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When America Died


                                                                        Dr. Adrian H. Krieg CMFGE

                                                                        A3P board member.


America is no longer a Constitutional Republic as it had been for 236 years it is now an empire. We fought against King George III of England because of issues that by present comparison are insignificant. Taxation without representation, hell, that’s nothing compared with taxation for inaction.

Any society that places self over community, me over us, and remains divided on every imaginable plane is doomed. Any society whose leaders play the population off against one another, rich against poor, protestant against catholic, male against female has lost its moral compass and is doomed to oblivion. Chained to an everlasting continuous celebrity culture we worship false Gods no different than did Rome in the third Century when it all began to unravel. It is the way of empires, and make no mistake, America is an empire.

America is a total make-believe society. We have eliminated right and wrong and replaced that reality with might and wealth as the factors legitimizing goodness. America has turned away from God and replaced Him with materialism, and self-gratification.  We are, as our cinema a flickering shadow, a celebrity culture that celebrates personality cultism. Our airways are replete with the drama of fictionalized propaganda in the forms of advertising, celebrity gossip, government lies, and pop-culture. An avalanche of lunatic fabrications on every societal level, news and social morality is circumventing reality.

Our American binder, our Constitution, has since the Wilson administration been locked away in some dark room, so that those in power can do their worst. Politically, the executives of the past 80 years so grossly overpower the Legislative and Judicial branches, that they appear castrated and inoperative. The media and their progressive allies in government are the enablers. The long past separation of powers is but a lost memory.  Me first, as in all things, has replaced national interests in the legislative realm, the 21st century mantra of the political class is to be reelected, all else is irrelevant. They, the politicians, are more than just successful with an 87% re-election success rate.

As a society we live not in reality but in a make-believe world created by a totally corrupt Ashkenazi controlled media. Our self-induced stupor fantasy is so well constructed by cinema, press, and in literature that we, as a society, accept these inventions to be realistic and acceptable for our continuation. Worst of all is news as presented by all media outlets, which has so forcefully indoctrinated the public into believing things that are totally wrong and without any credence, that the average man carries within his persona so much miss-information that the likelihood of his understanding actual facts has become unlikely if not impossible. The citizen then bases his voting and economic decisions on that misinformation resulting in the government and economy we now have. The people rate congress with an under 10% approval but keep voting for the same crooks, others vote for a cult personality (Obama) an empty suite, that is purposely destroying America. If your known information is wrong your deliberative conclusions are also wrong. 

Those of the media who control it, operating out of the shadows of their four overlapping corporate towers, consist of marketing, advertising, news, writers, producers, technicians, pollsters, and of course the media, faces we all know so well. The pretty faces that read their Teleprompters, the talk show hosts that spew their poison, the bimbos and dumbos that the public adores, believing every word as if it were Gospel. They have achieved celebrity status, oh, if only I were young and handsome, I might also partake of wealth and power. With my own army of cultural enablers my Bolshevik platoon. But no, what a piteous life that would be, all glitz, no glory, all lies no truth, a facade’ of monumental magnitude. Having always to bow and scrape before the Ashkenazi puppet masters, doing their bidding, letting their sons have their way with my daughters, it all appears as a reincarnation of the Ashkenazi revolution in Russia.

One of the most disturbing issues of present day America is the media’s continuous elevation of everyday citizens that simply did the right thing to heroism. Modern man has completely lost any rational understanding of what a hero is. It is the media’s requirement to elevate common people and to give them their day in the sun, solely for the purpose of self-enrichment. The poor sod finds himself on the dung heap of forgotten contemporary greatness on the very next day. This forces us to examine current events, from a realistic and honest perspective. One totally omitted from media coverage, after all our Ashkenazi Lamestream Presstitutes all dine at the same Seder.

Socialism, which is the banner of Progressivism that imported Talmudic philosophy, has failed in every national application in history. Obamacare is the hallmark of the socialist state, as it was in every other socialist society in history, all of which failed miserably. There is a natural socialist progression that is historically evidenced. A public is fooled into believing that there is such a thing as a free lunch, enacts (votes for) socialism. (Obama) The system functions for about one year when costs begin to outpace income. Taxes especially on higher income earners are ramped up. A nationalized policy of robbing Peter to pay for Paul’s services is enacted. Peter becomes destitute and enters the system. The system becomes overwhelmed and the people become angry attacking the system and its political base. The government institutes the police sate to control the people. A federal dictatorship ensues. I.e. Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Labor England, Brown shirt Italy, Peronista Argentina, and so forth.

