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Money banking and Benny Shalom


Labor Day 2012

Dr. A. H. Krieg


The Jackson Hole meeting seems to indicate that the FRS namely Benny has a plan, more quantitative easing. Never mind that real inflation due to these failed policies has resulted in an inflation rate of just over 10%. (1). Never mind that all the previous quantative easing’s produced anything but higher unemployment. Never mind that unemployment is now at 24.7% (1). Never mind that Americans living in poverty have increased by 37%. And never mind reality. Benny just like his boss in the White House does not understand Einstein’s quote, “The definition of an idiot, is a person that repeats the same thing over and over, each time expecting a different result.” But then that’s the mantra of Fabians, Socialists, and Keynesians. The Banksters are doing just fine, the rest of us well you know!

Lord Keynes was a socialist, Fabian, puff economist, who invented the failed fiat money cabal on which the entire world now operates. Bernanke is a hardline Keynesian who suffers the delusion that government has enough money to overcome world economic happenings through the manipulation of the value of money, (debt). This in fact has not worked for any government in history.

Before we continue let me explain how world finance works. Debt is the tool of bankers. Debt is the tool of societal control. Its not as many would have you believe social issues, government, education, energy or any other issue its only debt. Those who control debt, the Jewish Federal Reserve System, and their world banking monopoly own the debt, and so long as we accept their ownership we continue being their slaves. In reality nothing else matters, debt is king!

Our entire banking and financial systems are debt. Look at a dollar bill, what does it say on it? The word money is not to be found, what it says is, ”This note is legal tender for all debt public and private.” What does it say on top? “Federal Reserve Note” not money, note. This begs three questions; #1 what is the legal definition of money. Blacks law dictionary, “money” “means coined metal, usually gold or silver, upon which the government stamp has been impressed to indicate its weight.” #2 what is a note? Is “A unilateral instrument containing an express and absolute promise of the signer (secretary of the Treasury) and (First Secretary of the United States) to pay to a specified person or order, or bearer, a definite sum of money at a specified time. #3 What is tender? An offer of money; the act by which one produces and offers to a person holding a claim or demand against him the amount of money which he considers and admits to be due, in satisfaction of claims or demand. So, the entire Keynesian concept that fiat (unbacked paper notes) are money is an illusion. In fact the issued paper is totally worthless.

The FRS was created in 1913 as the Federal Reserve Act (actually the 16th amendment of the constitution (2)). In 1913 one dollar had a value of one ounce of silver. Today after 99 years of bankster manipulation and the resulting inflation, one ounce of silver has a value of $ 30.80 (09.02.12) The FRS has reduced the value of the dollar every single year since 1913. One ounce of gold was worth $20 in 1913 (or 20 silver dollars) today one ounce of gold costs $1,675.57. The Ponzigoniff banksters and stockbrokers continue to tell the public that gold and silver are poor investments over time. I remain seriously distressed by the total lack of knowledge by the public on these issues.

Let me demonstrate what I’m talking about. Do you know who Brookfield Properties is? You have surely heard about the NYC Wall Street protest called “Occupy Wall Street” it took place in Zuccotti Park not far from where I lived for four years. Zuccotti Park is a private park owned by Brookfield Properties. Within a week of granting the occupy movement free access to the park, Brookfield a company with over $70 million in assets was granted a Department of Energy loan guarantee of $ 160 million. Oh, that’s only the tip, Brookfield’s new attorneyis Joe Biden’s son; sitting on the board of Brookfield is none other than NYC mayor and supper progressive nanny state proponent Bloomberg’s live in girlfriend. So, who got the last portion of Obama’s stimulus dollars, you guessed it Bloomfield. See I told you, I knew you did not know, because the Lamestream has not reported any of this.

America does not have a viable media; we have a government run propaganda apparatus that reports what they want you to know and omits what they don’t want you to know. News is not a product of newsrooms it is the product of about 30 American government agencies whose combined budgets for media exceed $ 500 billion annually, oh, and just by the way the larges of these is the CIA. Plainly, the news you are listening to comes only from Washington. Per example MSNBC the Obama news network got $ 500,000 for advertising on the Rachel Maddow and Keith Obermann shows for green jobs from the Department of Energy, the House is investigating, ha ha ha.

Let’s tie all that in with the FRS, and helicopter Ben. We recently had a partial audit of the FRS by the GAO (3) and some very interesting information was revealed. Naturally unreported by the Lamestream, they think you just would not be interested in what these hoodlums are doing with your money. Benny and his friend’s Greenspawn, et al opposed the audit with all their might. The first revelation was that the FRS had bailed out a myriad of international banks to the tune of $ 16 trillion, all in secret. The bailouts ran from December 2007 to June 2010. We could call these the Obama bailouts. The loans were made at 0% interest; see we are a lot closer to Shari’ah law than you thought; Jews under biblical law are, just like Muslims, not allowed charging other Jews interest. So, in perspective, the bankster’s bail out is the exact same amount as our present national debt, sort on makes us think! How many of us are banking with firms who were bailed out with our own paid taxes? Below is the list of banks and amounts they were given at 0% interest:

City group                  $2.5 trillion                Barclays (UK)            $868 billion

Morgan Stanley         $2.04 trillion              Bear Sterns                $853 billion

Merrill Lynch             $1.949 trillion            Goldman Sachs          $814 billion

Bank of America        $1.344 trillion            RB Scotland               $541 billion

JP Morgan Chase       $391 billion                Deutsche Bank          $354 billion

UBS (Swiss)                $287 billion                CS (Swiss)                  $262 billion

Lehman Bros             $183 billion                BK Scotland (UK)      $181 billion

BNP (France)             $175 billion

            Don’t you now feel so much better knowing that the taxes you paid went in no small part to the very people that are ripping-off the entire nation? Are you not happy that the five largest American banks that combined trade derivatives to the amount of $ 231 trillion, resulting in billions of dollars of personal profits not only for the banks but for their traders, are able to continue in this deceitful industry. Are you not delighted that Benjamin Shalom Bernanke is able to retain his very highly paid position? Is it not a delight to learn that the ECB (4) will be able to continue bailing out the PIGS (5) with your money! This is why when you go to Olive Garden you pay $12.00 for a bowl of spaghetti and two meatballs that cost $ 1.75 in 1950.

            The fact of the matter is, that the entire world banking system (Western) is functioning on life-support. Greed and debt are the responsible issues. The Jew run banking system utilizing the Fabian-Keynesian system which, began failing in 1913, a failure that has accelerated in the last four decades and is now unstoppable. We do not have the assets to bail this system out and our politicians lack the courage to implement the necessary drasticreduction in government required to accomplish national solvency. The dollar and America are on a collision course to collapse and the people, ever busy with sports and beer pay all this no mind. It’s like Rome 2000 years ago we simply swapped Circus Maximus with ESPN on TV.

And I just want to point out that I am not a racist or anti-Semite those are just words used by those who rob our society to cover their crimes. No one can dispute that the entire Western World banking system is in the hands of Jews, that is simply a fact, which is indisputable, and to report the news and reality is not anti-anything.




(1)  ShadowStats

(2)  16th amendment past during Christmas recess in 1913.

(3)  Government Accountability Office

(4)  European Central Bank

(5)  Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain.


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