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A3P Response to Obamacare and Arizona rulings by the Supreme Court


By: Dr. A. H. Krieg (A3P Board of Directors)

In the beginning of the week of 25th of June the Supreme Court ruled that states do not have the right to enforce federal and local immigration laws, and that in a vacuum of federal enforcement of federal laws, as enacted by congress, states do not have the authority to control who enters their state and who is allowed to stay on in their state after entering. This asserts federal authority, violates the tenth amendment, and renders the individual state powerless to enforce their own laws or those established by congress. On Thursday the Supreme Court reversed the arguments held before it by the administration and the various states and called a forced requirement for individual citizens to purchase insurance from a private insurance carrier a tax thus legitimizing Obamacare. This opens the possibility for the federal goverment to force citizens to purchase any product by simply calling it a tax. So, the Feds own GM; they want to increase the value of the stock and tell Americans they must buy a GM car for their next vehicle and that it is a tax deductible transaction which under this ruling makes it legal. It means National Socialism whether you like it or not, it will destroy private insurance carriers, it will destroy business and nationalize healthcare under a federalized umbrella just like in Canada and England, where average wait times to see a specialist is now over nine months, and government bureaucrats tell you if you qualify for services. But worst of all it opens an entire plethora of potential actions by government that force citizens to comply with statutes that they find abhorrent, distasteful or in violation of their constitutional and Bill of Rights civil liberties. Meanwhile healthcare costs that have already risen by over 20% will now skyrocket as insurance companies will see their costs double and then double again. Business will find it cheaper to stop providing healthcare and citizens will all be converted to the one item for all government healthcare. Noncompliance will mean fines or jail-time!

The Supreme Court has now institutionalized socialism; Obama and the progressives are vindicated, America has taken a hard turn to the left, thanks to the Supreme Court and the Republicans can all go home. Over half of Obamacare has already been enacted, the rest will quickly follow all before the election, which will then virtually make it impossible to cancel it, and options to repeal will also evaporate. Romney, the Republican alternative candidate to Obamacare hasn’t a leg to stand on; the enacted law is a copy of Romenycare of Massachusetts. This is beginning to look exactly like Germany from 1925 to 1938 during which time the Nazis nationalized industries (GM, AIG, Citybank, Bank of America, etc) undermined local law enforcement by federalizing it (TSA, Homeland Security, NDAA) Instituted laws restricting individual rights, (NDAA and the Patriot Act) and issued executive mandates (over 900 executive EO’s). Aside those considerations, the Romney campaign is beginning to mirror the losing McCain one of 2008.

Congressman Dr. Ron Paul has been dumped by the RINO’s the Tea Party made irrelevant, even Paul electors within the RNC have all been purged like plucking feathers from a dead bird, and the middle class is about to get hit with the largest tax increases of American if not world history. Meanwhile the Obama administration is just like the Nazis of the 30’s and the Labor party after Churchill is dumping billions upon billions of dollars into welfare and welfare related boondoggles, 15 million Unemployment to three years, 47 million of food stamps, over 30 million on welfare, 21 million of social Security. 3.2 million on disability, 1.4 million retired military, 2.3 million federal public employees that just had their salaries doubled. Obama is buying the election with our money!

In Europe all the socialist states that have enacted similar laws by similar means are on the verge of bankruptcy. They have income taxes from 63.7% to 80 % and even with that are financially collapsing. Spain has a debt of Euros 1.73 trillion, Italy 1.2 trillion Portugal 1 trillion; Greece, Iceland and Ireland are broke.  Healthcare is about 14.7% of America’s national economy and Obamacare regardless of anything they tell you is structured to destroy private health insurance and replace it with a mandated federally provided healthcare plan paid for by our taxes. We are by Obama’s statements adding 30 million more beneficiaries and 24 million illegals, without adding one single doctor and Obama states that this will reduce overall costs. . If you think that the government will be able to provide this service at a lower cost than the private sector look at Amtrak, The US Postal Service, the VA, GM that is still losing money, TVA, the military, or for that matter anything run by our government. This is all a socialist pipe dream whose end result will be the financial collapse of the American economy.

With Paul out and Obama as the Democrat, and Romney as the Republican Americans are left with but one choice. American Third Position (A3P) it is the only remaining alternative for the middle class.

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