A case in point is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, (PPACA) another alphabet soup bowl antirealism renamed Obamacare. The grievous law of over 2,700 pages, not read by a single legislator or member of the executive, for the first time in our history not openly debated, and enacted by a single Democrat splinter group the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) who number 70 in our legislature, most of which will not admit their DSA association, and call themselves “The Progressives” but are in fact Fabian socialists. Those infertile to the debate, blue dog Democrats, centrists, Republicans and non-socialist Democrats had no say and neither did a doctors, nurses, or hospital administrators. Obamacare has nothing to do with your health; it has everything to do with societal control. It’s hardly a new issue; socialists have been beating this failed drum for many decades. The Soviets did it, the Nazis did it, the Peronistas did it, Franco did it, Salazar did it, Mao did it, British labor did it, most of the socialized EU did it, and now we are doing it, most likely with the identical failed results soon to come. The supreme fools enabled it. Romney said he would end it with an EO, easily said but not easily done. He would need control of the House, control of 61 senators as well as the presidency, not a likely scenario.

Why is this law so bad? Firstly; it is far too long and contains much more than any of us know. Secondly; we can look to the EU wherein about 14 nations have similar programs. Individual tax rates in those nations vary from 67.4% to 80%, not a tempting prospect I think. Thirdly; every government, which has implemented such laws, took two steps within three years of enactment: a) they used the law for political control and b) they began restriction access of benefits to the public making it only fully useable by politically connected party officers. Fourthly; they immediately began massive tax increases on everyone. This is all aside, the major issue this is a tax on inaction, the first in world history and absolutely in violation of the constitution. If this is allowed to stand then government can tax you for not buying a GM car, for not walking down the street and for eating foods they disapprove of. Shades of Bloomberg in New York who is already dictating what foods are to be available, with what condiments in restaurants, and that citizens not be allowed to defend themselves from criminals. The horrific avalanche of possible government expansion due to this ruling is simply mind-boggling. Lets see what did the supreme fools rule; the individual mandate is unconstitutional but government can tax us into submission. In our new Obama system if abortion violates your religious or moral sensibilities, too damn bad, if you are a healthcare worker you will comply and kill babies or you will be shut down. The colossal costs in the first three years of over one trillion dollars will be born by the entire electorate, the claim by Obama that only those with incomes over $250,000 will pay, is a lie. There are 20 new taxes in this bill, 7 of them apply to the middle class and the poor 13 to the well to do. .

#1) An Individual Mandate Tax requiring a couple to pay the higher of either 2.5% of adjusted growth income or $ 1,360.00 whichever is higher. Individual will see an increase of $ 695.00 and families $ 2,085.00

#2) The Medicare cabinet tax that took effect in 2011. Prohibits reimbursement of expenses for over-the-counter meds. Directed at the middle Class.

#3) FSA The Flexible Spending Account Cap. It will begin in 2013 and imposes a $ 2,500 per year pre tax dollars cap that may be deposited into medical savings accounts.

#4) Medical Itemized Deduction Limitation restricts the total allowable medical deduction to 7.5% of adjusted gross income. This hurdle must be reached before IRS deductions are allowed. Income $42,000 at 7.5% = $3,150.00 only after you have paid out that amount will you be allowed to deduct medical expense.

#5) HAS accounts (Health Savings Accounts) will see a 100% increase of early withdrawals from 10% to 20% in 2013.

#6) The sun tan tax, a 10% excise tax on anyone using tanning equipment.

#7) Excise Tax on all Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans. This 40% tax is on all quality private healthcare insurance.

All the remaining thirteen provisions only apply to income earners (joint filings) of over $250,000.00 The reader should bear in mind that Obamacare will gradually force insolvency of private insurance carriers and thereafter of the government just as it did in Russia, England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland and Italy. Not to be forgotten are the thousands of new IRS agents the agency that will enforce Obamacare.

While healthcare is a huge issue in the ongoing socialist expansion of society they have a willing and very able co-conspirator in the Environmental movement. Not as old as healthcare as an issue, which can be attributed to the time of the Weimar republic in which the foundations of national socialism could be located in two primary issues of the Kulturkrieg, the healthcare and education initiatives, both coming out of the late 1800.s in Germany culminating in the Polizeistaat. The environmental movement in some form also comes from that time as the Malthusians of the 1790’s that is not unlike the Club of Rome, located in Winterthur Switzerland and founded in 1968, of the 20th century.

