, Barney, Christopher, Harry and Nancy.

Obama offered no hope, no change, and a continuation of all the failed spending policies of the last four years. Not able to sell more hope and change he, Nancy and Harry locked out everyone including blue dog Democrats. And then went into overdrive telling us of the catastrophe that would impend the nation should they chose to replace Obama with Romney. Transparency as promised by Obama was not evident in the last four years, not for even one second. The promise of having congressional and presidential debates televised on C-Span did not occur. The one trillion plus stimulus, omitted from the platform, the 23 million unemployed Americans were not even mentioned, the over 35% increase in welfare was tabled. The Jobs Council was omitted. The ongoing speeches by Democrat party leadership were a broad-based effort to attract the stupid and uninformed to the Democrat banner, with free stuff, wealth re-distribution, class warfare, and more Americans unemployed and living on government dole. It was about the politics of more socialism, and the Nanny State. It told the party faithful “vote for us” because the Republicans will take away your welfare, food Stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, healthcare, birth control, right to abortions, contraception, this is the true politics of fear. If you failed, and have nothing to offer, you are left with few alternatives, primarily unfounded personal attacks on your opponent’s character and fear mongering. Obama even lied about his White mother, when (he as well as Biden) recounted his presence in her hospital room when she was dying. Both in his book and in a Chicago Sun Times interview he clearly said he was not at his mothers deathbed.

As an alternative political party we would have been delighted to hear something of what these Republocrats actually plan to do to resurrect America. We heard none of that. We at A3P have proposed changing the SS benefits by extending time. The elimination of 62 retirements, the lengthening in 2016 to age 68 and in 2020 to 70. We have poposed the closing of our borders to immigration until unemployment reaches 3%. The total elimination of foreign aid. A non-interventionist foreign policy and bring our troops home. A closed Mexican border. The elimination of Free Trade and replacement of it by Fair Trade, the renegotiation of NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, & WTO. Elimination of the IRS replacing it with a consumption tax. Elimination of the FRS and return of our monitory policies to congress. Tort Reform, absolute term limits for congress as well as the judiciary limited to two terms maximum. Mandatory retirement of Judges at age 65. A balanced budget amendment. Abolition of the departments of Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Education, Labor, and Health and social Services. Immediate repeal of NDAA and the Patriot Act. Making English the official national language. Repeal the 14th 16th and 17th amendments to the constitution. Immediate repeal of Obamacare. A tax holiday for corporations and individuals that repatriate foreign held assets back to America and the elimination of double taxing foreign investments. The reduction of corporate income taxes to 23% and the elimination of estate and capital gains taxes. Removal of the heinous regulatory burdens and paperwork avalanche burying American business.

On Energy: immediate construction of the Keystone pipeline, opening all federal lands to exploration and development, opening Alaskan oil production in the Artic national wildlife refuge. Tax incentives to build new refineries, Tax incentives to build coal liquefaction plants, tax incentives to build new nuclear power plants. Total elimination of all tax benefits for green energy. And to do all that in environmentally responsible ways compatible with national requirements and economic goals. With our plans America would be fully recovered in less than 12 months.

It would have been beneficial if those topics had at least been addressed by the Republocrats photo-ops, they were not, much to our national shame. A3P would do better for America but the Republocrats have fixed the system to keep us and others who pose a threat to their system, off the ballots. The Lamestream in concert to the Republocrats have aided in that endeavor immeasurably.

With Obama you will get financial collapse, and with Romney you will get war with Iran and then financial collapse. Some great offer to the American people!

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