We have in just the last twenty years traveled from “the world is ending” we are entering a new ice age, to Global Warming to Climate Change, who knows what’s next? This is without doubt the greatest false fabrication of misinformation in world history. Not only is it purposeful misinformation but many of the leading universities worldwide are part of the charade. The greatest participant is the United States Environmental Protection Agency, which in effort to expand its power and enlarge the agency has participated in criminal acts now part of a federal court case in the US Court of appeals DC Circuit dated December 23, 2009. The suite asserts that the “Agency” has participated in; systematic manipulation of data, collusion to withhold scientific information, deletion of E-mails, deletion of raw data, attempts to prevent discovery of key facts, manipulations of data, altering of computer codes to hide relevant facts, concerted efforts to create false impressions, concerted efforts to boycott key journals in order to exclude disagreement. Likewise the UN IPCC has also engaged in criminal acts in effort to push their jaded climate change invention. The Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglica (EAU) one of the prime UN contactors for the IPCC; was convicted of falsification of information; invention of information, and then a massive cover up all to prove climatic temperature increases that simply did not exist. In this case the DSA affiliated hucksters used the information to implement draconian regulatory burdens on American manufacturing industries making many uncompetitive on the world market. This has resulted in the closure of most foundries in America because under new EPA regulations as pushed by EPA the manufacturing processes necessary to operate a foundry were impinged by regulations to the extent that the plants could no longer economically operate legally.

Who cannot remember the phony spotted owl caper that resulted in thousands of lost jobs, or the cut no fire brakes in southern California which caused the uncontrolled residential fires to save the kangaroo rat, or the poor California immigrate farmer who was prosecuted and had his land stolen and business destroyed by the EPA because he ran over a mouse with his tractor. How about the Imperial Valley in California one of America’s most fertile and productive produce production regions, that has been converted into a desert because their water supply was cut off to save some idiotic useless snail darter. The claim that polar bears are about to become extinct and are drowning, these are among the best mammal swimmers in existence whose population has grown enormously in the last two decades. We could continue for pages, what’s the point? No lamestream media outlet will publish this document.

For many years I thought that journalists who were just poorly educated caused all this. No longer! This is a massive socialist conspiracy to gain control of public and private land. It is the communist/socialist DSA plan to gain control of all land and then to be enabled to control all of society. What did you think Agenda 21 was all about? It has nothing to do with the environment, which is just a crutch the socialists use; they use education, the environment, energy and healthcare as the instruments to gain control of everything.

Education in America is an ongoing disaster. In 1980 “Jimmy the twit Carter” implemented the Departments of Education and the Department of Energy. Recall that he was a one-term president because as a TC member he carried out the socialist plans for the eventual destruction of this nation. When the people saw the horrible effects of Carters actions they dumped him like a hot potato. In 1979 American students were 4th in competence in the world today 32 year later we are number 34. What does Obama do, increases funding to the Department of Education and place his friend Amy Duncan who was the chancellor of the Chicano school district, the worst school district in America in charge of DOE. The relevant fact is that no socialist ever saw any program of any goverment that could not be saved by throwing more of other people’s money at it.

Energy our last and final issue is such an annoyance to me as an engineer that acts by the president leave me breathless. No I don’t think he is stupid at all, I think this is a deliberate effort to destroy this nation. There is simply no other possible attainable conclusion. Dr. Chu head of the Department of Energy is either incapable of logical critical thinking or is on board with Obama to eliminate America from the world stage. To paraphrase Einstein “A idiot is a person who does the same thing over and over each time expecting a different result”. Dr. Chu, in 3-years spent $ 6 billion on green energy projects only to see all of them fail, one after the other. In spring of 2012 Dr. Chu announced that he plans to spend another $ 10 billion on green energy projects!  Spain is going under because they are the world’s largest user and developers of green energy. Germany has announced massive reduction in green energy projects because they have been found to be uneconomical. Like any good socialist Dr. Chu informs us that we are different because we are Americans and we can make it all work. How many morons in how many nations have made that assertion about how many issues?

God save us from these miserable bastards!


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